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One Year Later…

Draco unlocked the front door and was greeted with silence. His meeting had run much later than expected, but he had hoped Harry would wait up for him. But the living room was dark, the only light in the house that was on was over the mantle in the living room. It showcased various framed pictures of Harry and Draco as small children along with one enlarged photo of James and Lily Potter holding a brightly smiling dark haired little boy between them.

"Harry?" he called out as he dumped his keys into the bowl on the table and dropped his briefcase next to the coat rack.

Chuck came padding out into the living room, wagging his tail and brushing against Draco's pants.

Draco patted his head and muttered a soft "hello" then headed toward their room, expecting to find Harry asleep on the bed. He had had therapy that day and he usually passed out early on those days.

But Harry wasn't there. Instead Draco found a note and a red rose on his pillow.

He smiled as he picked up the rose and sniffed it before setting it down and picking up the letter.


Put on some comfortable clothes and join me outside.

Happy Birthday, my love.


Draco kicked off his shoes and quickly undressed. He pulled on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans then headed for the backdoor, not bothering with shoes.

The weather had been beautiful that week and Harry had been spending the majority of his free time either lying out in the sun or splashing around in the small pond. Draco had tried to tell him that it was unsanitary, but Harry wouldn't hear it and had on more than one occasion bodily dragged Draco into the cool, clear water.

Draco shut the door behind him, keeping Chuck locked up so he wouldn't have to keep an eye on him and made his way down towards the water.

The sun was close to setting and there was a warm breeze rustling the trees. His eyes tracked over the neatly cut grass and the ancient willow tree and finally fell on the shape beneath the tree.

He laughed softly at the image of Harry, half tangled in a blanket, his arms sprawled in the grass at either side of him and his mouth open as he snored softly. The upper half of his face was covered with his shirt, which Draco knew he used to keep the sun out of his eyes. It wasn't the first time he had fallen asleep out there and it surely wouldn't be the last.

Draco's gaze moved over the picnic basket and backpack that were lying next to his prone boyfriend. He walked over and flipped the lid to the basket and his stomach flip flopped when he saw that Harry had packed them a lovely snack of strawberry's, bread, cheese, chocolates and wine.

"Damn it," he said softly as he realized that Harry had probably been waiting for him for hours. Half of the strawberry's had been eaten and the bottle of wine already opened.

He kneeled next to his love and carefully untangled the blankets from his legs. He spread the blanket out and gently lifted the shirt from Harry's face.

Harry mumbled something in his sleep and turned his head away, exhaling heavily.

Draco smiled down at him. Over the last year, watching Harry sleep had become one of his favorite pastimes. The facial expressions and the soft sounds he made caused Draco's stomach to flutter and his heart to race. Harry was beautiful. And he was all his.

He debated lying down beside him and taking a quick nap when Harry suddenly moaned and shifted again.

Draco's grey eyes went wide and a wicked smirk twisted his lips as he looked down to see the beginnings of an erection tenting Harry's shorts. Suddenly desperate to make up for his meeting running late, he chuckled softly and moved very slowly, being particularly careful not to wake his sleeping lover.

He lifted his leg to straddle Harry's knees and watched his face closely to make sure the movement didn't wake him. When he was sure the man was still oblivious to his nefarious intentions, he carefully freed the button and unzipped his shorts. He moved forward to straddle his thighs and slid his hand into Harry's pants to release his rapidly hardening cock.

Harry groaned in his sleep and his hips gave an involuntary thrust. Draco wrapped his fingers around him, loving how he fit so perfectly into his hand, and stroked him slowly.

At the brush of a thumb over the sensitive head, a low moan came from Harry's parted lips and Draco could no longer resist. He leaned forward and ran his tongue slowly over the fullness of Harry's bottom lip as he increased the tempo of his strokes.

Harry rolled his hips and his breath caught, but he still didn't wake, even as Draco's licks turned to nibbles.

Draco kissed a path over Harry's chin and neck, making his way over to his ear. He sucked lightly on his earlobe before tracing the shell with his tongue and squeezing his cock a bit harder.

Harry arched his back and let out a soft cry. One hand lifted to rest on Draco's back and Draco raised his head just in time to see his lashes flutter and his eyes open.

"Draco," Harry whispered, his voice deep and low, a rumbling that Draco could feel through his chest. The vibrations went straight to his already painful erection and he pushed against Harry thigh, trying to relieve the unbearable pressure.

Draco swooped in and kissed him deeply, his tongue licking and tasting as his lips sucked at Harry's. He bit down lightly and just as quickly as the kiss began, he dropped his head to kiss Harry's exposed throat.

"You're late," Harry protested weakly, his hips still thrusting as Draco continued to stroke him.

"Sorry, love," Draco muttered against his skin. "My mother and Lupin took all fucking night reading the papers for the shop."

Harry carded his fingers through the soft hair at the nape of Draco's neck, sending shivers down Draco's spine. "Did they get approved?"

"Mm hm," Draco confirmed as he licked a path over Harry's neck and down to his chest. He ran his teeth lightly over a collarbone, nipping softly and leaving small marks behind. Goose bumps erupted over Harry's tan skin.

"Who would have thought it?" Harry managed as he squirmed restlessly beneath the blond. "Your mother working in general is strange, but at least a flower shop fits her. I never saw Remus owning a flower shop. They're very odd business partners. "

"Odd roommates too," Draco said. He nipped at Harry's shoulder and slid his hand down to gently massage his tightening balls.

Harry groaned and threw his head back. "Someone had to live at Grimmauld Place," he said.

"Can we please stop talking about my mother while I have your bits in my hand?"

Harry snorted and laughed, but it quickly turned into a moan when Draco took an erect nipple between his teeth and nibbled.

"I'm sorry I was late and ruined your surprise," Draco said between kisses to Harry's chest and throat.

"It's alright." Harry smiled and brushed his fingers through his pale blond hair, pushing it out of his eyes. "I had plans though."

Draco looked up into sparkling green eyes. "Yeah? What sort of plans?"

"Well, they mostly revolved around your cock and my arse," Harry told him.

Draco snorted.

Harry grinned. "I didn't say it was an especially complicated plan." He groaned as Draco finally eased down between his spread legs, pressing their erections together and rocking slowly. "Even brought the bag." One hand made a vague motion towards the backpack that Draco knew hid many useful items.

"Mmm…wonderful plan," Draco agreed. "I agree whole heartedly." He flicked his tongue over Harry's nipple then blew on it, watching as it grew harder under his watchful eyes and the coolness of his breath.

Harry grunted and clutched at his back. "Can we get to it then?"

Draco laughed. "In a hurry?"

"Yes!" Harry confirmed. He thrust his hips up. "I feel like I'm going to explode! I've been waiting for you for hours."

"Aw. My poor, poor Harry." Draco placed a kiss just over Harry's heart and traced his ribs with his fingertips. "Do you know how much I love you?" he whispered.

"Do you know how much my cock loves your mouth?" Harry countered, sounding vaguely disgruntled.

Draco laughed and shimmied slowly down Harry's body. "Alright, alright," he mumbled. He licked and sucked his way down Harry's torso and pushed his knees further apart so he could lie comfortably between them. He looked up, staring directly into Harry's eyes as he slowly ran his tongue up the length of his shaft.

Harry hummed softly under his breath, his eyelashes fluttering as he slid a hand into Draco's silky hair. "I love you," he muttered.

Draco smiled and licked a slow path back down to the base. He ducked his head and gently ran the pointed tip of his tongue over the highly sensitive skin of his balls.

Harry sucked in a breath and thrust his hips. "Come on," he whispered, trying to urge him along.

Draco brought a hand into play. He raised his head and took the tip into his mouth, swiping his tongue over the damp head and moaning as the salty sweet taste of Harry burst over his taste buds. He cupped Harry's balls for a moment before sliding his hand further back. When his fingers met slick skin, he pulled up from Harry's cock and stared up at him, shocked.

Harry grinned a toothy grin and raised an eyebrow. "All prepped and ready to go," he said with a wink. "Now just fuck me already."

The image conjured in his mind of Harry stretching himself, preparing himself for him left Draco almost speechless with desire and his cock gave a painful throb, growing impossibly harder. "Fuck, Harry," he groaned. He scrambled up to his knees and hurriedly undid his pants, watching as Harry quickly divested himself of his shorts. He wasn't patient enough to undress completely, so he pushed his pants down around his knees and moved into position.

Harry reached between them and took Draco's leaking cock in hand. He gave it a couple of quick pumps then guided it into place.

Draco pushed forward and moaned as the familiar tight pressure engulfed him. He sank deep inside with one thrust, then stilled. He pressed his mouth to Harry's in a gentle kiss that quickly turned heated as Harry wrapped his legs around his waist, pulling him closer and deeper.

"I love this," Draco said as he pulled back. He propped himself on his elbows so they were face to face and thrust his hips forward sharply.

Harry drew in a harsh breath. "Me too," he whispered.

"Fucking you every day," Draco muttered. He thrust again and a burning jolt of pleasure ripped through him at the strangled sound Harry made. "Sleeping beside you every night." He raised himself onto extended arms and began to thrust faster. "Waking up to you every morning. I love all of it."

Harry panted heavily through his open mouth as he pushed up against him.

Draco ducked his head down and bit gently at Harry's stubbly chin. "I love when you don't shave," he whispered.

"I know," Harry smiled at him.

Draco shifted back. He took hold of Harry legs and pulled them from around his waist. He guided them up so that his calves rested over his shoulders and leaned forward again, resting his weight on his hands.

"Oh fuck," Harry groaned, his face and neck flushing and his body jerking with every thrust.

Draco smirked. After years of fucking, he knew Harry's body well enough to know the signs of impending orgasm, so he kept his thrusts steady, brushing again and again over his prostate. Unlike with any of his past lovers, Draco enjoyed giving Harry pleasure almost more than he enjoyed his own pleasure. There was nothing like the sound of Harry's breath catching or the sight of fluttering eyelashes and clenched teeth. And the moaning…Draco thought he could possibly come just from listening to Harry's various noises.

"Close," Harry whined. "Draco…oh God, Draco…please…touch me."

Draco licked his palm and slid it between them. Two strokes over Harry's heated flesh and he went tense, his muscles clenching tightly as his orgasm burst from him, painting their chests in stripes of white.

Draco's stomach and groin began to tighten and burn as he leaned forward to kiss his panting lover. "Love you," he whispered.

Harry sighed in contentment and ran his hands down Draco's sweat slicked back. He gripped the cheeks of Draco's arse and lightly brushed one finger over his opening.

Draco's mouth fell open and he felt his orgasm suddenly approaching at full speed. He slumped forward on top of Harry and pressed his face into his neck. "Yes, Harry, yes," he groaned. His fingers clawed at the grass on either side of his lovers head as his hips continued to thrust frantically. Harry's fingertip brushed him again then carefully pushed inside and Draco clamped his teeth down on the brunet's neck as he came with a muffled scream.

Harry laughed softly as he continued to rock his hips, easing Draco through the intense pleasure. When Draco's erection finally started to wane, Harry stilled his hips and grabbed two handfuls of hair, pulling him into a rough, sloppy kiss.

"Can't…breathe…" Draco managed between wet kisses and gasping breaths.

Harry laughed again and moved his kisses to Draco's neck.

"That was bloody brilliant," Draco said even as he tilted his head to allow Harry more access to his overly sensitive skin.

"That it was," Harry agreed. He nibbled at Draco's earlobe and shifted against him, pressing his already reawakening cock up against his stomach. "Care to have another go?"

Draco laughed a startled laugh as he felt Harry's hardness pressing against him. "Give me five minutes." He rolled onto his side and off of his lover, throwing an arm over his eyes and attempting to catch his breath.

Harry sat up and began the task of pulling Draco's legs free from his jeans. Once they were both completely naked, he collapsed back at his lover's side and cuddled close to him. "I supposed you can have a short break, but then it's back to the plan."

"Of course, love." Draco blindly grabbed for the edge of the blanket and pulled it over their bodies and heads, wrapping them into a tight cocoon. He turned onto his side and shifted until their foreheads were pressed together.

"Just a short nap," Harry reminded him.

Draco nodded and clutched at Harry's hand. "I know. We have to get ready to go to Ron and Hermione's soon anyway." He sighed, reluctant to move. He didn't want to leave the house again.

"I cancelled," Harry said as he brushed a light kiss over Draco's forehead. "Told them we'll see them tomorrow."

Draco smiled and pulled him closer. "I knew there was a reason I kept you around."

Harry smiled and closed his eyes, pulling Draco's hand up to rest against his still racing heart.

There was a short silence and Draco began to think that Harry had already fallen asleep. He opened his eyes for a quick peek and saw Harry staring straight back at him.

"I love you," Harry said for possibly the five thousandth time since they had made things official the summer before.

But hearing those words, and especially from Harry, never got old. Draco moved closer and kissed him softly, returning the sentiment.


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