She walked into the room of a thousand fountains looking for Ahsoka. Her search was rewarded, Ahsoka was sprawled out on the grass. "Hi Barriss," came the friendly greeting. "I didn't know you were back." Barriss smiled and sat down next to her. "That is because I just got back," Barriss replied. "How did it go?" Barriss smiled at the question she had been expecting Ahsoka to ask. But before she could answer a commotion came from the other side of the lake. Two Jedi Knights were arguing about something. "There they go again. Do they ever stop fighting?" Ahsoka asked. "I don't know but I hope they will soon," replied Barriss.

Barriss would give almost anything to have someone to talk to. Hiding in the jungle of Felucia was not exactly a picnic. In fact at this moment she would have loved it if even Mace Windu were here just so she would be alone. Every time a twig cracked she found herself starting. She hadn't slept much since her clones fired on her. She wondered if Drake was alive. He hadn't been her padawan long enough for her to have a training bond with him. She instantly realized her thoughts were getting her nowhere. She needed to know if Drake was alive and she needed to get off of Felucia. She wouldn't leave Felucia without him, not if he was alive. Might as well check the last place he had been.

She sat down to rest. I've been looking for two hours and there haven't been any signs of him, she thought to herself. Instantly she realized why she hadn't found any trace, she had been looking for obvious clues. She should have known better. He must have left some type of subtle clue as to where he was going. She retraced her steps and found his clue and headed to where he said he would be.

Drake was contemplating moving hiding placed again when he sensed the unmistakable presence of his master. "Master, I was starting to wonder if you were alive." "Have you stayed here the whole time?" Barriss asked. "No Master, I have moved every two days," he replied. "I was wondering if you knew that the clones turned on us." "Yes, Ekria, Zonder, and I saw the clones turn on Master Secura." He replied. He saw the look of pain on her face and watched as it turned into concern. "Where are Zonder and Ekria?" "We decided it would be best if we split up. Ekria contacted me two days ago and said she was catching a ship out of here. I haven't heard from Zonder." " Speaking of leaving we probably should find a way off this planet." "Where will we go, Master?" he asked. "Where ever the ship is headed.

After two hours of reconnaissance they found that all the ships were headed to Coruscant, the place where the Jedi temple was. They had heard enough off of a holo-projector to know what once was a republic was now an empire. They also knew that they were now the enemies of what was once the republic. They both knew the plan was dangerous, but the only transportation off Felucia right now was the clone's ships. The plan involved sneaking aboard one of these ships and hiding until they reached their destination, Coruscant. Besides being the place the ships were headed to, they would need new identities. She just hoped they wouldn't get caught.

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