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When her mind told her they had left she opened her eyes and watched the place where the Nautolan was standing until she noticed that Aayla was stairing and opened her eyes.

"They left."

"Oh, thanks, I would have stood their all day."

"I think you would have gotten tired. I have a question, I hope you don't consider it rude, but where did you learn to control your eyes like that."

Trayal smiled, "I don't consider it rude, I started by trying to wink. One of my friends would always wink at me and I wanted to wink back. So I applied myself and learned how to. It was easy to figure out the rest. I know your first name but you do not know mine, perhaps it is time you learned it. I am Roseanna; you may call me Rose or Roseanna. Whatever you wish to call me."

"You said you trusted me because your cousin did. Who is your cousin?"

"You know him; you just haven't made the connection yet. My cousin is Kit Fisto."

Aayla's jaw dropped and she looked as shocked as she could get.

Roseanna just smiled, "I thought that would be your reaction. Did you know he is still alive?" Aayla's eyes got even bigger. "I'll take that as a no. If you follow me I will take you to him."

Aayla couldn't believe it when Roseanna landed on the planet Aayla had been living on.

"Kit is living here?"

"Yes, it is out of the way and it doesn't have to many imperial storm troopers."

Aayla started laughing, so Roseanna asked what was wrong. "Nothing," she laughed. "Just the fact that I have been living on this planet for a couple of weeks before I went looking for you and I never knew he was here!"

Aayla started laughing again and this time Rose joined her. When they landed at the spaceport near where Aayla worked she started laughing again. Rose rented a speeder and drove not to far from where Corrie and Lela lived. She drove to a small house that didn't seem out of place. Aayla could feel the force radiating from the property. Rose smiled and said, "Wait here, I want you to surprise him." Rose walked over to the side of the house. "Ya didn't come and say hi to me."

"I didn't know you wanted me to," Kit replied.

"I have a surprise for you."

Kit raised where his eyebrows would have been had he had any. "Oh really, and what is that?"

"Go over to the speeder and you'll find out," Rose replied. Kit walked warily over to the speeder. Aayla sensed his wariness and decided that this would be a great time to jump out at him. She smiled and got into a perfect pouncing position. He walked a little closer and she jumped out and yelled, "KIT!" He looked perfectly shocked. His eyes got bigger (if that is possible for a Nautolan's eyes to), and his jaw dropped. It was a full minute until he could talk again. He pulled her in for a hug and mumbled into her ear, "I was afraid you were dead." He finally released her a few minutes later and smiled. Darkness was coming fast and Rose looked like she was trying to sneak away. Kit smiled and walked to the door, his eyes inviting her to join him. She smiled and looked at Rose, "Do you need a place to stay tonight?"

"Yes, I do need a place to stay."

"Then I have the perfect place for you. I have two friends about a couple of Kliks from here that would LOVE to have you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, just tell them Aayla sent you." She gave Rose the address and said good-bye. When she turned back she saw Kit smiling at her. She smiled back, it felt like it was Yesterday Once More.

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