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I'm new to the Rocky Horror fandom, so I may make a few mistakes when I'm starting out. I borrowed the movie from my aunt and LOVED it, so I decided to write this. I wrote another one, but I'm not posting it since it was the first and isn't even that good. I may continue writing it and post it later, but I don't think it'll happen. I like this one a lot more.

Since I love "Sweet Transvestite" (and transvestites in general! lol) the song that my character sings with Frank is supposed to be a version of it with some words changed around. In my character's case, many words are changed. In Frank's case... there are a few differences but not a WHOLE lot changes.

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She wasn't often used to being stared at, so this was actually a first for her. There were four people staring at her. A man with reddish blonde hair (most of the front of it missing), a woman with fiery red hair, another woman with short honey red hair, and... a drag queen. No, no, she was just being silly. It was somebody she recognized from news - Dr. Frank-n-Furter, a famous scientist. He certainly looked like a drag queen though. Messy black hair, wearing a black corset halter top and... what looked like just a pair of black panties... and fishnet leggings... and heels. Three-inch, metallic silver heels.

Not that she was much different though, she thought, looking down at her own attire. She was dressed in an orange hoodie and jeans, and her naturally long, bright blue hair was pinned up so it looked short. Sneakers completed her "gender bender" look. She also had a black drawstring bag on her back, slinging just over her shoulder.

She looked over at the remains of her ship, and decided that she owed these people one hell of an explanation as to why she'd just crashed into their house.

Finally, the transvestite, Dr. Frank, stepped up and dared to say something to her. "Well. Are we interrupting something, darling?"

She rolled her silver eyes. "Sorry about this. I'm not usually like this."

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? What happened, and where the hell are you from?"

"Well, first of all, wouldn't you like to know my name, Doctor?"

"Hit me then."

"My name is Dr. Amy Try."

"Amy Try. Haven't I heard that name somewhere?"

"I'm a famous physician."

"Judging by the spacecraft..." His green eyes flickered to her ship for a second before focusing back onto her. "You're not an Earthling. What planet are you from, Dr. Try?"

"Well, natively I'm from Transgender, Transylvania. And I do spend most of my time there, but I do travel sometimes. And you?"

"Dr. Frank-n-Furter." He held out a hand, which was covered by one of those leather half-gloves. "Pleasure to meet you. I am a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania."

"Ah, Transsexual. I was actually... headed there."

He raised an eyebrow. "If I may ask... why, Dr. Try?"

She grinned, giving him a toothy smile. "Well, I know I'll probably regret this, but... I feel it's best expressed in song. Anyone care to give me a beat?"

"Ahhh, but of course." A sparkle flashed in Frank's eye for a second, then disappeared as quickly as it came. He motioned to the man with thinned reddish-blonde hair. "Riff Raff! Start up the juke box, if you would?"

"... Which track?"

"My... theme song." He glanced back at Amy with a gleam in his verdant eye, still smiling deviously. "We'll see if she's got what it takes to sing along to the rhythm." He winked at her. "I'll start, now, and you just follow my lead. Sound simple enough, dear?"

"Sure, that's fine."

"Alright, Riff Raff! Hit it!"

Riff Raff flicked a switch, and dance music began to play.

Frank pounded his heel to the beat, bobbing his head along to it. "Here it comes..." He smirked, then began to sing:

"Don't get strung out

By the way I look

Don't judge a book by its cover

I'm not much of a man

By the light of day

But by night I'm one hell of a lover..."

He began to dance, posing every now and then, and throwing his head back at certain parts.

"I'm just a sweet transvestite

From Transsexual, Transylvania


He pointed to Amy with both fingers held out, raising his eyebrows at her, as if issuing her a challenge. "Your turn, Dr. Try! See if you can get into it!"

She nodded, and began popping and locking her shoulders to the beat, pushing her hood down to reveal her pinned-back hair. She stamped her sneakered foot and nodded, the words forming in her head.

"I was on my way

Headed off to a convention

Over in Transsexual

But since I don't know the area

It got kinda scary, yeah

Guess I lost control..."

She began to dance herself. Frank's dancing (he was still busting some moves) was infectious, and she found herself moving in the same way.

"I'm just a sweet cross-dresser

From Transgender, Transylvania


Frank nodded at her. "Well done! But now it's my turn again to..." He posed, throwing back his arms and thrusting his chest out. "Strut my stuff!" He twisted his body as he started singing again.

He gestured to her ship.

"So you got... caught with a flat?

Well, how about that?

Well baby, don't you panic..."

He gestured to Riff Raff and the woman with bright red hair.

"By the light of the night

It'll all seem alright

I'll get you some satanic mechanics..."

Placing a hand by his mouth, he sang softly in a mock whisper, "The redhead is Magenta."

He did his chorus dance again, gyrating his hips wildly, making her stare and bite her lip. Transvestites were common not only on Transsexual, but also on her planet. Hell, she was one herself. And boy, did she find the male ones sexy.

And he totally knew she did.

"I'm just a sweet transvestite

From Transsexual, Transylvania


Amy nodded when he gestured to her, and moved gracefully along to his preset routine.

"Yeah, I got... stranded now

Not sure how I'm gonna

Ever get back home..."

She pointed to Riff Raff and the woman.

"Yes, by the light of the night

I have to say, it seems alright

I'll accept your satanic mechanics

Riff Raff and Magenta!..."

She grinned, dancing happily in a more sexual manner. She had to admit, giving in to Frank's peer pressure was more fun than she'd ever have had over at that silly medical convention.

"I'm just a sweet cross-dresser

From Transgender, Transylvania


She pointed to Frank, narrowing her eyes. "Your turn, Dr. Furter."

He had been dancing all the time that she'd been singing and dancing as well. migrated over to her, covering her eyes with his hands.

"Why don't you... stay for the night?"

He grabbed one of her arms and held it out to the side, his lips hovering just centimeters above her neck.

"Or maybe... a bite?"

His hands moved, sliding down her back and making her shudder.

"I could show you my favorite... obsession..."

Amy reached behind her and placed her arms around Frank's neck, easily transitioning their movements into one.

"I'd love to... stay for the night..."

She let go and spun around, taking his face in her hand.

"But I'll have to say no... to the bite..."

She inched ever closer, until she was right up against him. She pressed her hands against his chest, feeling the taut strings of his corset cut into her fingers - not that she minded one bit though. This was the most fun she'd had in years.

"Oh but I'd like to see your favorite... obsession..."

He nodded, and took her by the hand. As he did he didn't push her away though, keeping her close to him. His other hand stroked the edge of her jaw.

"I could... make you a girl..."

His hand removed itself from her cheek and began to play with her hair instead. His fingers expertly weaved out some of the pins, causing several tendrils of powder blue to fall down, framing her face.

"Dark hair, all curled..."

He took his hand out of her hair and ran it up her side, stopping when he felt her chest. His hand hovered just below where he knew her breast was (it was hard to tell because of the hoodie, but he could), not daring to go any further unless she instructed him to.

"She may be able to relieve your... tensions..."

Amy squeezed his hand. With her free one she explored him, first caressing the spot behind his ear, which seemed... sensitive, in a way, as he was fighting back a smile when she touched it.

"I'd rather... have a man..."

When she let her hand trail off, her index finger traced around his lips, painted with dark blood red. They were as hypnotizing as his eyes, shiny and wet, just looking ready to be kissed.

"Kinda like you... who can..."

She slid her hand down, until it rested upon his hip. As she moved it up, she relished the sensation of squeaky leather under her fingertips.

"Release my pent-up desires..."

Frank chuckled, then suddenly shot an arm out around her waist. He pulled her closer than she already was, and took a step toward the elevator.

"Well then, let's go up to the lab

I can show you what's on the slab

Oh Amy, I see you shiver with antici..."

His hand trailed down, coming to make its home on her hip.

"... Pation..."

She trembled in his grasp, putting her head against his chest. The strings from his corset again cut into her skin, the flesh of her forehead.

"Yes, I'll come up to your lab

But do I really want to see what's on the slab?

But yes, I'm shivering with antici..."

She took a few breaths, allowing her eyes to close as she rested against him.

"... Pation..."

With that, Frank walked her inside the iron-barred elevator, flipped a switch, and they began to move up.

Magenta looked at the remaining people in the room, and shook her head.

"Still don't understand vhy nobody around here can just explain any'sing visout singking it..."

Wow, Magenta, that nail is gonna have one big headache from where you hit it. XD

OK, so... Transgender. That's my made-up planet in the galaxy of Transylvania. It's not TOO far from Transsexual... probably about as far as Mars is from Earth? Maybe. Full of cross-dressers. It's different from Transsexual though, and you're going to see a little of that next chapter and more in the third chapter.

Also... let's just pretend Riff Raff never killed Frank and Rocky, mm'kay? I'm not quite sure how I'll make it that they survived... BUT THEY DID, OKAY? I'll probably have it explained later in the story.

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