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Hello! Welcome to this funny story of our favorite code Geass couples (Suzalulu) and what theyre lives would be like if they made a family! I got the idea from a doushinji I read a while back. So please review this story, and give me any suggestions or things you may want to happen later. I'm always open to new stuff! No flamers =]

Plus, this story is kind of AU, basically the changes are: (1) Nunnally and Lelouch were banished, and Nunnally was handicapped and blinded still, but Lelouch never met C.C. which led him to (2) a normal life, excluding (3) having a medical condition at birth that he gives him the capability to have children.

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Chapter One – "Family Portrait"

(Lelouch's P.O.V)

"Dace Alexander Kururugi, you stop messing with those wires, this instant!" Lelouch yelled at his son, as his command was returned with a sorrowful whine and a gaze of his same lavender orbs.

It had been seven years since he had been a senior at Ashford Academy, and Suzaku had proposed to his fiver-year boyfriend on graduation day. The raven-haired male was surprised, but eventually said yes to the young cadet. The couple had a grand summer wedding with all their friends and family in attendance. During the two's honeymoon (which when they finally consummated their relationship) the young, 18-year old prince found out he was pregnant, and tried to figure out a way to tell his newlywed husband about it when they had returned back home.


"Suzaku…I have to tell you something" Lelouch said in a saddened tone as he watched his husband flip through a reality magazine, sitting on his and Nunnally's living room couch.

"Sure, what is it?...Hey! This place looks pretty nice" One bedroom, two bath-"said Suzaku before he was interrupted by the britannian male, 'we might need to buy something way bigger'". Suzaku looked up to the standing raven, with a confused look on his tanned features.

"What do you mean by that?" he whispered, closing the reality catalog, and turn towards Lelouch who was taking a seat beside him.

"I might be…kinda…pregnant" Lelouch murmured. Amethyst irises met with emerald ones, as he watched his husband's eye's pop out at him in true horror.

"B-But I used protection" the eleven whispered. He had known about the prince's (rare) condition, Virgravida, which gave males the ability to carry children like a women, when their still in their mother's womb.

"They don't always work".

The couple sat in an awkward silence, while sneaking glances at the other through worried eyes. Suzaku took a deep breathe and sighed heavily, as he stared at his lover's flat torso.

"So…there's a little person in there, huh?" Suzaku chuckled, as he patted the brit's warm tummy. "Maybe 'persons'" the blushing banished prince replied, as he placed his dainty hand overtop the eleven's rough one. "Why you think there might be more than one?" Suzaku asked in curiosity, continuously rubbing the brit's stomach.

"I just have a feeling" Lelouch responded in a hushed tone, while his hands moved with Suzaku's repetitive motion.

"You're not mad?" the obsidian-haired male asked in a soft voice.

"A bit surprised, but certainly not angry" replied Suzaku. He raised his dark hand to brush the raven's black bangs off his face to show his blood-warm cheeks.

"You're gonna be great" the eleven whispered, as he leaned in closer towards his partner with a beaming smile. "Were going to be great" the ebony-hired male corrected, pressing his pale forehead against the other's tanned one, as their long fingers intertwined.

-End of Flashback-

Now seven years since that time, a 25-year old Lelouch, with his same jet-black hair that now ended at his shoulders, was scolding his six year old son, Dace, that would look like a complete semi-replica of his father, if it weren't for the beautiful, violet irises he inherited maternally.

"But mommy-'No butts".

Dace released the interesting cables that were hooked up to an expensive camera, as his small, tanned hands were raised in the air as if a symbol of surrendering. Lelouch smiled at his son's innocence and began to look over his outfit to make sure it hadn't been messed up yet. Dace was dressed in a white, dress shirt that was tucked in his brown khaki shorts, with a dark brown belt wrapped around his waist. Long, chocolate-colored, knee socks that covered his slender legs, as his brown loafers snuggled his small feet.

The boy rose from his spot on the ground, and ran to his mother's side as he hugged onto the older male's brown dress pants, nuzzling his caramel-locked mop into Lelouch's thigh. "Where's Lao?" Lelouch asked, as he noticed his other son was not on the photo shoot set. Dace shrugged his shoulders in response, as he looked up to his cherubic predecessor.

"Let's go find your brother" Lelouch sighed, as he held out his hand to his male offspring, who took it naturally. Lelouch's boots clacked on the concrete flooring, as the sound was followed by small footsteps.

The two walked over to the warehouse's elevator, and pressed the green, down button, as they waited for the elevator to reach their floor. The metal doors opened, and showed a mirror image of a smaller Lelouch sitting on the ground. His outfit matched the exact one of his twin, as he looked up from the book he was reading with wide, emerald orbs.

"Mama" he whispered, as he placed a small white piece of paper in his book, as a page marker, and closed it shut.

"Lau, why are you sitting in an elevator shaft? A bad man could come in here and snatch you right up", Lelouch scolded in a worried tone. Lau looked away from his mother, before he saw a milk-white hand placed in front of him.

"Come on" Lelouch said, as a gentle smile moved onto his pink lips. Lau took the hand, as his mother helped him up from off the ground, and stepped outside the elevator's doors. Lelouch, dressed in similar attire as his two boys, except for his dark brown pants that went all the way down to his black boots, walked with his two children that were at each side of his hips, back to the photo shoot area.

"You're father is late again" Lelouch complained, as he watched the photographer walk towards their way.

"I'm so sorry Ms. Anya about my husband's absence; could you perhaps give us a few more minutes?" Lelouch asked politely, as the pink-haired woman nodded in agreement, before her emotionless eyes looked down to the two boy's by the older male's thighs. She bent down to their eye level, as the two boys stared back at her. Lau began to hide behind his mother's leg, trying to escape the woman's gaze while making a cute little pout.

She giggled at the boy, as she reached out her hand that hovered over the mini-lelouch, before messing the obsidian strands out of place. He whimpered at the touch, and once she had stop, he tried to fix his hair back into place.

"He's a little shy" said Lelouch, as he placed his hand onto Lau's shoulder.

"It's Fine" she replied, turning her back on the in-complete family as she began messing with her camera. Lelouch looked around the room, searching for the late Suzaku.

Where are you, dummy?

Amethyst orbs looked to the entrance of the room, as the elevator door began to open. Out came his late husband, Warrant Officer Kururugi Suzaku, dressed in his usual brown, britannian military uniform, wheezing as he tried to catch his breath.

"Sorry I'm late" he said, as his boots made loud noises, walking in the direction of his family.

"Dad!" Dace yelled of joy, running up to his okaa-san and was scooped up into the air by his father's strong arms.

"How are ya, champ?" Suzaku chuckled, as he spun his giggling semi-replica in the air. Lelouch felt the need to yell at his husband for his tardiness, disappear from watching the exciting scene. Suzaku noticed his gorgeous partner across the room, holding hands with their other child, as he smiled to the look-a-likes.

"Ello beautiful~" Suzaku cooed, walking towards Lelouch and planting a sweet kiss on the blushing raven's lips.

"You're not getting off that easy, Kururugi" whispered Lelouch in annoyed tone, while Suzaku kneeled down to the ground and hugged Lau. He rose from the ground, and whispered into the raven's ear, "I'll make it up to you later tonight" in a seductive manner.

Lelouch's rosy cheeks darkened at the suggestive statement, while Dace looked up to his parents with curiosity.

"Can you make it up by buying us ice cream?" the young boy asked, displaying his best puppy-dog eyes. Suzaku looked down to his cunning son, as his cheek mucles contracted to form a smirk on his lips.

"Of Course! Well have to make a huge chocolate sundae mountain" th eleven emphasized by holding his arms out wide like a plane's wings.

"Yea! A-and with lots of sprinkles!" Dace joined in, as the two males giggled at the thought. Lelouch smiled at this and looked down to his smaller looking self, to find him covering his mouth with his hands as he giggled shyly.

"I'm ready" Ms. Anya called out to the family that looked over to the photographer who was setting up the umbrellas that covered the bright lights on the stage. Lelouch and Suzaku walked onto set first, sitting down on the white poster paper that covered the wall and some of the ground. The eleven crossed his legs apple sauce was, as he reached out for Lau. The ebony-haired boy walked towards his father, and sat in his lap as he watched his fraternal twin sit beside his mother.

Dace wrapped his arms around his mother's torso affectingly, as he looked towards the camera with a cheesy grin, as he closed his young, violet eyes shut. Suzaku began to copy his son's expression, while Lelouch and Lau sat up properly and plastered seductive smirks on their facial features as they looked to the photo-taking device.

"Aright, say cheese" said Anya in a monotone voice, as the entire Kururugi household said in unison 'cheese', before the lights blinded them.


In case any of you guys were wondering, you pronounce the boys names "Dace" as (Day-ce) and "Lau" as (Lowe). They both mean something too (it wasn't only because they're awesome names).

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