Hello! Sorry for abandoning my other fics for now but I needed to do a Loveless fic! The idea's been stuck in my mind for weeks, and I've finally managed to write Chapter 1.

This story will contain 4 or 5 chapters, and the lemony goodness will be arriving in Chapter 2. So keep your eye out for the next chapter, which will be within the next 2-3 days.

Disclaimer: I do not own Loveless or any of the characters in the series, otherwise I'd make them all yaoi obsessed and there'd be looooooads lemons.


Ritsuka fumbled in his pockets, searching for the cell phone his Fighter had given him.

He was laying on his small bed, exhausted from the day at school. He'd managed to escape his mothers erratic behaviour and beatings all evening.

He wanted to see Soubi, his Fighter. His lover. Ritsuka cringed internally at the phrase. He loved Soubi, yes, but he was afraid to admit it, even to himself. He retrieved the cell phone from his pocket and flipped the screen open.

No new messages.

Ritsuka sighed, worried that something had happened to Soubi. He hadn't been there after school, like usual. Ritsuka knew he wasn't at university today. Perhaps he'd gotten himself in to trouble with another couple. It wouldn't be the first time he'd done something as stupid as accept a battle without his Sacrifice accompanying him. Ritsuka sighed once more, his heart beating frantically at the thought of Soubi being hurt. He wished he had the bond, the one that alerted the Sacrifice when the Fighter was entering a spell battle. But Soubi wasn't Ritsuka's true fighter, and it pained Ritsuka to think that Soubi was only protecting him due to his brothers orders.

"Seimei... Why did you give Soubi to me? Did you know I would fall in love with him? Or did you think I was stupid enough to endanger myself? Did you think I would fall apart without you?" Ritsuka thought to himself. A small, warm tear escaped from his half-lidded eyes. He hadn't even noticed he had begun crying.

"I can't be bothered to make myself feel better... Even Soubi is too busy for me," he mumbled, turning his body facing the balcony, curling in to a small ball. His ears flattened against his head as he began to sob.

"Soubi... Where are you?" Ritsuka cried in to his hands, wishing there was some way for him to know if his Fighter was okay. Droplets of tears made a small pool in his palm as he sobbed and groaned, aching to hear his cell phone beep, alerting him of a text. Ritsuka cried himself to sleep.

"Ritsuka? Ritsuka? Hey, wake up, little one. Ritsuka..." a voice breathed in to Ritsuka's human ear. "Wake up, yeah? Hmm? Are you okay?"

"S-Soubi..." Ritsuka moaned, his dream coming to a close as he felt somebody's sweet breath run along his cheek. "Mm, Soubi... Touch me again, unng."

"Love, I haven't touched you. Wake up, you're dreaming," Soubi placed a gentle kiss on Ritsuka's forehead. "Perhaps you need some help, hmm?"

A hand was suddenly placed on Ritsuka's erection as soft, moist lips pressed against his own. Ristuka hazily opened his eyes, staring in to Soubi's as he puckered his lips against the adults. Soubi gently moaned, his hand circling around Ritsuka's groin.

"Am I really awake? This cannot be real... Soubi's never touched me there before," Ritsuka thought, his mind still half asleep. "That feels so good though... I can't be dreaming. He must really be here, doing these things to me..."

Suddenly Soubi stopped himself, groaning at how he'd forced himself upon the boy. He took a step back from the neko and stood up straight.

"I'm sorry, Ritsuka. Please, forgive me." Innocent eyes bored in to Soubi's own.

"S-sorry? For w-what?" Ritsuka whispered, looking down at the waistband of his pants. "You didn't do anything wrong."

Soubi gasped silently, listening to Ritsuka's words.

"I touched you without your permission. It was wrong of me," he mumbled, his husky voice thick with undeniable lust for the young boy. "I promised you I would wait until you were older."

"It felt... good," Ritsuka admitted. His cheeks blushed pink as he flustered at his own words. "I mean... it felt good, for m-me." Ritsuka continued staring down. He couldn't face looking at his Fighter after speaking such shameful words.

Soubi reached forward, his long, spidery fingers cupping Ritsuka's chin. He pulled slightly, forcing Ritsuka to look at him. Ritsuka blushed further at the eye contact.

"There's no need to be embarrassed. Although, that blush on your face is gorgeous. I'd love to see it covering your whole body," Soubi spoke softly, his sweet breath tickling Ritsuka's face.

"Then make it," Ritsuka breathed.

"We must wait, Ritsuka. You're still too young and goodness knows what people would say if you lost your ears at this age. Besides, I may hurt you. I don't know how to control myself while you are around, and I might accidentally do some things that could make you feel a lot of pain. It's torturous when I see you in pain during a battle, but to know I am the one to bring you pain... I couldn't bear it."

Ritsuka's eyes brimmed with tears at Soubi's words.

"He doesn't... want me?" he repeatedly thought, his eyes stinging as the warm tears fled from the corners of his eyes. His breathing hitched as he quietly wailed.

"Soubi... p-please..." he whispered through sobs. "I w-want you so badly. I know you won't hurt me."

Soubi sighed in defeat, lowering himself to press his lips against the neko's own.