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"Soubi... p-please..." he whispered through sobs. "I w-want you so badly. I

know you won't hurt me."

Soubi sighed in defeat, lowering himself to press his lips against the neko's own.

Ritsuka gasped; he hadn't expected Soubi to give him what he wanted. His back arched instantaneously as he moaned in pleasure at the warm kiss. Soubi placed his knees either side of the boy and used one hand to keep himself from falling on top of Ritsuka. He used his other hand to slowly run his fingers along Ritsuka's warm stomach, delicately circling around his bellybutton. Ritsuka had opened his mouth, allowing Soubi to explore his wet cavern, his own tongue battling for dominance against his lovers. They both moaned in to the kiss, the vibrations of Soubi's moan sending chills down Ritsuka's spine. The neko shivered as Soubi broke the kiss and looked down at his trembling body.

"Are you okay, Ritsuka? Do you want me to stop?" Soubi asked lustfully. "You're shaking."

"N-no, I like it, Soubi. Please don't stop..." the boy replied, his voice low but filled with passion.

"Then I won't stop until you tell me, Ritsuka," Soubi smirked. He moved his hand higher, grazing Ritsuka's small hardened bud and gave it a slight tweak. Ritsuka arched his back once more, his body reacting naturally to Soubi's touch.

"Unng, Soubi..." Ritsuka desperately cried, "That f-feels so good."

Soubi chuckled to himself, tweaking the bud once more. He rolled it between his thumb and index finger as Ritsuka moaned delicately.

Soubi removed his hand from Ritsuka's shirt, forcing his arm under the boys back and switched positions: Soubi was now flat on his back while Ritsuka sat gently on Soubi's stomach.

Soubi placed his hands on Ritsuka's hips, slowly moving his hands higher up. Ritsuka practically purred at the contact as Soubi's long fingers hypnotized him with their mere touch. Soubi grabbed Ritsuka tighter between his hands, pushing him on top of his crotch. Ritsuka groaned at the friction, their cocks now grinding together at an agonizingly slow rhythm. Soubi was incredibly erect; more so than he had ever been. Ritsuka was equally as aroused, not even bothering to hide it from Soubi. He was in ecstasy. He'd never felt this amazing.

"Nnng, Soubi," the neko whispered breathlessly. He chanted his name like a mantra, saying his Fighters name over and over again. "Soubi... Soubi... S-Soubi..."

"What is it, Ritsuka?" Soubi replied, equally as breathless. The young boy looked so beautiful above him, his black hair gently rocking back and fourth as the boy moved on Soubi's lap. Soubi had dreamed of this moment, waiting until the neko finally succumbed to his feelings.

"Touch... m-me..." he gasped, disbelieving his own words but knowing they were somehow exactly what he wanted.

Soubi didn't hesitate; he pulled Ritsuka's delicate legs and wrapped them around his waist. Ritsuka automatically locked his feet together to keep a firm grip as Soubi began to turn. The young boy imitated the same motion with his arms, wrapping them around Soubi's neck and intertwining his fingers to keep a strong grip on the beautiful blonde man. Once Soubi had swung his legs off the bed, he stood, Ritsuka still clinging on to him. He chuckled slightly at the innocence of Ritsuka's act; little did the Sacrifice know how much of a turn on it was for Soubi, the feel of his little flushed hands on the back of his neck.

Soubi placed his hands on the small of the neko's back and pushed forward, just enough to make Ritsuka's petite torso press against his own. Ritsuka's eyes widened; he'd never been in this position with Soubi before, and despite how much he was enjoying the closeness of the situation, he was also very nervous. His lips quivered. Soubi noticed immediately, pressing his warm lips against the boys. They both opened their mouths simultaneously, and breathed gently. Warm air was passed back and fourth between them both. The intimacy was too overwhelming for Ritsuka, which caused a small tear to drop from the corner of his eye. Soubi gently licked it away as Ritsuka's breath hitched.

"It's okay, I promise it's okay," Soubi whispered, attempting to soothe Ritsuka with a calm voice.

"Kiss me again, Soubi..." the boy spoke, his eyes now fiercely boring into his Fighter's own. "But please, don't stop..."


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