It was dark by the time Ichigo and Rukia got to Ichigo's house. Nel was fast asleep in the back of the car and Rukia was close to joining her.

"You look very tired." Ichigo pointed out.

"Well," *yawn* "near death experiences will do that to you."

"What? When we were nearly burned alive at your house or the welcoming you got from my dad at his house."

Rukia turned her head to him and glared at him threw half closed eyes.

"It wasn't THAT bad… for me. You on the other hand…" and she let out a little laugh.

That made Ichigo glare back.

"ICHIIIGOOO!" Isshin yelled as he flew in from the kitchen trying to elbow Ichigo in the face. Ichigo stopped his father from injuring him by extending his left arm and letting Isshin's face connect with his balled up fist.

"Shove it goat beard, where's Nel."

"Daddy!" Nel sang as she ran out and hugged her father.

"Hello hello hello," he said putting on a fake British accent. Nel absolutely loved it when her father put on the accent, mainly because it was a very bad one. Nel turned her head to the side and saw Rukia standing there taking in the scenery of the Kurosaki household.

"Wukia," she said and ran over to her. "Hello Wukia." And Nel lifted her arms up.

Rukia picked Nel up and smiled at her. "Hello Nel. Nice to see you again."

Nell nodded her head and hugged Rukia.

"Twank you." she whispered.

"What for?"

"You kept your promwice. You kept Oto-san swafe."

"More like your Oto-san kept me safe."

"WHAT?" Isshin shouted, he was obviously eavesdropping as was Ichigo. "What happened?" Isshin pushed. And thus began the game of 20 questions.

"Nel why don't you go and get your teddy-bear." Rukia lowered Nel who pouted before being sent away.

"What happened?" that was now Karin and Yuzu. They rushed to the hallway.

"Someone was hired to kill Rukia." Ichigo informed them.

"Who?" Karin asked wide-eyed like her sister and father.

"A friend of mine who work as a forensic artist at the lab is trying to make a facial reconstruction from the remains." Rukia informed them.

"Wait he's dead?"

"Yes he went down with the house." Ichigo said.

"What do you mean 'down with the house'? Isshin asked.

"I went into Rukia's house, the man knocked her unconscious, he was about to shot her when I found her. I shot him, picked Rukia up and was about to leave when he stood up and lit his lighter. He had doused the house with bleach or petrol, and I ran out of the house. Rukia and I survived but he stayed."

"Where's my third-daughter going to stay?"

Nel walked in at that moment.

'Great timing.' Ichigo thought.

"Rukia is staying with Nel and I. You don't mind, do you sweet heart?" Ichigo asked turning to Nel.

Nel smiled brightly and shook her head. "Not at all Oto-san!"

"Where is she going to sleep Ichigo?, if you plan on letting her sleep." Isshin asked as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Ichigo punched his father in the gut, causing him to collapse, then put his foot on his head, applying pressure. "Shut it! You perverted old man." Ichigo yelled.

"Hehehe, oh that was funny." Rukia laughed

"For you maybe."

"You know you shouldn't hit your father Ichigo."

"And you shouldn't be so sexy," he said getting out of the car and walking over to Nel's door, quietly opening it and gently lifting her out. "Some things just can't be helped."

"Should I take that as a complement?" she asked getting out of the car and walking to the sepia brown, wooden front door.

"I hope so," he grinned and walked up to her. He shifted Nel so he could hold her in his right arm and grab his keys with his left. He pulled out a bronze key, put it in the key hole and turned it left. Rukia heard the click of the door and he unlocked it and the smell of vanilla, cookie dough and coffee washed over her. It was a heavenly scent that she gladly welcomed.

The inside of the house was large and very spacey. The hallway walls were painted icterine yellow and a royal blue carpet. There was a stairway on the right-hand side of the hallway and door to her left, right, under the stairs and at the end of the hall.

"Give me a minute to put Nel to bed and I'll give you a tour of the house." Ichigo whispered as he made his way to the stairs.

Rukia nodded and stayed where she was until Ichigo returned.

"Right," he said "The room to your right is the living-room, the left is the dining-room, that door at the under the stairs is a closet and that room at the end of the hallway is the kitchen. Come with up stairs and I'll show you were you'll be sleeping." Ichigo said as he led Rukia upstairs.

The landing was the same as downstairs. Same carpet same paint only a peace lily sat itself at the end of the hallway. Rukia looked at the doors in front of her and counted them.

'One, two, three… seven doors.'

"The first door on your left is my study, beside it is Nel's playroom, than a spare room. The door at the end of the hall is the bathroom, and, uh, to your right is Nel's room, my room and now your room." And with that Ichigo opened the door to Rukia's room.

It was painted white and turquoise with wooden floorboards. There were dressers, a closet and night stand (all painted white) and a double bed in the middle of the room. There was a small lamp on the night stand. The lamp was the same colour as the turquoise walls, as were the duvet sheets and pillows. There was a wooden door at the end of the room.

" This is a very nice room." Rukia complemented.

"Glad you like it cause this is now your room. Here I'll be back in a moment." and with that Ichigo left the room. Rukia went over to the bed and sat down. She found the bed to be as soft as feather and the silk cover caressed her skin as she laid down and closed her eyes.

"Like the bed?"

Rukia looked over at the door and saw Ichigo lining against the frame casually, arms crossed. She nodded her head than spoke, "Yes it's very comfortable."

Ichigo tossed some fabric at Rukia who caught it with her left hand.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Something for you to sleep in. All your clothes have been burnt and those clothes your wearing are your only pair. We'll go shopping tomorrow for more."

"We have work tomorrow."

"We have work every-freaking-day. Your needs come before your wants, and you need some clothing."

Rukia look at her hand and saw Ichigo had tossed her a t-shirt and a pair of boxers. The boxers were plan black and the t-shirt was purple and yellow with 'Nice Vive' written on it. Rukia looked back up and stared at Ichigo.

"Why are you helping me? You barely know me." she asked.

"So? You needed help, I helped you. I may not know a lot about you but I know enough to know that I like you, I can trust you and I couldn't not help you." he answered nonchalantly.

Rukia couldn't help but be happy at the events that have occurred. Sure her house burnt down. Sure someone tried to kill her. Sure the only pair of clothes she has are the dirt-covered ones she wore at this moment, but she was happy. She finally had found people who cared for her. She may have only know Ichigo for a day or so, but there was no doubt in her mind that told her Ichigo didn't care for her. A smile crept onto Rukia's face.

"Thank you," she said. "For everything."

"Don't worry about it. You go get cleaned up and when your done just bring your clothes down to the kitchen. There is a door to your left when you enter. It's the utility closet. Drop your clothes in front of the washing machine. I'm going to order food you hungry?"

"Yea, absolutely." she said with a smile.

"Want anything in particular?"

"I'll eat anything really."

"Okay than I'll leave you to it."

"Thank you again Ichigo."

Said man straightened his poster and began to walk towards the door. "As I said Rukia, don't worry about it." and he left gently closing the door as he did so.

Rukia looked over at the clock on the nightstand.

'10:50. It has been such a long day. Nearly being burnt alive in my own home. I'm lucky Ichigo was there to help me If he wasn't I more than likely be dead at this moment. Bullet in my head and burnt to a crisp.'

Rukia shook her head as if to rid it of the thought. She walked over to the door at the end of the room and opened it. As said by Ichigo, the door opened to show a bathroom. White tiles, blue walls, a clear white toilet and sink and a pretty decent size bath with a shower head above. Rukia began to strip and put the clean clothes on the lid of the toilet seat and the dirty ones near the door. She got into the shower and turn on the water. The warm water flowed down her petite form, carrying with it dirt and dry blood. The water at her feet was a brick red type of colour. She reached over to the edge of the bath a picked up some shampoo. She squeezed some of the contents onto her palm than messaged it onto her scalp. She washed out the shampoo than did the same thing with the conditioner. After the soothing shower Rukia dried herself off on put on the clothed Ichigo gave her. The t-shirt was massive and the boxers were a bit lose, but she pulled on the laces and tied them tighter.

Rukia picked up her dirty clothes and went downstairs. She went into the kitchen and found the door Ichigo told her about. Opening it, she quickly spotted the washing machine and let her clothes fall from her grasp into a hype on the floor. The smell of rice, chicken, sweet & sour sauce and prawn cracker soon engulfed her.

'Chinese food? When was the last time I had Chinese food?'

Just then two hands caught her by the waist. Rukia looked up to see Ichigo looking down at her.

"Dinner's here. I hope you like the sweet & sour sauce from Ryuken Ishida's."

Rukia just shrugged her shoulders. "I not sure. I might have had food from there before, I just can't remember."

"Than you never had food from that place before cause if you had you'd have remembered it. Trust me."

Ichigo pulled Rukia by her waist than pushed her into the sitting-room. He than let go and plopped down on the black, leather couch.

The room was painted cream with one wall (where the black, marble fireplace sat) was a dark red colour. The floors were wooden and the curtains were the same dark red colour as the wall. In the room there was a black couch and sofa chair made of leather, and mirror hung over the fireplace and a 32 inch, plasma sat itself in the corner of the room. Rukia's and Ichigo's food was placed on a coffee table that was placed in front of the couch.

Ichigo pulled on Rukia ad she sat willingly beside him.

Ichigo handed Rukia the remote control and said to her "She if you can find anything good to watch at this hour."

So Rukia did so. After 3 minutes of channel surfing Rukia ended up settling on The Blare Witch Project.

"You into horrors?" Ichigo asked taking a bite of his food.

"I'm into a lot of different type of movies." she answered, copying his action. "I'm just not a major fan of romance or oldies."

"Okay, quick quiz on your movie taste."


"Favourite comedy."

"Eh… Kick Ass, I guess."

"Favourite action."

"… The Matrix."


"Hey shut up. I love that movie."

"Alright fine. Um… horror."



"The Rocky Horror Show."


"The Wild Wild West."

"… Romantic?"

"Um… I don't really know. I don't watch the romantic ones very often but if I had to choose I'd say Jane Eyre."

"Jane Eyre? You liked that love story with Mr. Rochester and Jane?"

"Yes. I liked how age wasn't a problem for them and all that mattered was that they loved another."

"Have you read the book?"

"I was. It was on my nightstand 3 hours ago."


"Okay now your turn. Answer the questions. Favourite comedy."



"Die Hard."


"The Frighteners."

"You thought that movie was scary?"

"No. You said favourite horror. The Frighteners is meant to be a horror. You never said it had to be a scary movie."

"Touché. All right musicals."

"Don't watch them."


"Shanghai Noon."

"And Romantic."

"Romeo and Juliet."

"Really?" Rukia asked letting a laugh escape her lips "I never knew you were into such romantic films Ichigo." and Rukia laughed once more.

Ichigo put his arm behind his back and grabbed a hold of one and the cushions that decorated the couch and smacked her with it. "Shut it Midget."

Rukia stopped laughing at once and she stood up in front of Ichigo. She lowered her head and glared into his eyes.

"Do not comment me on my height, strawberry."

"Do not call me strawberry, Midget."









"Kurosaki sex god." Rukia said with a smirk, remembering that Mashiro said Ichigo hated that nickname.

And that one nickname was all it took for Ichigo to snap out of it and stop playing these childish games. It was time for the really fun to begin.

"I'll show you sex god, Shorty." he said with an evil grin on his face.

Ichigo grabbed a hold of Rukia's waste and began to push her to the ground.

"I-I-Ichigo what a-a-are you doing?" Rukia screeched as she fell to the ground with a loud bang.

"Something I've wanted ever since I looked at you." he said holding her arms above her head with one hand and held her waist with the other. Ichigo began trailing butterfly kisses down her neck than back up.

"Kuro… Ichi-go… nuh… can't… do this." Rukia tried to protest, squirming around underneath him.

"Why not?" Ichigo asked innocently against her skin.

"We're… partners." she managed to say.


"We… get together… not aloud… work together."

Just then the living-room door opened.

"Oto-san?" Nel's voice came from the door.

Ichigo popped his head up from in front of the couched and looked at Nel.

"Nel, sweetie, why are you up this late?"

"I heard a lwoud bwang. What are wou and Wukia doing?" she asked cocking her head to the side.

"Nothing!" he aid standing up.

"Are wou and Wukia pwaying mommy and daddy gwames?"

"No! No no no no… wait! Who told you about that?"

"Papa Isswin. Is Wukia my new mommy?"

"Come on Nel, it's past your bedtime." Ichigo said to her trying to avoid her question.

"Will wou twell me a bedtwime story?"

"Tomorrow darling."


"Nel…" Ichigo sighed.

"I tell you a story Nel." Rukia said getting up.

Ichigo looked at Rukia. "You don't have to." he told her.

"I want to." she smiled. "I would like to get to know Nel some more and spend some time with her. I've never had a little sister before, let alone daughter and always wanted one."

"Okay," he looked at Rukia than Nel. "Up to bed and wait for Rukia."

Nel nodded her head and ran away.

"Thank you for the dinner Ichigo, I will see you in the morning."

"What, you going to bed?"

"After I tell Nel her story, yes."

"Oh… well than sleep well Rukia." Ichigo said quietly, looking rather disappointed.

"You to Ichigo, Goodnight." And with that Rukia left the room.

She climbed the stairs up to Nel's room and knocked on the door before entering.

"Nel?" she whispered peeking her head through the door.


"You're awake? You should be asleep Nel you do know that."

Nel nodded her head weakly. "Will wou twell me a stwory, pwease."

"Oh alright, since you said please." Rukia said as she walked over and sat down on Nel's bed. "Nel, have you ever heard the story about Zangetsu and Sode no Shirayuki?"

Nel shook her head no.

"Would you like to?" and Nel nodded her head enthusiastically.

"The story goes like this…" and Rukia began the story.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess called Sode no Shirayuki. She was as white as snow ad as graceful as a wave. People called her the white moon. Being the princess of Kurakara, it was Sode no Shirayuki's job to bring winter to the land, as it was her four siblings jobs to bring the other seasons. And so on the first day of December she let the first snowflake of the season fall, and then another, and then another. So the whole kingdom was a winter wonder land. Sode no Shirayuki would stand at the edge of her balcony and would overlooked the magical ground that she was soon to leave. Every year she would stand there, not missing a single movement, and every year nothing would change, and every year she would get older. So one day her father, the king, sent a letter to the prince of Japan and asked if he would marry the kings daughter. Sode no Shirayuki hated the idea of an arranged marriage and believed people should marry for love. After receiving news that the prince accepted the marriage proposal, Sode no Shirayuki locked herself up in room and spent most of her time on her balcony. Two weeks after the request was sent (21st of December) the prince finally arrived at Kurakara. Sode no Shirayuki first spotted the prince from her balcony. His black clock flapped in the air as he galloped on his horse. Sode no Shirayuki was curious about the man she was being forced to marry. She left her normal position from the balcony and left her room. Se descended the stairs and walked into the banquet room. There in the middle of room, standing beside her mother and father, was who she presumed, the prince of Japan. He had wavy brown hair and was dressed as every other prince should be. He stood tall and firm. The only thing that was different about him from all the other princes was his sword. A black sword hung beside his waist. After catching sight on the princess and his bride-to-be, the man walked over to her side and bowed. Sode no Shirayuki asked her stranger husband-to-be his name and he answered. Zangetsu. Zangetsu was his name. The strongest, bravest, most dashing prince in all the world, was soon to belong to Sode no Shirayuki. She was unsure what to do in this situation. Sode no Shirayuki was to polite to argue with Zangetsu, to tell him she did not love him, to tell him to leave Kurakara, for it was all one big mistake. Instead she curtsied and left. Zangetsu id not understand at first but he realised that Sode no Shirayuki must have been forced into the marriage. He felt pity for the beautiful woman and so decided not to marry her. He called her name, once… twice… three times. He found her sitting under a cherry blossom, making snow fall from the heavens. Zangetsu approached Sode no Shirayuki and spoke to her in a kind voice. He said to her '3 days. I shall stay here for 3 days, and within that time I would like to get to know you. If you still do not want to marry me after the last day, I shall leave.' Sode no Shirayuki nodded and thanked him. Zangetsu left her than. And so as said Sode no Shirayuki spent nearly every waking hour with Zangetsu, and she found herself liking Zangetsu very much. She heard tales of the of his travels, his battles and his kingdom. Zangetsu was an only child and after his mother's and father's deaths he gained possession of the land Japan. She was intrigued in his tales and wised to see Japan, Sode no Shirayuki wished to travel. Zangetsu promised to take her to Europe, Asia, Africa and Japan, Japan especially. 24th of December and it was the day Zangetsu was said to leave. Before leaving he approached Sode no Shirayuki, he looked at her and he asked her the question he never asked her before. 'Will you marry me?' Sode no Shirayuki smiled and nodded her head. 'Yes' she answered in a quiet voice. And so the snow began to fall. On the "25th of December Sode no Shirayuki and Zangetsu were married and they lived happily ever after.

Nel smiled sleepily as she laid her head down on her pillow and yawned.

"Awnd they lived hwappy eva after?" she asked tiredly.

"Yep." Rukia smiled at her.

"Do wou twink I'll find a pwince?"

"Of course Nel, every princess gets their prince." Rukia told as she stood up and walked over to the door.

"Gwoodnight Ota-san." she heard Nel say.

Rukia turned her head to the side and looked over at Nel.

"Goodnight little Nel , sleep tight." she whispered than exited the room.

Rukia did not see Ichigo leaning against the wall beside Nel's door, so was shocked when to masculine arms rapped themselves around her waist and hoisted her up off the ground.

"Woah! Ichigo!" she screeched as he began to kiss her neck. "what are you doing?"

"Finishing what we started early." he said as his lips inched closer to hers.

"Ichigo," she sighed "We ca-" Rukia's sentence was cut short by Ichigo's lips. One hand lost its grip on her waist and held on to the back of her head while the other tightened around her waist so he could still hold her. Rukia, at that moment, found herself kissing Ichigo back, and enjoying it. She snaked her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. Rukia moaned as she and Ichigo engaged in a tongue war, battling for dominance. Ichigo's hand that was holding her head left its place and found a new spot on Rukia's shirt. He grabbed a hold of it and began to inch it upwards. Rukia's common sense came back to her at that moment and Rukia knew, even if she didn't want to, Rukia had to stop this before this went any further. Rukia began pull her head back but Ichigo refused to let the kiss break, so he followed her head and pushed her against a wall. It took nearly all of Rukia will power, but she was finally able to turn her head and speak the one word she did not want to say.

"Stop." she gasped.

Ichigo's lips moved to Rukia's throat and once more he began to kiss it.

"I don't wanna." he murmured against her skin.

"Ichigo we have to stop before we cross the line of no return."

"I'd cross that line any day for you Rukia."

"I don't what that line to be crossed yet Ichigo."

His hands moved to Rukia's ass, he gave them a pinch and Rukia gasped once more.

"I-I-Ichigo, stop." she said sternly.

Ichigo sighed and gave Rukia's lips one last kiss before he set her down.

"You know after this I'm not going to hold back." he warned.

"Could you at least try?" she asked.

"Pssh, no." he said smiling at her.

"Goodnight Ichigo." she sighed turning around.

"Goodnight Rukia.." he answered as he watched her walk away.

He eyes travelled down her figure. He hair was a mess, he shirt was starting to ride up her back and the boxers became so lose that he could she the beginning of her round ass.

'Yep,' Ichigo thought 'I choose the right outfit to give her.'

Ichigo sighed and scratched the back of his head before turning around and going for so sleep.

'Tomorrow I'm not holding back.'

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