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I thought if other people can make totally alternate universe stories, why can't I? (Even if I'm stealing the setting from another story).

It is based in the Fallout universe. If you do not know what that is, it is a video game that is about an apocalyptic wasteland after the world had been nuked. If you want to learn more, you can always find it on Wikipedia and other websites.

I do not own Chuck or Fallout, although I wish I owned both.

The world is completely different from how it was last seen from the vault but one thing always stays constant.

War, War never changes.


After the Russians decided sending nuclear weapons against the U.S., they retaliated with their own weapons of equal magnitude. This lasted only thirteen minutes, but changed the world forever. After the bombs landed in 2276, the cities that were directly hit were totally demolished. Washington D.C., Arizona, and California were directly hit. San Francisco is totally demolished and Los Angeles is almost totally ruined.

Luckily, many vaults were set up to preserve the human race. To be allowed into a vault, you needed to be either rich enough to pay a million dollars per person or deemed a necessity to the survival of human races (doctors, top ranking military personnel, and politicians). Many people didn't make it into the vaults when they closed in 2016.

After the bombs hit, many people survived it but the radiation made it hard to survive. Most people died from the radiation or became so irradiated, their skin and hair peeled off and they became ghouls (they look like zombies). The people who didn't turn into ghouls, wither grouped up to create settlements to survive, or became insane from the lifestyle change.

Many of the vaults had experimental purposes to test how people would react. Many of them were catastrophic and the inhabitants of some of those vaults died out. Around 100 years after the bombs changed the world, the vaults opened by a program. The vault dwellers were amazed and horrified by the destruction before them and learned how to adapt over time; building settlements and creating jobs. The most common job is selling junk and Bottle Caps have become the currency across the land, since most money disintegrated from the bombs.

200 years later, a baby boy is born inside Vault 6. Mary Bartowski just delivered her second child that her and Stephen have named Charles Irving Bartowski.

"Mommy! Mommy!" A cute little brunette girl tugs at Mary's shirt. "See?" Mary smiles to her two year old daughter.

"Ellie, you're now officially a sister," Mary informs the little girl as she lowers the newborn child into Ellie's eye sight. "His name is Charles. Can you say that?"

"Charel! Churl! Chuck!" Ellie exclaims, trying to pronounce her brother's name.

"Chuck," Mary muses, "I like that."

"This is the happiest day of my life," Stephen smiles as he lifts Ellie and lays her next to Mary. Ellie forms to Mary's side and smiles at the baby.

"You want to hold him?" Mary asks Ellie.

"Mmmhmm," Ellie nods her head vigorously in glee. Mary carefully places Chuck in Ellie's arms, while Stephen makes sure the baby doesn't fall out. "Chuck!" Ellie exclaims as she sticks her hand out for Chuck to grab. Chuck's hand grips around her finger and he laughs with a hiccup.

Ten years later, Chuck is now double digits old.

"Happy Birthday!" Ellie shrieks with joy as she gives Chuck a crushing hug.

"Are we going to do this every year?" Chuck complains as he struggles to breath.

"This is a special year, son," Stephen hands him a wrist device.

"A Pip-boy?" Chuck exclaims. He has wanted one ever since seeing Ellie's. He has been dying to play with it. It is like a computer on his wrist. Everyone in the vault gets one when they turn ten years old.

"Sweet!" Morgan, Chuck's best friend cheers. "I want one so bad!"

"Don't worry buddy. You'll get yours in a month," Chuck informs him. They have been best friends ever since starting school four years ago. They do everything together from reading comics to sampling music holotapes.

"I'm proud of you Chuck," Mary gives him a kiss on the cheek.

"Eww…" Chuck shies away as he rubs his cheek vigorously. Everyone laughs at his embarrassment.

Six years later, Chuck is now sixteen and taking classes. Ellie and Chuck have been inseparable from the moment they saw each other. They have helped each other whenever they needed it; Chuck helps Ellie with computer stuff and Ellie helps him with medical stuff. Ellie has always been fascinated with being a doctor ever since she helped Chuck when he scraped his knee and elbow when Chuck was four.

"Hey Ellie," Chuck greets her.

"Hey Chuck, you ready to take the G.O.A.T. test?"

"Not really. I don't get it really. It determines my job? What if it says I'm going to be a plumber or something I don't want to do?" Chuck nervously babbles.

"It's a joke. Every sixteen year old has to take it. Just calm down, I got what I wanted to do," she informs him that she got a job as a doctor. "I'm sure you'll get computer nerd or something."

"Thanks Ellie," Chuck smiles with relief as he heads off to take the test.


Two years later, Chuck wakes up to Morgan shaking him. "Chuck! Wake up!" Morgan disturbs his sleep.

"What?" He groggily asks.

"This is the day!"

"What day?"

"You're eighteen! Now you get matched with a girl!"

"Oh yea, I forgot," Chuck sounds apathetic about it.

"How are you not happy? I can't wait!"

"It's just, it doesn't seem right, you know? We shouldn't be forced to be with someone."

"You're too moral, man! How else is the human race going to survive?"

"Social Darwinism?" Chuck quips. "You know, survival of the fittest?"

"You need to stop reading those bogus psychology books."

"You're right buddy," Chuck laughs slightly. "Lets get this over with."

After evaluating all eighteen year olds, Chuck was matched with a cute brunette who was almost as intellectual as him, Jill Roberts. When they first met, it was awkward but after two weeks of being forced together, they became good friends. The problem was that Chuck wasn't in love with her; he just liked their stimulating conversations that no one else was smart enough to have with him.


Four weeks after meeting Jill, Chuck is awoken from a very erratic Morgan. He looks nervous and frightened as he gets Chuck to wake up.

"What is it buddy? And can you shut that damn alarm off?" Chuck looks around the room where an alarm is flashing the room with red light.

"It's your parents! They've escaped the vault!" Morgan informs him with haste.

"What? When? Where's Ellie?"

"They took her for questioning. They think you and her had something to do with them leaving."

"What? That's crap. I didn't know until just ten seconds ago. Wait, they are torturing Ellie?" Chuck panics as he jumps out of bed with widened eyes.

"I don't know but you need to get out of here now! They are going to come after you! Jonas is in the basement and he knows how to get you out!"

"Lets go, but I'm getting Ellie first."

"Be careful then," Morgan shakes his head in disbelief.

"I want you to come with me too." Chuck says truthfully. Morgan is his best friend and it would be so difficult to leave him behind. Morgan quickly nods his head in acceptance.

"I'll come," Morgan accepts confidently. "What about Jill?"

"I'll see if she wants to leave too. Do you know where she is?"

"Probably in her room. The Overseer issued a lockdown."

"Damn," Chuck zips up his blue and yellow vault suit with a large number 6 on the back and grabs his pocket knife as his only weapon. "Lets go. Jill is only four doors away."

Chuck and Morgan sneak out and head down the hallway. A guard turns the corner and they both quickly hide in a storage closet.

"I don't think this was meant for two people," Morgan quips as he can barely breath in the tight confinement.

"Me neither," Chuck answers as they wait thirty seconds and he peeks out the door. The coast is clear and he quickly gets to Jill's door. He steps in and sees Jill and her parents sitting at the table nervously. "Jill!"

"Chuck!" She runs up and hugs him. "They're looking for you! What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything. Morgan here told me about my parents leaving. I'm getting out of this vault like them. I want you to come with me."

"No!" Jill's father shouts. "You shouldn't even be here. Jill, you are not going with this fugitive!"

"I'm, I'm sorry Chuck, but he's right. I can't leave," Jill concurs somberly as tears escape her eyes.

"I understand," Chuck looks into her saddened eyes. "Please don't tell the guards you've seen me."

"We won't. It's the least we could do. Good luck out there Chuck." Jill hugs him tightly as they part ways expecting to never see each other again.

"Lets go get Ellie," Chuck informs Morgan as they head out to find her.

"Right behind you buddy," Morgan assures his loyalty.


Sarah Walker is one of the top agents for the New California Republic (NCR). She was recruited when her town was attacked by raiders when she was twelve years old. The drugged-out raiders wiped out everyone in town. She hid underneath her house when the raiders brutally murdered her mom and dad while she watched between the wood planks above her. She held her mouth shut and forced back her tears and cries as her parent's blood dripped between the planks around her.

The town was fairly small with only four families that lived there and a sheriff. After two days hiding under the house, she climbed up to see the rotting bodies of her parents. She cried for hours before muscling up the courage to head out. She gathered all the gear her parents had saved up; her dad's favorite gun, a .45 caliber Colt 1911 handgun, and a backpack to store food and water.

She treks from the small desolate town of Marsgrove and heads south towards New Angeles (formerly Los Angeles). After a week long trip, she is famished, dehydrated and has no supplies left. The thought of raiding has crossed her mind but she always thought that would make her no better than the people who murdered her family. That is her last resort and she finds the perfect opportunity.

A pack Brahmin (mutated cow used as a pack mule) with only two people are cruising along. She sneaks behind them and holds them up.

"Freeze!" She orders. They both raise their hands.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," a black man in his late forties suavely suggests.

"I want all your food and water. Hand it over!"

"You don't want to do this. My name is Langston Graham and I am an NCR director." The man introduces himself as law enforcement, or the closest thing to law enforcement the wasteland provides.

"Shit! NCR!" Sarah knows how bad it is to mess with them. "I don't care! I need water and food!" She cries out, knowing it is too late now and she won't survive without it.

"Take what you want, but I want you to lower your gun."

Sarah goes for the pack Brahmin and opens the pouch full of food and water, while still aiming her gun towards Graham and his agent. "I'm sorry about this but I had no choice."

"There is always a choice. Just lower your weapon and we could talk," Graham could tell she is only a child and wants to know why a child is all alone.

"Fine," she reluctantly lowers her weapon as she drinks some water from a bottle she stole from Graham. Her hand never leaves the gun's grip, but it is aimed at the ground.

"Good. Now, what is a young girl like you doing out here?"

"Surviving," she answers cryptically like it is obvious.

"Aren't we all," Graham chuckles. "So, where are your parents?"

"Dead. Raiders wiped them out," she answers with disgust. The old Sarah would have cried at the thought but living alone for weeks toughens you up. She eats a piece of jerky made from an unknown meat but she doesn't care.

"I'm sorry to hear that. How long have you been alone?"

"Bout two weeks now."

"Are you heading anywhere in particular?"


"We are heading that way too. Would you like to join us? We'll give you all the food and water you want."

"How do I know you aren't just going to shoot me in the back?" Sarah's eyes narrow. She knows you cannot trust anyone, not even yourself in such a desolate wasteland.

"I guess I can't really insure that I won't, but I promise."

Sarah ponders the idea. All the food and water she could want and people to help her travel. "I guess I have no choice then." Graham smiles as he lays his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, you're safe now."

They head out towards New Angeles. Sarah has a new partner and soon to be father figure and mentor.


Chuck and Morgan sneak their way past a few guards. The thought of killing someone is too scary for them. They are walking by the armory, thinking that Ellie being somewhere near there would be the most logical.

"I don't know anything!" Ellie's voice screams from the room ahead of them. Chuck hears it and hurries. He opens the door to see Ellie looking at him in confusion and the interrogator fumble for his baton.

"You!" The interrogator booms. "You're under arrest."

"We both don't know anything. I swear!" Chuck pleads as the interrogator gets closer and Chuck flinches back in fear. Ellie gets up from her seat and hits the guy in the back with her chair before the man could hit Chuck.

"We need to get out of here!" Ellie orders.

"I know. We came for you," Chuck hugs her tightly, thinking she may never see him again. She gives Morgan a brief hug that he revels in, lingering for a little too long.

"Thank you Chuck. How did mom and dad get out of here?"

"I don't know but Dad's friend Jonas might know." Chuck leans down and takes the baton as a weapon. They both hurry to get to the basement where Jonas is.


"What is it Director?" Sarah asks Graham.

"You have been my best agent the last five years. There are two people holed up in Vault 6 that I need you to find and get them here alive and well. They are the future of the human race."

"The future? Excuse me sir, but what does that mean?"

"Stephen and Mary Bartowski are scientists and are the secret to creating a G.E.C.K."


"Garden of Eden Creation Kit, simply. It is a device that can create green landscapes that will allow the life to grow again."

"And they could make it?" Sarah is appalled. Something like that sounds impossible.

"I believe so. I used to know them twenty five years ago and they planned out the idea and proved it was possible."

"How did they get into a vault then?"

"That's the problem. They gave up and ran off to hide in that vault. The vault was never made to be opened, but they knew how to get in. I need you to go there and find a way in."

"Yes, Director."

"Good. I will have my assistant give you all the intel we have. I hope you are successful. My men will supply you with anything you need."

"Thank you sir," she walks out, ready for the new mission.

After the fateful day that she grouped with Graham, he has told her how much he could fix her life. She became his protégé and learned how to survive and become his top agent. She was sent out to fix any problems the NCR had with other factions and people. She was the best at her job and Graham would never find someone as skillful as her again. She has become an expert at throwing knives, hand-to hand combat, handgun precision, and assault rifle precision.


Chuck, Ellie, and Morgan get to the basement where Jonas is waiting. He sees them and rushes over to them. "Chuck! Ellie! Your father told me to give you this holotape!"

"What does it say?" Chuck asks.

"I never listened to it, but I don't think he wants you to leave the vault. He planned on leaving for a year now and never told me that you both were in on it."

"That's because we're not!" Ellie informs him.

"Look, I will tell you how your father left because you guys are now fugitives here and can't stay safely. You need to head through there," Jonas points down a hallway. "Then through the door and there is a secret passage underneath the desk in that room. It should lead you right out. Hurry! I'll hold any guards back."

"Thank you Jonas," Chuck shakes his hand.

"Your father was always a good friend. Good luck on finding him. Oh, and take this too," Jonas gives them a small device that has an input that fits in their pip-boys. "Upload it into your pip-boys. It will give you a map of the area. We should be forty five miles east of New Angeles."

"How do you know where we are?"

"Your parents were not born in the vault like the rest of us."

"What?" Ellie is appalled as the three young'n widen their eyes and raise their brows.

"They convinced the Overseer to let them in twenty five years ago. You weren't supposed to know but if you're going out there, I want you to be prepared."

"Thank you Jonas," Ellie hugs him.

"Thanks," Morgan sheepishly shakes his hand.

"Now go!" Jonas orders.

They rush down the hallway, following Jonas' orders precisely. They make it to the secret passage underneath the desk. They run down it and through the secret passage. After about fifty yards of running, they make it to a door. They go through it to see a giant cockroach.

"Gah! What the hell is that?" Ellie shrieks as she jumps back behind Chuck.

"It looks like a cockroach," Morgan comments.

"Yea, a giant cockroach," Chuck elaborates.

"Kill it!" Ellie orders as Chuck listens and creeps towards it. He mumbles something about cockroaches being the only thing that can survive a nuclear blast. He hits it with the baton and it crushes on the ground. Ooze seeps out of the dead giant cockroach.

"That's disgusting," Morgan muses.

"Lets go," Chuck orders as they keep going through another door. Through that door, they end up in a control room with a giant gear-like door ahead of them.

"This must be it," Ellie muses in awe. Chuck presses the button and the door squeaks and grinds.

"That doesn't sound good," Morgan comments. The door slides out of the frame, making a shrilling noise, and then spins out of the way.

"You guys ready?" Chuck quips with a scared grin on his face. He has no idea what is out there. They head out through the twenty foot tunnel the vault was buried into and out the door.

The sunlight blinds them horribly as they have never seen real sunlight before. They all close their eyes shut and slowly creep them open as they adjust slowly.

"That is so bright," Chuck complains.

"I know," Morgan says through his scrunched face.

"You have to let your pupils dilate. Try to open them," Ellie provides the doctoral comment. A minute later, their eyes adjust and they have no idea where they are.

The area around them is totally barren as some tumbleweed blows across the desolate wasteland. There are demolished houses fifty feet ahead of them and no sign of life anywhere.

"Where are we?" Chuck asks.

"I have no idea; maybe dad's holotape has something on it," Ellie suggests. Chuck plays it through his pip-boy wrist computer.

"If you are listening to this Chuck and Ellie, then we have gotten out of the vault. We both love you so much but we have something that we have to do. I hope you both are living well in the vault. Chuck, you and Jill are great together and should think about marriage," Stephen continues on the holotape. "Ellie, I hope you find someone who can keep up with your medical expertise." A mixture of a male and female chuckle ensues for a second.

"Chuck, Ellie, I love you both so much and it has been a blessing to raise you both. We are going to change the world and want you to stay safe in the vault," Mary explains.

"The truth about us is that we were not born in the vault. We got there twenty five years ago and wanted to make sure you both had a safe place to live. We both love you and it was hard to leave but you are both big enough to take care of yourselves. I hope you both find happiness and we love you," Stephen's voice ends the tape.

"But we had to leave," Chuck muses sadly after hearing their parent's goodbye wishes.

"Morgan, do your parents know about you leaving?" Ellie asks horrified, realizing how worried they must be.

"They'll be fine," Morgan smiles genuinely. "I told them that I will always love them and they know I would do anything for Chuck."

"Thanks buddy. This means a lot," Chuck lays his left hand, which has the pip-boy, on Morgan's shoulder.

"The pip-boy!" Morgan exclaims. Chuck furrows his brow in confusion. "We uploaded the maps," he informs, trying to remind them.

"He's right!" Ellie quickly checks the map and it has a few settlements marked and the vault marked too. "We are here, at Vault 6. We should head west and see if there is anyone who can help us find mom and dad."

"How do we know there is anyone still alive?" Morgan asks.

"If our parents were not born in the vault, then there is obviously life out here," Chuck informs him.

"Life? We don't know what the hell is out there though. We already saw a giant cockroach. What if there are giant uh… mutants?" Morgan explodes in fear, throwing his hands up.

"Like X-men with the special powers?" Chuck's eyes widen at how cool that would be. X-men was one of the many comics that were stocked inside the vault.

"We need to find some weapons and prepare ourselves," Ellie explains wearily. "This is going to be nothing we've ever experienced before."


So how is this so far? I am not quite sure about all the details but I hope you enjoy it. Obviously I've been playing the game "Fallout: New Vegas" lately and it sparked this story. I'll try to involve more action and stuff. This was more of a prequel to fill you in on background stories. And this is obviously going to be a Chuck and Sarah story because I'm a sucker for those.

If you are curious about any of the things I've mentioned from the Fallout universe, check this wiki out: .com/wiki/Fallout_Wiki

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