Comforting Grief.

Disclaimer: I do not own the world of Harry Potter or any of the characters in this fanfiction.

Summary: During their seventh year at Hogwarts, Lily comforts a grieving James when nobody else can.

Pairing: Lily/James

A/N: This is a small fanfiction that's been sitting around for a while, but I thought I'd upload it today on Halloween night in remembrance of Lily and James Potter.


Lily found James sitting in his usual spot by the lake under the bending willow tree. His usual confident posture, that had for many years had been a great annoyance to her, had however been replaced by a timid and almost defeated stance, his back curved forward as though he'd spent too much time riding his broom and his legs bent and tucked under his chin which rest down cast on his knees. His arms were wrapped around his legs almost protectively and his eyes remained open vacantly taking in his familiar surroundings and with such listlessness it was almost as though the welcoming first signs of spring were being seen in black and white.

Lily cautiously moved to where James sat and slowly, silently lowered herself next to him mirroring his position.

James remained silent, keeping his gaze fixed firmly on the lake in front of him, and Lily shuffled closer, biting her lip nervously before swallowing and boldly making her move. She carefully moved one arm around his shoulders where she hugged close to his stiff form.

The gentle touch seemed to soften him and Lily felt the muscles in his back gradually loosen and his shoulders begin to slump forward listlessly.

'I'm so sorry.' Lily whispered to him from where she leant, her eyes gazing at the same spot in the lake in front of them. 'I'm so sorry.'

This soft utterance was finally what broke him and James' shoulders and body started to shudder as he cried the tears he'd desperately been fighting. Cried for his parents who were now gone to the world, cried for himself, now an orphan with no one to love or care for him, and cried for the girl who sat beside him, cradling his weeping form with no comments or harsh words of judgement, cried that his parents would never know this girl he loved so much, but could never have, no matter how hard he tried.


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