To my unbelievable surprise my father didn't do anything to me, my first week home from the hospital. I felt like maybe that by me being attacked he changed and it scared him enough that he could have lost me completely. I was able to move around enough now, so I decided to cook some dinner for me and my dad before he came home from work. I decided to make stuffed peppers. I prepared and cooked the perfect dinner and even decided to bake some sugar cookie to top it off, to say I was so glad to be in good standing with my father was an understatement. I would forgive him for his past and we could move on and be a real family, to bad my mom couldn't see the change but I chose not to think of that. When I was just taking out the cookies my dad came in from work. He looked tired and I immediate as fast as I could, which lets face it was still a task since I still had fractured ribs, had him sit and prepare his plate. I seen out of the corner of my eye, he poured his drink only to add hard liqueur to it. I became extremely nervous he hadn't drank in two days and even then it was only two beers. I hoped he slow down and maybe stop all together. But it seemed he back tracked, I sighed hoping and praying to god he didn't return to his dark thoughts and take it out on me. I went to sit and began to eat.

"how was work?" I eyed him for any hint of anger. He sighed and shook his head.

"i had to cut two people today this damn economy is really hurting us". He continued to eat and drink.

OK so it wasn't anything to do with me.

"when do you go back to school? I don't need you becoming stupid because your missing class". He looked serious.

And here I thought he was beginning to be a father.

I stopped eating and looked at him. I couldn't hold my tongue, my anger was at it's boiling point I don't know what happened.

"so you think that by missing two weeks of school I'll become stupid? Huh!? well maybe you missed school your whole damn life because I'm pretty sure your way less intelligent then me!" I yelled so loud I felt my body shaking, I couldn't control it. But soon as I seen my dads face, I covered my mouth and couldn't believe what I just said. He stood up and took me by my throat and I felt my feet come off the floor, fear radiated threw me.

"you messed up big time girly". The menace in his words were so terrifying I just wanted to die. But life just didn't want to work that way.

I struggled trying to get air. I did the only thing I could do, I thrashed and tried to pry his hands of my throat. Every second I could feel my body slowly shutting down. I heard a crash but I couldn't see clearly lack of oxygen did that to a person. I felt my dads hand release from my throat and I crashed to the floor but before I felt more pain something caught me, or someone. I was gasping I couldn't catch my breath. I felt a calming sensation over take me and all I heard was "you going to alright Riley" the voice sounded like a god , did he finally come to rescue me? I passed out soon afterward.

Its a bit short but this is where the story finally kicks off!

Hope you like!

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