Author's notes:

First and foremost: Thank you all for the reviews! This wasn't the first story I've written, but it's the first to be completed, and certainly the first to be published.

The original intent of the title was a reference to the "What happens in Vegas" line. It didn't quite write itself as I had originally envisioned, but that's the nature of the craft.

Yes, dammit, there IS a sequel to What happens in Gimmelschtump. It's "A Perfect Match" with Perry the Platypus as narrator. You can find it here on http:/ www. fanfiction .net /s/ 6493524/8/ (spaces so the URL shows completely)

WhiG had an alternate ending I decided not to use, since it would have completely invalidated APM. Besides, it would probably squick people out. I prefer to keep the continuity.

Thanks to all, and much love,

Maya Serena