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Harry is quite proud of everything he and 'Mione had accomplished a few days ago, but he had an itching feeling that there was a way he could have done better. So, what is he doing to make himself feel better? He channels his inner Hermione, of course.

Right now, Harry Potter is in the library researching time-turners. It's been nearly a week since Sirius Black, once again, escaped the clutches of the Ministry; this time on the back of a hippogriff named Buckbeak and thanks to a time-turner. In this week Harry has come up with an entirely new plan to rescue Sirius. And the last thing he needs to know to complete the plan is exactly how far back a time-turner can actually take someone.

And there it is!

A time-turner is a device created by Merlin himself. Time-turners enable the wearer to go back and relive a recent event. They will take someone up to 3 weeks in the past and are mostly used by students and teachers with overloaded schedules, but a time-turner can be used for most anything. Though it isn't generally done, a time-turner can even return it's user to the time from which they left. They are extremely difficult to come by because of the Ministry act of 1779 stating that-

Harry stopped searching right there. He could go back up to 3 weeks! Now he just needed to get ahold of a time-turner...


It took another two days, but Harry managed to convince Hermione to let him use the time-turner. Of course, she thought he was only going back a few hours in order to finish a particularly nasty essay from Snape, but what Hermione doesn't know won't hurt her.

Harry wasted no more time with messing around; he had a godfather to save!

It took quite a few spins of the hourglass, but Harry soon found himself back by of the Whomping Willow, waiting for the odd group of wizards to exit the tree. He was careful to avoid anywhere that he knew he and Hermione had hidden that night; Harry wasn't exactly looking forward to letting Hermione know what he had used her precious time-turner for, and he didn't want to make that explanation any sooner than necessary.

Harry had to restrain himself countless times in the hour or so that he waited for his chance. The time he had the most difficulty was definitely when the whole group came out of the passage; harry could barely stop himself from just running over and beating Pettigrew to a pulp. His only consolation was that he'd soon be able to do anything he liked to Pettigrew, seeing as the rat would be his captive for a little over a week while Harry waited for time to catch up to when he left.

Harry had positioned himself, to the best of his ability, near where he remembered Peter running off to after transforming. When Moony came around and Padfoot started fighting, while everyone was distracted, Harry prayed that this would work. After seeing Pettigrew transform Harry waited about 20 seconds before summoning the little rat to him.

He had seen one of the twins, Harry wasn't sure which, summon Trevor for Neville after the boy had lost the toad again. Seeing the toad sail through the air had been the trigger for the whole plan. It had formed in Harry's mind without him even hardly realizing it, and before Harry really realized it he had gone over and gotten the twin to teach him the spell. It took a good three days of near-constant practice, but Harry was confident in his ability to perform the charm….mostly. He wasn't entirely sure if the fact that Pettigrew wasn't really an animal, but a human in disguise, would affect the results.

His mind was put at ease when he heard a frantic squeaking originate from about 30 feet away and get louder and closer to him every second. He couldn't see much in the dark, but Harry could just imagine an ugly little rat flying through the air exactly as Trevor had done. Pettigrew soared into his outstretched hand and Harry quickly used every charm he knew that could help to make sure the rat wasn't going anywhere; namely, Petrificus Totalis, Locomotor Mortis (leg-locker), and Immobulous.

Now that Peter wasn't going anywhere, Harry realized that there was something he had sort-of forgotten during the planning stages of this little trip through time. What exactly was he supposed to do for the next week? It wasn't like he could just go and wait in Gryffindor Tower. Harry did the only logical thing he could; he decided it was time to go to Dumbledore. He waited in the forest until after he knew the adults had all left the Hospital Wing and carefully snuck through the castle, wishing for both the Marauder's Map and Invisibility cloak to make the sneaking easier, and made his way to the Headmaster's Office.

With all the secrecy and sneaking it took Harry until about 12:30 am to get to the office. Once he arrived Harry wasted a good 10 minutes guessing the names of every candy he knew. He finally landed on Ice Mice, and that was when the gargoyle finally conceded to allow him in. Harry was definitely…..apprehensive about just walking into Dumbledore's office unannounced, but it was the best option he had at the time.

He cautiously made his way to the large wooden doors that open into the office, though why he was so cautious even Harry wasn't sure. He grabbed hold of the big brass griffin-head knocker and tapped on the door. It took a few seconds, but a confused "Enter." soon came from within the office.

Harry opened the door and walked in to see the Headmaster sitting behind his desk, with what appeared to be a pile of paperwork in front of him. Dumbledore was obviously a bit confused about why Harry could possibly be there; after all, he saw him not 45 minutes ago in the Hospital Wing.

"Harry! What can I do for you?" The befuddled Dumbledore asked.

"I've got a slight problem, sir. You know all about how we saved Sirius, but couldn't capture Pettigrew, right? Well…" Harry trailed off and pulled Wormtail out of his pocket, placing the rat on top of the Headmaster's desk. He knew he shouldn't have, but he kind of enjoyed seeing the way Dumbledore's eyes opened wide in shock and flicked back and forth between Harry and the rat lying prone on the desktop.

"How?" He questioned after taking a little time to regain his composure.

And so, Harry spent the next 5 or 6 minutes telling the Headmaster about his week-and-a-half of learning spells, planning, plotting, researching, and time travelling. The proud twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes became more and more pronounced every second.

After the end of Harry's tale the old man came up with a suggestion about how to get Harry back to the time he came from. "Harry, did you know that time-turners can be used to return to the time you left from?" He asked.

Harry thought for a moment before he realized that he did vaguely remember reading that at one point. He told Dumbledore that he knew it was possible, but that he wasn't sure how to do it.

"Well, Harry, all you have to do is turn the hourglass backward enough times to go to your time. And if you can do that, I can use the week I'll have before you get back to your time to track down Sirius and we can use Mr. Pettigrew to get them both trials from the Ministry."

Harry agreed to Dumbledore's plan and soon he was spinning the time-turner and appearing back when he had left. Harry glanced around the Gryffindor dorms that he had left from what seemed only hours ago. He took one look at the disgusting rat that he held in his hand and bolted out of Gryffindor tower to return to Dumbledore's office.

Harry wasn't sure why, but for some reason he hadn't been altogether comfortable with the idea of leaving Peter with his Headmaster for the week and he had insisted on bringing the despicable rat with him. No matter how many times Harry questioned himself, he couldn't come up with a single reason for his slight mistrust of the grandfatherly man; but Harry just felt a little unsure about the man.

Harry sighed and continued his trek to the man's office, 'I'm just being paranoid' he thought to himself.


"There will now be a short recess while the judges deliberate on the verdicts." And, with that said, the judges left the ridiculously large courtroom.

While Harry fought his way through the crowd to Sirius and his Lawyer, he thought back to the events that led up to this day; the day that Harry was positive would win his godfather's freedom.


Harry had gotten back to the time he left from and gone straight to Dumbledore. He gave the rat to Dumbledore and Wormtail was immediately locked in a cage that was charmed to be unbreakable, making it impossible for Peter to transform.

Dumbledore contacted the Ministry and asked for two people Harry had never heard of before: Director Bones and Auror Shacklebolt. He also told them to bring their strongest truth potion. Harry had wondered briefly if Director Bones was related to Susan, that nice girl from Hufflepuff. The Ministry people appeared and Dumbledore told them the edited version of events he had come up with about how Peter Pettigrew had been discovered as an animagus when Harry had looked at the Marauders Map, which Dumbledore had somehow known about without Harry telling him; Harry assumed Sirius had told him when he told Dumbledore the entire story of being animagi and the way Peter really had been the secret keeper.

Bones and Shacklebolt looked skeptical, but they let Dumbledore cast the Animagus Revealing charm on Wormtail after taking him out of the cage. They both jumped backwards in obvious shock at the sudden appearance of a short, balding, mouse-like man.

Shacklebolt administered something called Veritaserum, which Harry quickly figured out forced people to tell the truth, and soon Pettigrew had spilled the whole story of betrayal and working for Voldemort.

Director Bones was horrified at the idea of an innocent Sirius Black rotting in Azkaban all those years. "We've got to call off the dementors and then we need to find a way to let Black know that he'll be getting a real trial. We can't just let him go, no one will believe he's innocent if he isn't put on trial; they've all been hearing how awful he is for too long to think anything different without proof. But how to find him?" She almost seemed to just be thinking out loud, but Dumbledore had no issues with answering the question, whether it was meant for him or not.

"Director? I might be able to help with that, because Sirius Black is in this room. Sirius, why don't you come out?"

And, suddenly, there was Sirius. It looked like he had just appeared out of nowhere, but Harry had seen the cloak disappearing. He knew that Sirius had been hiding in the room, listening to everything going on, under an invisibility cloak.

After the instinctual jumping back in fright at the sight of the believed mass-murderer was over, the Ministry officials agreed that they would take Peter to the Ministry and make it known that Sirius was innocent and not to be attacked on first sight and in 20 minutes Sirius would go to the Ministry where they would start setting up a trial.

The Law Enforcement left and Sirius happily rushed over to smother Harry with a giant bear-hug, thanking him for freeing him.

It wasn't long before Sirius left for the Ministry.


The next morning at breakfast Harry received a letter from Dumbledore telling him to be in his office the next morning just after breakfast so that they could go to the trial, which is to start at 9 o'clock the next morning.


Now, as the trial is practically over, Harry is having an unbelievably difficult time forcing his way through the crowd of adults who had attended the trial. Honestly, did people in the wizarding world have nothing better to do than watch a trial? Harry failed to see why most of the people here even cared, it's not like it really affects them whether Pettigrew goes to prison or not.

After a constant five minutes of elbowing adults out of the way, Harry finally made it to his godfather's side. Sirius saw Harry's annoyed face and asked "What'd you think of the trial?"

Harry answered"It's a circus in here!"

Sirius laughed and said "It isn't as bad as I thought it might be. But that's not important, come meet the man who's been keeping Blacks out of prison for centuries! Mr. Sinclair!"

Sirius led Harry over to his lawyer ignoring Harry's question of "Centuries?", the only hint that he'd heard Harry was a slight 'I know something you don't know' smirk on his face. He introduced Harry to Fyodor Elliot Sinclair; a man who Harry mentally noted was very intimidating.

The man just radiated a hidden power lurking beneath the surface. Harry had noticed that during the trial most everyone seemed to avoid Sinclair's gaze, always looking away if he looked at them. Almost like they were frightened. Harry wasn't sure he wanted to know why so many people feared this man, but, then again, Harry's inquisitive nature just wouldn't let it rest.

As Harry talked with the two men he tried to discretely observe Sinclair to figure out what it was about him. But apparently Gryffindors aren't very discreet seeing as Sinclair obviously noticed Harry's observations if the growing amusement on his face was anything to go by.

The only thing Harry could think of was that, with Sinclair's old-fashioned language, he must actually be a few centuries old like Sirius had commented earlier. But how could that be?

Finally it seemed that Sinclair took pity on Harry and gave him the answer. He smiled a broad, toothy, smile at Harry , who, upon seeing the long sparkling fangs in the man's mouth, took an involuntary step backwards; nearly knocking Sirius over in the process.

Sirius let out a barking laugh and explained that "Yes, Fyodor is a vampire, and No, there's no reason to fear him unless you make him mad."

Just then the Wizengamot judges came back into the courtroom and called for everyone to return to their seats. Harry was about to go to a seat when Sirius quickly said "Harry, wait, do you still want to live with me if I'm released?"

Harry nodded. Sirius said "Good, ok, go sit down."

Harry was still wondering why Sirius would ever think he'd want to go back to the Dursleys when Minister Fudge announced that Peter Pettigrew was sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss for 'crimes against humanity and being a follower of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.' After the guards led Peter away Fudge announced that Sirius is innocent of all charges and is to be compensated .5 million Galleons for each year of wrongful imprisonment, or a total of 6 million Galleons for those who can't multiply.

After Fudge dismissed everyone in the courtroom, Harry heard Sirius, loudly, yell out to Fudge "Excuse me, Minister? May I ask you something?"

Fudge turned around to face Sirius and said "Certainly, Mr. Black. What is it?"

"Where in the Ministry would I go to see about getting custody of my godson?"

The courtroom broke out in whispers at this, apparently people had no idea that Sirius Black had a godchild and the people in the wizarding world with nothing better to do all wanted to know who it might be. Harry barely restrained himself from rolling his eyes at the silliness of what people in this world worry about.

Fudge appeared to have forgotten that Harry Potter was the man's godson, because he looked confused for a moment before understanding lit on his face and his eyes flicked over toward Harry. "I believe that you want the fifth floor, Mr. Black, Department of Children's Services."

"Thank you, Minister." Sirius said before practically skipping over to where Harry stood. Sirius was practically bursting with joy and looked like he wanted to pick Harry up and spin him in a circle, thankfully he didn't and only bounced up and down like a five year old on Christmas while gleefully saying "It worked! I'm Free!"

Harry nearly burst out laughing at the sight.

Eventually Sirius calmed down and suggested that they leave the courtroom to go upstairs to the fifth floor, but they found their way blocked by none other than-




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