By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 200-word challenge. Words - sprained and scary. The boys are in trouble, but zombies are the least of their worries. Written in the spirit of Halloween.

Note: Thank you for the 200 words…that was totally fun!


The forest was abnormally dark. Crimson Leaves chased one another around like ghostly children at play. Wind snapped twigs and swept down their jackets, icy rain driving into their faces.

"Hold on, Sammy." Dean tugged his brother along fast as the kid could go on a sprained ankle, sidestepping body parts unceremoniously scattered along the trail.

"We still got them with us?" Sam yelled above the storm.

Dean glanced back. "And a whole bunch more. Friggin' nest of zombies. Thought we were dealing with one, not a collection."

"Dad always said, what you don't know can kill you." Sam stumbled. "Aagghh."

"Easy." Dean gathered Sam up. "Gotta catch us first. Keep moving."

"Trying." Sam scrunched miserably closer to Dean. "Bobby's going to be ticked, he finds out we screwed up."

"Like mama bear with an arrow in the badonkadonk." Bobby stepped out of the darkness. "Down," he ordered.

The boy's dropped.

Bobby pulverized every zombie head. "You igits okay?"

Mud-covered faces lifted out of a puddle.

"Scary, huh?" Bobby asked.

"Yes, sir," Sam admitted.

"Blockheads! Won't ever do that again will you?"

"No, sir," Dean assured.

"Good. 'Cause I'm still plenty young enough to kick your asses if you do."