A/N: Okay, here we go with my new story. Going back to my True Blood roots to a certain extent. Just a bit of info to avoid confusion in this fic. Obviously, this is extremely AU! Brian primarily walks the night... but sunlight will not turn him to dust, he would just be weakened a bit... and no sparkling skin as in Twilight. So, in that he's not the normal variety of a vampire - the why of how he can exist in the sunlight is something we will discover... down the road! He does cast a reflection in the mirror. The night is where he derives his power. He is a complete predator with unrivaled powers of seduction. He chooses his victim... uses them, and feeds from them. But, he does not drain them. He stops in time, renders the memory of the feeding gone... and moves on. But, along comes Justin Taylor, a man Brian instantly hungers to have in every imaginable way. However, a slight catch... Justin has some resistance... but, how? And, he is dating Ethan Gold. Now, how will our predator deal with these complications? Stay tuned... this could be another long adventure. I hope you enjoy the start to their journey! Please let me know what you think!

Chapter One

Tonight, Brian Kinney's perception on his reality was about to change.

Brian leisurely walked down the crowded streets of Liberty Avenue on his way to another night of a fucking and feeding frenzy at Babylon. He wasn't oblivious to the admiring looks that came his way; he was merely accepting of them as being his due. Brian's eyes flickered over some of them as he passed, dismissing them as inadequate. He generally satisfied his hunger in his office at Babylon... or if they were enticing enough he brought them back to his home. Babylon was more than his business - it was his playground to satiate all of his desires.

He wasn't the ordinary club owner. Brian was far more than that. He had lived for 300 years and he was a vampire. Each night he would select his victim; if they were hot enough he would dance with them before luring them to his private domain. Gay or straight, no man could resist him. If they tried, Brian could simply overpower their weak minds using his supernatural abilities. No human stood a chance against Brian Kinney. What he desired to possess was his for the taking.

Going into the back entrance, Brian immediately did his customary rounds. First he checked the bathrooms; he had a strict no fuck policy in place there. It was in his opinion, if one of his customers needed to use the bathroom... they should not be hindered by other customers fucking when he had the backrooms firmly in place for such activities. Brian didn't take anyone into the backroom that he intended to feed on, that was contained to his private quarters. He had lived this long because of his caution... no trick had ever tempted him to risk exposure. Of course, he would take a trick to the backroom to blow him; then he could determine if he wanted more from them. If it was to lead to a fuck and a feeding Brian would instruct them to follow him.

And, follow him they would. Nobody denied Brian Kinney.

After a quick walk through the backrooms, seeing that everything was in order; most particularly that condoms were in use; he proceded to go to the upper level knowing his friends of the past five years would be anxiously awaiting him - as always. The three that called themselves his friends had attached to him almost immediately, but that was as much a result of his aura as a vampire as it was to do with anything about him. He had a large amount of strict policies that he never deviated from, not fucking or feeding from his friends was another one. Although, Brian didn't feel he had enough heart left in him to be a caring friend towards anyone... he grudgingly admitted, he did like them. At least enough to let them hang with him.

First, there was Michael Novotny... the most attentive and adoring of the group. No way in any lifetime would he fuck him. To fuck him would have him permanently as his fawning shadow. As Brian approached them, he smiled slightly at them, before turning his eyes to gyrating bodies below; narrowing his perfect vision to select what would become his fuck and meal for the night. There were a few possibilities, however he wasn't presently in a rush. He would bide his time before making his move.

Next, there was Emmett Honeycutt... a true drama queen if one ever existed. He rolled his eyes at Emmett more often than not, made his standard smartass remarks towards him; but when it all came down to it - Brian genuinely enjoyed him.

Finally, the most trusted one in the group... Ted Schmidt, so much so that Brian had hired him to manage his business. He probably had the most neurotic issues of all. Well, it was a toss up between him and Michael's hero worship of him. He might have to help them find boyfriends; before he was forced to kill them. Of course, he knew he didn't mean that... did he? It was good to have friends, after being alone for so long. Although, it was bittersweet having the understanding his friends would age, and be long gone... when he would be young and live forever. How ironic his reality was - he had always wanted to be young and beautiful... and then events occurred to make it so.

Brian looked towards Ted, asking him, "How's business tonight, Ted?"

"Booming again, Brian. Had to turn them away at the door. Last I checked there was a line still formed in the hopes of someone leaving so they could get inside," Ted told him matter-of-factly.

Nodding in satisfaction, Brian answered, "Good to hear. Guess the money for PR I am spending is more than paying off."

"In dividends," Ted agreed before moving towards the stairs. Tossing over his shoulder as he departed, "One more drink for the road, then bedtime for Teddy. Some of us have to crunch figures in the morning."

"And... you do it so well. Goodnight, Theodore," Brian drawled in amusement at Ted's version of whining.

Brian arched a brow as Emmett pulled Michael towards the stairs. Michael shrugged him off with a glare, before saying, "I already told you, Em... I don't feel like dancin'. I wanna talk to Brian."

"You do what you gotta do, Mikey. I am feeling fab-u-lous tonight. I think a couple more cosmos and I will find some lucky top to take me home for the night," Emmett proclaimed as he danced towards the steps.

Michael shook his head in disbelief and Brian burst out in laughter with the response, "Lucky? Be that as it may, have fun Tinkerbell."

"You are such an ass, Brian. If you didn't have the hottest club in town I might just have to mark you off my list," Emmett huffed back in typical dramatic fashion.

Giving Emmett a mocking glare, Brian answered, "Maybe, I will just have to try harder then."

"Goodnight, Brian... it's been a pleasure - as always," Emmett said before moving down towards the dancing throngs of hard bodies.

"Damn, he's pathetic. And, why arn't you down there, drinking and dancing... looking for a stud?" Brian asked, giving Michael a pointed and penetrating stare.

Downing the last of the drink he held, Michael answered, "I was hoping we could hang out tonight. Never see you in the daytime. And, here lately you are in the backroom, or locked in your office with your latest trick."

"That's how it goes, Michael. I sleep during the day... often. I come here, work the room for awhile... and then I fuck. You know this. Just because we are friends doesn't mean you can have all of my time," Brian snapped in irritation.

Damn, this crush needed to end soon before he had to kill him. His anger management wasn't good at the best of times, but when provoked it was closer to nil. Vampires and controlled tempers are never a good mix. Of course, Michael didn't know his idol was a vampire; but he might find out if he didn't back off soon. Smiling to himself, Brian thought maybe he would have Ted sign Michael up with a dating service. Michael needed to get laid... and the sooner the better. His very life might just depend upon it.

Pouting, Michael answered, "I don't expect to have all of your time, just would be nice to have some of it."

"As much as I would love to continue this scintillating discussion, I see an ass that requires my attention. My suggestion to you is to mingle. Find yourself a trick, take him to the backroom... or even take him home. Just get fucking laid, for God's sake," Brian rasped out, maintaining his calm before his fangs clicked out in anger. That would not be a good thing. Definitely not at all.

As Brian made his way down the stairs he forced himself to drone out the whine in Michael's voice spouting remarks of Brian's insensitivity. Thinking to himself, Michael, you have no idea... that's precisely why I am the way I am.

Brian made his way to the bar, leaning casually against it, eyes moving over the dark haired man, seated alone and unencumbered. He reached over to run his finger down the man's back that rippled with delicious muscle; as the thought came to his mind - such a perfect form must carry the most delicious strain of blood. A taste I will acquire... very soon.

When the man turned to face him with an initial glare, Brian smirked as it changed immediately at the penetration from Brian's mesmerizing gaze. "Good evening. How would you like to see the insides of my office... up close and personal?" Brian whispered hypnotically.

"I'd be delighted," the man answered in a trancelike state, obediently following him.

Brian knew he could have had him without using his supernatural powers, but he wasn't in the mood for games tonight. He wanted to fuck and he needed to be fed - and he needed it NOW.

Minutes later not far from Babylon...

Justin and Ethan had just exited Woody's, hand in hand, taking a slow stroll down Liberty Avenue absorbing the ambiance of the various clubs comings and goings. Justin turned towards Ethan asking, "Have you ever been to one of these clubs?"

Ethan shook his head in denial, before answering, "No, I've heard you can't meet anyone real there. It's just one ongoing fuckfest. I don't want that."

"Hmmmm, I don't either. But, they do look so enticing from the outside, don't they?" Justin asked in response.

"I suppose so. Especially that one over there," Ethan said as he pointed to the beckoning lights of Babylon.

"There's a line. Guess you have to get there early to get in. Maybe we should try it tomorrow night. Just for kicks," Justin said, excited about the possibility.

Ethan kissed Justin lightly on the lips, before agreeing, "We can if that makes you happy. Just promise that you won't dump me for a half naked stud?"

"Never... I just think it could be fun," Justin answered excitedly, unaware of the predator nearby that could hear their voices.

"Okay, it's a date then. Now... let me walk you home, unless you are ready to come home with me?" Ethan asked hopefully.

Justin smiled at him sweetly, before answering, "Soon, Ethan... I promise. It's going to be my first time, and I want everything to be just right."

"I understand, Justin. Disappointed, but I do understand," Ethan said pulling him close, not wanting to let go of this incredible find... determined never to do so.

The both of them were slightly alarmed when a man in a dark coat stepped out of the shadows, causing Justin to stumble and nearly fall... if not for the strong hands that firmly grasped his arms. Justin gasped in response as his eyes fell into the most beautiful ones he had ever beheld... they were mesmerizing... and they blazed in total fire as they captured his as if desiring to consume him.

"I apologize. Did I startle you?" Brian asked, as his eyes devoured the blond before him with a hunger he had never known.

Stammering out a reply, Justin answered, "Uh, it's my fault, Sir. I wasn't watching where I was going. Along with being notoriously clumsy."

Brian's eyes flickered to Justin's companion, immediately dismissing him as insignificant before returning his hot eyes back towards the most delicious prey his eyes had ever fallen upon. Mentally, he spoke to Justin, using his most seductive of lures... uncaring the boy was with someone, having only one thought - he had to have this boy. Quickly, Brian made his move before the boy's impatient companion pulled him away.

Look deeply into my eyes. Yes... that's it, my beautiful one. You DON'T want to go with him. You want to come with me - NOW. I want you. I must have you. Come with me now.

With an angry clearing of his throat, watching Justin's fascination with the stranger growing, Ethan all but growled, "Can we go now, Justin?"

Shaking his head, clearing himself from the fog that had penetrated it for a few moments, Justin answered, "Yes, let's go, Ethan."

Brian watched incredulously as they moved away from him. Never had this happened in his entire existence as a vampire. The blond should be moving towards him NOW. How could he possibly resist his call? He didn't like this one bit, and wouldn't be satisfied until he got to the bottom of it. Perhaps, the annoying Ethan had pulled his focus too soon, but that didn't make sense either. Brian's will alone should have kept Justin locked in place.

Shaken, yet determined not to give up on this delicious prize, Brian intercepted them once again, pulling two cards out of his pocket and extending it to them. He smiled his most engaging smile as he offered, "I couldn't help but overhear you saying you wanted to get into Babylon. Well, I happen to be the owner. These are guest passes that will get you past the front door, without waiting in line and no cover charge. I would be pleased if you would accept them."

Ethan once again tried to pull Justin away, instinctively knowing this was not good. Justin glared at Ethan as he made the decision to accept Brian's offering, thinking it to be harmless. Purposely, Brian stroked his finger atop of Justin's as he took the cards from his hand; wanting to establish a connection of any kind. Brian smiled in satisfaction as he saw a fire entering Justin's eyes at the touch. In 300 years Brian had never wanted anything like he wanted this boy... his body, his blood. He wanted to completely possess this boy... and what Brian Kinney wanted, he claimed - one way or another.

Justin looked down at the card, seeing the owner's name printed at the bottom in a calligraphy design, answering him, "Thank you, Mr. Kinney. We would be happy to accept them."

Smiling, knowing victory would be his - as always... even if not tonight, he answered, "Please, call me Brian. I look forward to seeing you... both of you, at Babylon - very soon."

Brian smiled as he heard the other man Ethan hissing at Justin, "I think you just made a mistake, Justin. There's something not right about that man."

Whistling, Brian slid into his 'vette, driving towards his home, frustrated yet fascinated by his initial meeting with the blond named Justin. How had the boy resisted his call? He had felt the blond's mind fighting him, at the same time wanting to follow Brian. How was this even possible? He needed many answers, and he would have them. But... primarily his desire was finding a way to have this boy - completely. Whether it be by fair means or foul, he would have that boy.