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3 Weeks Later

Justin gritted his teeth in aggravation as he heard his far too sexy vampire lover and partner attempting to lure him away from his work. Damn that delicious man! His gallery opening was tomorrow night. He didn't have nearly as much to present for his first showing as he had hoped. Justin asked himself, why exactly was that? The answer to that question was more than apparent. Brian. Always Brian. After he had destroyed Melanie, an act he still found remarkable to come from within him, yet one he celebrated each and every day since knowing it - made it so Brian would now be with him forever. He had foolishly succumbed to Brian's insistence that he move in with him immediately.

He knew doing so until after his showing would be a mistake of gigantic proportions, but, he had relented. Had he ever had a choice? Saying no to Brian Kinney was a ludicrous thought, at best. Pursing his lips as he heard the sultry voice drawing nearer, Justin closed his eyes, focused deeply within himself using all the self-control he possessed to resist this time. He was determined to work tonight; he refused to allow that sexy siren to deter him from his goals. Justin almost howled in answering need and frustration, when he felt Brian's eyes on him from across the room; eyes that he felt mentally stripping him, taking him... owning him. Gnashing his teeth together, Justin hissed, "Brian, go away! Don't do this to me, not tonight... please."

"Justin," Brian purred, not moving from the far side of the room, knowing he didn't need to move; the connection so strong between them, realizing Justin could feel his eyes hungrily devouring him. "Come to me, now. I promise it will be quick... and then, you can return to your work."

Turning around, Justin felt his heart filled to bursting, reading the feral need in his lover's face; one that he knew to be echoed within his own. Closing his eyes to block out the sight of - what was to Justin - the most beautiful creature in all of existence, he answered in a husky rasp, "Brian... stop. It's not fair."

Brian moved forward, in slow measured steps, a prowling panther with one sole purpose – capturing his most desired prey. His eyes dilated, before glowing fiery red embers, stroking over every curve that he had committed to memory; forcing himself to bide his time until Justin moved towards him. Regardless of Justin's supernatural power, Brian knew that he reigned supreme in the art of the hunt. Justin wouldn't refuse him again tonight. He couldn't bear one more night without him. His cock was throbbing and leaking, knowing only one person could effectively alleviate his need – the beautiful blond warlock before him. His partner, his soul mate; for all intense purposes, his everything.

"I can't afford to be fair, sweet boy. I need you so fucking badly. It's been four days, Justin," Brian growled, as he began to circle Justin, his eyes penetrating him as he remained poised behind his canvas. His voice growing guttural in his rising need. "Four fucking days, without the feel of you surrounding me. Just give me a couple of hours, Justin. Surely, that's not too much to ask."

Justin smiled at him knowingly, telling him in no uncertain terms that they both knew two hours would never satisfy Brian... nor him, should they get started. Chidingly, Justin answered, "Who are you trying to fool, Brian? Certainly not me... and I'm quite sure not yourself either. If you get me into our bed now, you won't let me out for the rest of the night... admit it."

"Well, I would at least try, if you were cooperative. The longer you stall, the more my need intensifies, and trust me Justin – it doesn't need to intensify any deeper," Brian snarled, continuing his circling motion, his eyes stabbing into Justin as he intended his cock to soon be following suit.

"Brian, go to Babylon. Feed... and get your dick sucked. I know we've been monogamous, but tonight I will make the grand sacrifice and allow it. However, only tonight," Justin clipped out in warning, hating how the words he spoke struck at him like knifes in his chest with the mere thought of another man pleasuring Brian, but realizing he needed to think of Brian and what this was doing to him. Brian was a vampire. One unused to abstinence, forced or otherwise.

Smiling tightly, angry shards entering his eyes, Brian spoke crisply and evenly. "That's a generous offer, to be certain. However, there's just one problem with your suggestion, Mr. Taylor."

"What might that be, Mr. Kinney?" Justin asked, warily.

"I don't want a twink's mouth on my dick. I thought I had been more than clear on this weeks ago. I only fucking want you. Do I always like it? Fuck no... but, it's how it is, my exquisite boy. Now, place your hand in mine and come with me, for I've fenced with you far longer than I would like," Brian stated raspingly, his eyes going wild when Justin stood immobile smiling at him. "I suggest that you don't keep pushing me, Justin. I need to be fucking you – now."

"I'm really sorry, my darling vampire. It's not going to happen tonight. As much as I love you - and you know that I do - I must complete what I set out to do before I met you. After this showing, I promise I'll be yours for an eternity. Now, run along Brian, and let me finish what I need to do," Justin said, bravely turning his back on him, forcing his quickened heartbeat to slow. He was thankful he'd taken precautions to prevent Brian from forcing his hand; a realization he was certain his volatile vampire would soon be discovering when his passions forced him to react.

"Nice little speech, Justin. However, you forget how well I know you," Brian purred, in almost a quiet menace. "You want my dick inside of your tight little ass, almost as much as I want to ram it in there!" Brian snarled, his fangs protruding in his ravenous hunger and desire for this one blond. Only for him. "Five seconds, little boy, before I grab you and slam you down to the ground. If you don't want your precious materials and work destroyed, you won't test me further. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1."

Justin arched a brow in amusement, charmed beyond belief; as well as elated that Brian held no fear of him. Granted, he could not or would not ever harm Brian... but to challenge a warlock of his power - completely fearless and predatory - pleased and humored him immensely. "My darling Brian, how you underestimate me. Perhaps, you will learn this lesson soon..."

"The time for games is over, Justin. I need you – right the fuck NOW!" Brian hissed in primal need, as he reached out to grab Justin's waist, only to find a barricade preventing the connection. Brian pursed his lips, shaking his head in disbelief, realization immediately dawning. "You clever little shit. Fucking witches-"

"Warlock, if you please," Justin retorted, pretending to be offended, as he brushed the chalk against his canvas, giving the impression he was unaffected by Brian's antics, when anything but that was the case. "Now, run along, Mr. Kinney. I have work to do..."

"Don't think this is over. I'll be up all night... how long will you stay awake, encased in your protective little shell? Lower it once... and I willhave you," Brian growled, as he moved towards the door.

Justin smirked, as he thought how awakening this beast within Brian might not be such a bad thing at all. Tomorrow night he would have his first gallery showing... and then, he would allow himself to be at the mercy of his untamed beast. Yes, he thought, nothing could be sweeter than that. "Tomorrow night, you can have everything you want, Brian. After the showing... and I do expect you to be there, at my side."

"You know I'm not a patron of the arts. However, if you want to tease the wolf in me to that degree... going on the fifth day without having you by my side... without being able to touch you, well then – be prepared to face the consequences," Brian rasped out, his voice heavy with need, eyes blazing with unfulfilled want.

"Once the evening is over, I will be more than eager to face those consequences," Justin echoed, his eyes filling with love and his own need for Brian; unknowing of how he was resisting his incredible lure – only knowing this was something he had to do.

Brian braced his back against the door, his eyes devouring Justin anew, before he shocked both himself and his partner as he achingly pleaded, "Please come to bed tonight, Justin. I need you so badly... and I know you need me too. Don't fight me. Not this time. Come to bed later. I want you so fucking much."

"I want you too, Brian... you know I do. If I get enough accomplished within the next couple of hours, I promise I'll join you later. And, if not... I'll be making it up to you tomorrow night," Justin whispered huskily.

Justin let out a soft sigh, as Brian nodded and left him alone to work, his body beginning to quiver realizing how close he had come to surrendering. Smiling wistfully, Justin forced himself to find the will to concentrate, all the while thoughts of Brian so prevalent within him. Moments later, he gasped in the most heartfelt of longing, "Damn, I love you so much, Brian Kinney. Always and Forever."

9 PM Following Evening – Justin's Showing

Lindsey grasped Justin's arm, leading him around the bustling room, pausing only to listen to the praises being bestowed on Justin's work. He watched in amazement as Lindsey's assistant became barraged by customers clamoring to not only make purchases – but making their own curious inquiries about the artist as well. She smiled with beaming pride, as Justin snagged a glass of champagne off the tray floating around by servers amongst the guests.

"Justin, this is so exciting. I think everything is going to sell. You are going to be fabulously wealthy before this night is done... and you are an unknown artist," Lindsey cooed, almost jumping up and down.

Eyeing her shrewdly, he challenged her, "Yes... and whose fault is that, sister?"

"Just because I manage the gallery means nothing, Justin. You were chosen on your own merit. I didn't do anything to push you forward," she answered. As Justin continued to stare her down, she grudgingly admitted, "Well, okay... maybe I did throw your name into the running – but, I did nothing to maneuver the deciding vote to your favor."

"I know this, Lindsey. I was merely teasing you. Quite obviously, I would realize this, should it be the case," Justin needlessly reminded her.

Lindsey looked around the bodies, that were steadily beginning to head out, arms laden with purchases and with an overall feeling of knowing they had viewed true greatness here tonight. A frown marring her brow, she asked, "Uhhhh, Justin... where's Brian?"

"I'm sure he'll be along momentarily. You know Brian, he's bound to make a grand entrance..." Justin answered, with a knowing smile.

"Hmmmm, you're probably right... or he is just timing it so he is closer to having you all to himself," she murmured in response, obviously reading the situation more than clearly.

"Well, that's my fault, I suppose. I have placed an abundant amount of strain on him the past several days," Justin smirked, fully accepting the strain had been mutual – his only comfort in the knowing it would soon be over.

She laughed in delight, as she admitted, "Yes, I know all about it. He came to see me last night while you were in seclusion preparing your last finishing touches. I was shocked he didn't wear a hole in my carpet... my very expensive one, I might add. The poor dear was in such a state..."

"How well I know," Justin snorted, remembering with clarity how Brian had tried to use his seductive persuasion on him, oblivious at how close he had come to acquiescing. Looking at the time, Justin scowled as his anger at Brian's lack of appearance began to grow. "He'd better show up soon, or else."

Lindsey's response was swallowed up by the well known art critic that silently approached them. The man gushed over Justin; with a wild motioning of his hands as he spoke, Justin knew instantly he was gay... and finding Justin more than attractive - and not just an admiration for his art.

"Ah, Mr. Taylor... at last we meet. I've heard so much about you," the man cooed, looking at Justin in rapt fixation.

Speaking up, Lindsey made the introductions, "Clive Reynolds, allow me to introduce you to Justin Taylor. Undoubtedly the most hidden talent residing in Pittsburgh."

"Well, this beauty shall hide no longer," Clive said, shaking Justin's hand heartily. "So, tell me, Mr. Taylor, what sort of inducements must I evoke to get you and your fabulous talent away from this berg and in New York City?" he asked, not noticing the tall brunet closing in on them, as his eyes foolishly remained fastened on Justin.

"Please call me Justin... and may I call you Clive?" Justin asked courteously, smiling in content as he sensed Brian's quick approach, while knowing his volatile lover wouldn't appreciate the warm look in the art critic's eyes.

"Certainly, Justin," he agreed, nodding vigorously; Clive's eyes looking up to see the hovering brunet that was obviously angling for Justin's attention. Brazenly he continued, "Why don't we go somewhere and discuss it... once everyone has gone?"

Justin nearly groaned as he felt the jealous rage growing within Brian, with an instant thought – Oh fuck, not again. He smiled at Clive warmly, his answer coming quick and precise, knowing with the frustration festering within Brian – he needed to nip this in the bud quickly. "I'm afraid I can't accommodate you, Clive. I have a previous engagement that cannot be postponed - for anything."

"Not even for your career?" the man challenged, continuing to press on, not realizing the egg shells he was walking upon.

Looking over his shoulder at an enraged Brian, he shook his head in refusal, as he answered, "Not even for that. I have everything I need right here."

Lindsey let out a sigh of relief, sensing everything would be fine; realizing Justin was more than adept at calming the savage beast that was now raging within Brian. "I'm going to check and see how we're doing, Justin. Don't leave without saying goodbye... no matter how much your partner coerces you to do so."

"Partner?" Clive almost sneered, as Brian slid up behind Justin, sliding his arms around Justin's waist, pulling him tightly against him.

"Yes... Clive, this is my partner, Brian Kinney. I will speak very candidly, Clive. My life is here, now and forever," Justin firmly declared, before resting his head back against Brian's chest.

"I see. Well, that's a pity for the New York art world... but I do hope it works out for you," Clive said, unable to counter the fierce possessiveness viewed in Brian's gaze; knowing nothing would free the adorable artist from this man.

Justin smiled, as he reached to squeeze Brian's hand that lay around his stomach. "I know it will. New York is only a small corner of the world... here is where my heart resides; in a life that I wouldn't change for anything."

Brian pulled Justin even closer, his lips caressing the top of Justin's head, both of them yearning to be out of here... alone and celebrating all the life and love they had to share together. Quirking a brow, as the man left them alone, Brian drawled, "Seems I arrived just in time. If that odious little cretin had come any closer to you, I'm afraid there may have been repercussions."

"Tsk tsk, Brian. We've been through this. No more jealous outbursts, right?" Justin asked, turning into Brian's arms, ensnaring his hands loosely around his vampire's waist.

"I believe I said I'd try... and considering my present state of need, I would say I did damned well. Speaking of which, when can we get the hell out of here?" Brian growled, his hands tightening around Justin's waist, his eyes burning holes into Justin's mouth.

"Very soon, my not-so-patient darling. And, yes... you did remarkably well. I'm so proud of you. I think that deserves a reward," Justin teased him.

Eyes fastened on the lips he yearned to devour, Brian whispered, "Reward? And, what might that be you teasing little twat?"

"Oh, nothing special really. Only unhindered access to me, for all of eternity," Justin answered, his eyes drowning within Brian's.

Mouth moving closer, he acknowledged agreement in that statement before claiming Justin's lips in unparalleled need. "I'll be sure to hold you to that, Justin. For now and forever."

"Grip the rails," the feral voice hissed into his ear. "Hold on tight... don't let go."

Justin grasped the bed rails, his breath escaping in short panting breaths. "Come on, Brian. Do it. Fuck me, hard and fast... just how you've been threatening to do the last few days."

"Few?" Brian snarled. "This is going on day five that I haven't had the pleasure of your hot little ass. It ends now... and you are to never put me through that torment again!"

"Torment for us both, Brian. I've wanted you so much. Now, stop talking and just take what's yours," Justin gasped, as he felt that familiar cock sliding smoothly inside him, both of them hissing in succession from the initial connection. "Fuck Brian... you feel so damned good. Nothing could ever feel like you."

Brian thrust harder, until he was fully embedded in the blond dynamo beneath him, his words barely penetrating through his lust and need; one's that only this man could satisfy. "Just don't you forget it, my boy. We will be together for an eternity. No other will ever know the pleasure of you. Mine. Forever mine."

"Yours, Brian... always yours," Justin gasped, as Brian's hand reached for Justin's cock, at the precise moment his cock begin to pass over Justin's prostate. "Not gonna last long, Brian."

"And whose fault is that... enforcing this insane celibacy upon us?" Brian rasped against Justin's ear, taking small nips at his neck, as he continued to ram into his lover; taking care to hit Justin's sensitive spot, on each and every pass. "Promise you will never do this to me... to us again, Justin."

Head bobbing, as he felt his release spiraling out of control, his fingers turning white from his grip upon the rails, he gasped, "I promise, Brian. Never again."

"That's my boy," Brian growled savagely, as he moved with all the force that was within him, thankful that Justin now had the physical ability to handle his strength in his most feral moments now. "You are so fucking amazing, Justin Taylor. I'll never have enough of you."

Justin's body trembled as Brian continued in his pounding frenzy, his own hips pumping back against him, working as a well skilled piston, together both of them in perfect synchrony; each striving towards that perfect bliss – that both of them had long accepted could only be enjoyed so fully within each other. Elation settling in when the abyss had been crossed, Justin thrilled to the knowledge that they would have this forever; his bliss knowing no bounds in the realization they had a love that would never die.

Brian pulled out of Justin, rolling them until they were laying face to face, eyes drowning deeply into the blond's, gazing with wonder at the perfection that was this beautiful boy. "Don't ever leave me, Justin. I know I'm hard to handle at times. Okay, more often than not, but if I ever lost you... fuck, I don't know what I'd do. I can't even fathom it. Now or ever," Brian whispered, in unexpected and more than uncustomary heartfelt vulnerability.

"You silly vampire: owner of my heart, body and soul. I could never leave you. Don't you get that yet?" Justin spoke with a smile and fire lighting his eyes. "Doing so would only result in my own destruction. You complete me, you own my heart, I can't live without you."

"I do love you, Justin Taylor. I don't know how many times I will say the words in the eternity we are to have together. It's always been such a foreign concept to me, but now I believe in it's existence – now that I have found it, with you. I vow to try to be the man you want me to be. I'll probably fail, but, I will try – for you," Brian whispered, his heart swimming within his eyes.

"No, Brian. You're perfect just as you are. Forget my foolish little tirades of trying to change you. That was the man I fell in love with... he is the man I want to spend the rest of eternity with. I love you, Brian. Now and forever," Justin whispered, all thoughts fading away as Brian's lips closed tenderly over his own, knowing they had finally reached that special place... a place born out of love that nothing could ever dissolve; each of them rejoicing and celebrating in the love that was only their's. Each knowing destiny had finally been fulfilled... and would only continue to do so for all time.