Edward P.O.V.

Okay, so last week Alice had a vision and simply insisted on adopting a child.

Everyone else in the family was extremely excited. I personally thought Alice had gone insane. What sane person would bring an innocent child into a house full of vampires?

I was outvoted, so we headed to the adoption agency.

"Hello!" said an overly enthusiastic middle-aged woman. "Are you interested in adopting a child?"

She showed us many small children. Finally, she showed us a small girl of about six. "This is Bella.'

Nobody said anything, but we all knew she was the one. "Pack your bags," said Esme.

She started to cry. "Not without Jacob."

Esme turned to the woman and said, "Who is Jacob?"

"That's her best friend. He's four."

Alice turned to me and pleaded, "Oh please, Edward! We can't just make her abandon her best friend."

"And why not?"

"It's cruel!"

I reluctantly agreed and we ended up adopting two small children.