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If there was one thing, one truth in this life of being crown prince of Camelot that would always reign true, it was that Arthur Pendragon didn't get jealous. Why on earth should he, when the crowds cheered him as their champion and all these lands that he would call his own were home to him? Everything felt complete, his spirit felt whole. Few nights were spent dreaming restlessly and while there were burdens that sometimes threatened to drown him, they could never upset the inner feeling that everything would turn out right.

He recalled Merlin's words that spoke of his destiny to become the greatest king Camelot had ever known, remembered his servant's pledge to always remain by his side – protecting him. At the time he'd believed his friend, because for some reason the words he'd said resonated inside of his soul and fell into place, as if he'd been meant to hear them all along. Everything just clicked and it was right. And they were the stuff of legend.

Arthur realized only afterwards that he had not thanked Merlin for coming to his rescue (yes, he might have died) or even acknowledged Gwaine in gratitude. The latter had not addressed him directly in that room, he noticed, only turning to Merlin to send out warning of the danger that still haunted them. And when they ran and he remained his prattish self, Gwaine followed silently, his eyes shifting every few minutes to check on Merlin.

I stepped in to protect Merlin. That's what he'd said a few weeks back, his gaze almost defying the King, wanting him to say that Merlin's life was worthless. Give him another reason to despise. God knows his father had created many of those, but this time he stayed silent on the matter. But something inside Arthur had shifted at those words. Try as he might, he couldn't keep a bitter voice from speaking up. It told him he had failed.

Gwaine had not come to save him. Not really.

And when the two of them hugged inside that throne room while he'd only afforded Merlin a nearly invisible grin and a slight pat on the back, he was grateful for the distraction the trident presented. Because if he'd stopped to think about it, he would've been afraid Merlin might leave him someday. That he might just…ride off to find Gwaine when he got sick and tired of Arthur's antics and forget to ever return.

If there was one thing he was certain of, it was that Arthur Pendragon didn't get jealous.
Never out loud.

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