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Recruitment Drive

Chapter 1: Introductions Part 1

Over the last couple of years the citizens of Jump City have become accustomed to odd sights. The center of which usually involving the five young heroes living in the giant "T" on the small, man made island in their harbor. So when there was a gathering of several garishly clad teenagers assembled out side of the letter-shaped building, those who could see it didn't really give it much thought. Especially since in recent months it seemed the team had gone from five heroes to literally dozens and they all seemed to come and go as they pleased.

However, if someone were to look closer, they would notice a giant white banner hung over the entrance to Titans Tower with "TITANS RECRUITMENT DRIVE TODAY!" written in huge, black letters. They might also notice the long table in front for the door where the original five Teen Titans sat to look out over the small mass of potential candidates. Robin sat in the middle of the room with Starfire to his right and Cyborg to his left. Capping off each end of the table where Raven and Beast Boy, with gothic girl sitting next to Starfire and the green changeling sitting next to his best friend Cyborg. They all sat in silence as they continued to stare at the small mass of superhero hopefuls in front of them.

"Sooo...why are we doing this again?" Raven finally spoke up in her usual unenthused tone.

"I think it's because Robin wants to get rid of those extra communicators we still have laying around," Beast Boy stated in a matter-of-factly tone.

Robin gritted his teeth as he leaned forward so he could see Beast Boy around Cyborg's massive frame and jab an accusatory finger his way.

"First of all, I didn't give away that many communicators," the Boy Wonder started in his own defense, "and secondly we're doing this because everyday there are more and more young heroes appearing in the world and they need our help and guidance to help them reach their full potential."

"Which goes right along with your 'Teen Titans Unlimited' thing, right?" Cyborg asked.

"Exactly," Robin nodded in satisfaction.

"See BB? He had a good reason after all," the cybernetic teen remarked to the green boy on his left then turned back to this other friend with an obnoxious grin. "You still gave away a lot of communicators though."

Robin growled and crossed his arms over his chest in huff.

"Let's just get started," he muttered.

"Oh yes I am most anxious to meet our new friends," Starfire said cheerfully.

In the face of the redhead's usually overwhelming enthusiasm, Robin couldn't help but crack a smile and quickly relaxed again. He reached out to snag the clipboard and pen in front of them, the other Titans mimicking his movements, before he addressed the small crowd.

"Everyone, may I have your attention please!" he called out to them.

The chatter among the group slowly died down as they turned their full attention to the table in front of them.

"Thank you," Robin stated with a small nod. "Now if you could all please form a line we'll have you step up to the table so you can tell us your name and abilities."

"And whatever else you want to tell us. Back story, funny jokes, sing a song, maybe a trick or two," Beast Boy added jokingly, earning him a quick glare from Robin. "What? I'm just trying to lighten the mood."

"I'm wondering why they need to tell us any funny jokes when you haven't told a single one since you've been on the team," Raven mocked.

"Oh come on Raven, you know I've told some great jokes over the years!" he shot back.

The pale skinned girl shook her head. "Not to my knowledge."

"Guys, please," Robin interrupted, holding his hands up as a signal for them to stop. "Let's get started with this. Will the first candidate please step forward?"

They were all a bit surprised when a slender, black haired girl walked towards the table in what seemed to be a cheap Wonder Woman ripoff Halloween costume. The top was a bright red that had a gold feather pattern over her modest bust with a red star in the middle. The feathers were connected to a matching "belt" around the waist of the outfit by a stripe going down her taught stomach. The bottom was a blue star spangled mini skirt. The costume was completed by a pair of white boots with red stars on the heels, red gloves, and a small red cape tied around her neck.

The Titans stared at her unsurely for several second as they tried to come up with something to say to the excited girl.

"Umm...no offense, but we already have a Wonder Girl," Cyborg finally spoke up.

"Actually, you have two," the girl corrected with a smile. "But you don't have to worry because despite the costume, I'm not trying to be a third Wonder Girl. You can call me Liberty Girl!"

"Right," Raven muttered, unconvinced. "Look this try is for real superheroes, not just someone who went out and bought a cheap Halloween costume."

Liberty Girl's expression fell as she looked down at her outfit.

"It wasn't that cheap," she pouted softly.

"Please Raven, do not be rude," Starfire chided her teammate before looking at the Titan hopeful. "I believe we should at least give her a chance to try out. That is why were are holding these auditions, is it not?"

"Starfire's right," Robin nodded before he studied Liberty Girl more closely. "So then...Liberty Girl, what exactly can you do?"

"Well I don't actually have any superpowers, but I'm teaching myself karate and I've learned some good wrestling moves," she explained then paused as she tried to think of something else. She quick snapped her fingers and smiled broadly. "Oh and I've been told I'm extremely lucky if that counts for anything."

"Well obviously you don't need to have powers to be a superhero," Robin explained with a smile. "As for the other things, we have plenty of people that can help train you if you make the cut. For now you can just stand over there until we get everyone else signed in," he noted, gesturing to a flat area near the left of the table.

"Cool. Thanks so much!" Liberty Girl cheered before the happily moved over to the "waiting area".

"Off to a rousing start already," Raven snarked as she twirled the pen in her hand.

"Indeed we are!" Starfire remarked cheerfully, either oblivious to or ignoring Raven's sarcasm. "Will the next candidate please step forward?"

Despite the semi-organized line, two of the hopefuls stepped up to the table. Though their ease around each other made it obvious that both girls were friends, they're expressions and body language made it easy to tell their personalities where strikingly different. The girl on the left had slightly darker, almost tanned looking, skin and her expression was much more reserved and slightly anxious. Her costume was in all dark blue broken up only by the silver zipper going up her armless and legless body suit. She also wore a light gray utility belt with two dark blue holsters on her upper thighs that held her gunmetal gray Escrima Sticks. She wore shin high, lace up boots with steel toes on them and gloves that ended in elbow pads. A silver clasp around her neck held a long, cape was draped over her shoulders and hung just below the tops of her boots. A domino mask covered her eyes while her shoulder length black hair framed her face save for one strand that feel down between her eyes.

The girl to her right was a few inches taller and more toned. Her dark crop top T-shirt revealed her quite impressive abs and firm arms. The shirt itself was embroiled with a large, golden, stylized "U" with a smaller, matching "G" inside it. Two small, circular clasps held a long, knee length cape to her shoulders. It was a dark green color that matched her shirt and gloves but also had a black trim to match her mini skirt and knee high boots. Her bright, blonde hair was mostly slicked back to fall past her shoulders save for three strains which hung just over her right eye.

"Hi, I'm Ultragirl," she greeted, her light green eyes sparkling brightly with enthusiasm.

"And I'm Siren," the girl dressed in blue said with a quick wave. "It's a pleasure to meet you all."

"I know, I've been reading up on you two. You've done some good work out in Chicago," Robin remarked with an approving smile.

"Oh yeah, you're the two that are kinda like Batgirl and Supergirl, right?" Cyborg asked cheerfully.

Unfortunately, this statement made both girls let out loud, irritated groans. Siren place a hand over her face while Ultragirl ran her hands through her hair in frustration.

"No I'm not like Supergirl!" she shouted. "Yes we have similar powers and we're both blonde, but that doesn't mean anything!"

"Well you do kinda have the same outfits too," Cyborg offered weakly.

"GAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Ultragirl screamed again, pulling her hair more.

"At least yours kinda make sense," Siren remarked. "I mean why do I keep getting these Batgirl comparisons? I mean Batgirl's right over there!" She pointed to the black clad figure near the back of the line. "Do she and I look anything alike?"

"I think that has more to do with that fact that you started out in Gotham than anything else," Robin tried to explain.

Siren stopped her ranting and blinked at that remark.

"Wait, you know about that?" she asked in amazement.

"Well...let's just say I happen to know someone very important there," the Boy Wonder smirked.

"Oh. Right. Stupid me."

"Wait..." Beast Boy mused, as he continued to stare at the duo. "Oh I know who you guys are! You two also team up with that big monster out in Chicago too, right?"

"Yeah...yeah that's us," Siren admitted with a sigh.

"To be fair, she's not always a monster," Ultragirl clarified as she straightened out her hair a bit. "And she's not that bad."

"No, just a bit...excitable and saddled with extremely unfortunate powers."

"I dunno, I think it'd be kinda cool to turn into a monster," Beast Boy remarked.

"You already have turned into a few different monsters, remember?" Raven sneered.

The green changeling's expression quickly fell and he shudders as some rather unpleasant memories came flooding back to him.

"Oh yeah. Not cool at all," he whimpered. "Still, I think that one out in Chicago's pretty cool. How come you didn't bring her with you?"

Siren cringed a bit. "Well we," she paused when she saw Ultragirl glaring at her, "I thought it might not be for the best to bring her here just yet."

"Hate to say it, but I agree with you," Robin stated. "I'm sure she's a good person and hero and all but I don't think we're equipped to deal with someone like her just yet."

"You know I bet I could whip something up that could deal with her," Cyborg mused as he rubbed his mechanical chin.

He then noticed the odd looks the others were giving him.

"I mean training wise of course," he corrected sheepishly.

"We'll...think about it later," Robin muttered then wrote down Siren and Ultragirl's names on the paper in front of him. "For now you two can join Liberty Girl over there."

They nodded then moved over to the other hopeful as the Titans followed Robin's lead and wrote down their names on their own lists.

"So who's next?" Cyborg ask excitedly.

"That'd be me!" an equally excited, and hyper, voice spoke up.

The five Teen Titans looked up to see a slender boy dressed in a red and white body suit standing before them. The red half of the costume consisted of a stripe that ran down the center of his body and contained a few jagged lines of his chest which resembled a lighting bolt. A pair of yellow tinted goggles was built into his mask while the mask itself was open on top to let his shaggy, auburn hair to hang lose. It was also opened around his mouth to show off his energetic grin as he stood in front of the Titans.

"So who are you?" Raven asked unexcitedly.

"Name's Impulse!" he announced, pointing a thumb at himself.

"Cool name," Beast Boy nodded in approval but then frowned a bit. "But why does your costume look all...Flashy? I mean not 'flashy' flashy but, you know, Flashy in the sense that...um...uh...hold I had it here..."

"He means your costume looks a bit like the Flash's costume," Raven quickly clarified.

"Or our own companion Kid Flash," Starfire added.

"Yeah, what they said," Beast Boy agreed, gesturing to the two girls.

"Oh that's easy, it's cause I'm related to one of the Flashes," Impulse revealed nonchalantly.

"You are?" Robin asked, suspiciously.

"Totally! I'm from the 31st Century and my grandfather is the..." he paused for a second in thought, "second Flash and I'm pretty sure I'm related to the current Kid Flash. I was sent back in time to...um...learn how to be a better hero."

"Aaaw man! I hate time travel stuff!" Beast Boy whined and fell over onto the table.

"Hey at least you never actually traveled through time!" Cyborg retorted. "It's not as fun as the movies make it out to be."

"Indeed it is most unpleasant," Starfire agreed, shuddering a bit at the thought of her own time traveling adventure.

"Really? Didn't seem all that bad to me," Impulse mused, holding a finger to his chin.

"Well anyway!" Cyborg spoke up, interrupting the speedster's thoughts. "If you want to just wait over there by those lovely ladies, we'll get back to you once we sign in everybody else."

Impulse nodded then super sped over to where Liberty Girl, Ultragirl and Siren were already waiting.

"So I'm next, right?" the next candidate asked excitedly as he stepped forward.

The Titans were taken aback by the boy's rather...well...demonic appearance. It fit the classical image of a demon to almost be cliche. He had the red skin, the horns, the arrow tipped tail, they could even see the hint of fangs as he grinned widely. Unlike the classic demons, however, he had normal legs instead of cloven hooves. Legs that were covered by a pair of black, leather pants with a chain belt which were the only clothes he actually had on. Another difference was that instead of short red or black hair, he had long, white hair. His solid yellow eyes did seem other worldly, yet still seemed to filled with kindness and excitement.

Unfortunately, that didn't do anything to put another certain demonically influenced teen at ease.

"So who are you supposed to be?" Raven asked tensely, her eyes narrowing just a bit.

"Kid Devil!" the boy stated quickly. "And I'm-"

"A demon," the bluette finished for him, again seeming on edge.

Despite the obviousness of it, Kid Devil seemed a bit embarrassed to have that information blurted out so bluntly.

"Well...yeah. But I'm still a good guy! I mean I was Blue Devil's sidekick for awhile!" he defended himself.

"So what happened with that did you get kicked out like BB or decide to just leave like Robin?" Cyborg asked, pointing to both of his respective friends.

"Hey!" the both shouted in protest.

Again the red skinned teen seemed ashamed. "We...just kinda...parted ways is all. I was gonna try to go it alone but if you guys would let me I'd be honored to joint the Teen Titans."

"How do we know we can trust you?" Raven asked almost snidely.

"Raven, are you perhaps not feeling well? You are acting even grouchier than usual," Starfire noted.

"I'm fine it's just..." she paused and looked over to where Kid Devil stood then back to her expectant friends. "Being around demons makes me a bit...edgy."

"Oh. Well...I could just go if you want me to," Kid Devil offered, dejectedly.

"No! No it's fine," Raven quick spoke up, writing his name down on her clipboard page. "Just don't expect me to be all warm and fuzzy around you."

"I don't think any of us expect that from you," Beast Boy joked.

Raven leaned over to glared daggers at him, which caused the green shapeshifter to try to whistle nonchalantly as he leaned back to hide behind Cyborg's bulky frame. The grey skinned girl continued to glare at where he was seating for a few more seconds before she returned her attention to Kid Devil.

"You can go ahead and wait over there," she instructed, pointing to the waiting area.

"Hot damn!" Kid Devil exclaimed before he ran over to join the other four.

"Don't think that's gonna go over to well with the parent groups," Cyborg remarked.

"We'll talk to him about it later," Robin noted then looked over at the line again. "Who's next?"

In response, a boy in an olive drab costume rigidly stepped forward and gave a crisp salute.

"Sir, that would be me, sir!" he barked.

"And you are...?" Robin prompted.

"Sir, Codename: Omega, sir!"

The assembled Titans looked around at each other, not quite sure what to make of this "Omega". His stance and way of speaking clearly revealed a military background which was further reflected in his costume. It was a mix of superhero and military aesthetics. In addition to the olive green color there was brown gloves and combat boots as well as black belt that held many pouches and even a canteen. On the superhero side of things, it was tight as hero costumes tended to be and included a mask that covered most of his face but left his eyes, mouth and short cropped, blonde hair exposed. The most notable part of it all was the large silver shield on his left arm with the Greek Omega symbol on it. One that was also displayed fully on his chest. He continued to stand stalk still with his right hand raised to his forehead in a salute as if he were waiting for orders.

"Uh...you can relax if you want," Robin suggested.

Omega nodded then lowered his arm and relaxed his posture just slightly but still seemed to remain completely straight and rigid somehow.

"So what's your story?" Beast Boy asked casually.

"Sir, that is classified information, sir!" Omega responded sharply.

"Ooookaaaaay...so then what can you do?" he tried again.

"Sir, I have granted enhanced strength, agility, stamina, top fighting prowess, proficient in many forms of hand-to-hand combat and my shield is nearly indestructible, sir!" the tightly wound teen listed off, lifting up his shield a bit for emphasis.

"Anything else you want to tell us?" Cyborg asked tentatively.

"Sir, only that I wish to be part of the Teen Titans, sir!"

"All right then, just go ahead over there and we'll get you processed," he replied quickly.

Omega nodded again then marched over to the where the other five seemed to try to talk to him but he seemed as uptight as ever. The Titans themselves continued to stare at him for a few seconds before looking around each other again.

"Well that guy seems like he's just gonna be a load of laughs," Beast Boy remarked.

"We can't all spend our time making lame, unfunny jokes like you," Raven retorted.

"She's got you there, BB," Cyborg smirked.

"Dude, come on! That's not even funny! That's just hurtful!" the changeling complained.

"I have always found some of Beast Boy's jokes funny," Starfire encouraged.

"Thanks, Star. Good to know I still have some friends around here," Beast Boy growled, glaring at Cyborg and Raven.

"Oh come on, busting your chops is one of the more fun things to do around here," Cyborg returned.

"Can you guys do this later?" Robin requested. "We still have..." he looked out over the line again, "...quite a few more candidates to go through."

"I wonder who will be next?" Starfire mused.

"ME!" a boisterous voice shouted, surprising all of them.

If they weren't sure how to deal with Omega, then the Titan was completely unprepared for the next person who stepped up. The supposed "teen" who stepped forward was nearly seven feet tall and looked like he hit the gym everyday since he could walk. His muscles seemed outlandishly proportioned and they could swear his arms and legs were bigger than his head. A feat made even more impressive by the fact that he was wearing a tatter, black leather jacket. I was worn over what they suspected was a black muscle shirt with a blood covered skull on it. From what they could see around the multiple pouches he wore on them, his jeans were tattered as well so as to match the jacket. Or look "cool," they weren't entirely sure. Working against this "coolness" factor was the multicolored rasta hat which partly covered his long, dirty looking dreadlocks that fell past his shoulders and onto his chest. He seemed to compensate for the hat by wearing a pair of dark shades with holographic skulls on the lenses and a huge broadsword strapped to his back.

"Who-" Starfire started.

"Or what," Raven interrupted.

The redhead stared at her for a second but continued her question, "Who are you?"

"I am Blood Dread! The most hardcore, awesomest superhero you will ever lay your eyes on!" the gigantic teen shouted. "Blood Dread knows no fear! Blood Dread knows no pain!"

"Apparently Blood Dread doesn't know how to speak in the first person," Cyborg whispered to Beast Boy, causing them both to snicker.

Blood Dread turned his head towards them, causing his dreadlocks to whip around him a bit.

"You DARE mock Blood Dread?" he shouted.

"No, no dude," Beast Boy said quickly through some final snickering. "It's just...I thought all those 'extreme' heroes stuff went out of style in the 90's."

"Blood Dread is more than happy to carry on the legacy of extreme and hardcore from those most awesome times! People will fear you with Blood Dread on your team!" he shouted then seemed to let out a loud snort.

"What was that?" Robin asked in confusion.

"It sounded like the mating cry of the Schlorborfa-norfa," Starfire noted.

"Thank was an awesome and manly 'skronk' which should be let out as any statement of extremeness!" Blood Dread "explained".

"Right," Robin nodded, feeling completely lost and exhausted. "Well we appreciate your...enthusiasm but we're not about scaring people on the Teen Titans. So if you do make it through the try outs you'll have to tone it down..."

"A lot," Raven offered.

"Yes," the Boy Wonder nodded.

"Hardcore can not be cut down," Blood Dread growled as he somehow crossed his arms over his massive chest. "But Blood Dread will try."

"Good. You can join the others for the moment," the Titans' leader instructed.

The massive teen nodded then stopped over to the second waiting area while the Titans reluctantly wrote down his name.

"Man, I hope the rest of them aren't like...that," Beast Boy muttered to Cyborg, casting a sideways glance to Blood Dread.

"Noooo kidding," he nodded in agreement.

"There can't possibly be anyone worse than him," Robin remarked.

"Famous last words," Raven muttered, resting her chin on her hand again.

"Perhaps it would be best not to jump to such rash conclusions yet," Starfire advised.

"You're right Star," Robin nodded with a smile. "Well the next candidate step forward, please?"

"Right here," a mechanized voice announced.

It belonged to a boy of medium height and build in high tech suit of black and yellow armor. The helmet was shaped like an insect's head with two black, compound eye pieces and a pair of black antenna attached to the forehead. In keeping with the bug theme, he had two translucent yellow wings fixed to his back with wires and circuits running through them to resemble the veins seen in real insect wings.

"So who are you supposed to be? The Wasp?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yellow Jacket," the boy quickly corrected. "Wasp was actually already taken."


"Apparently so."

"So where'd you get that sleek looking armor?" Cyborg asked, interrupting the two.

"Oh, well..." Yellow Jacket started, looking at his own armor a bit. "It's something I've been helping my parents working over the years. Originally it was designed to with the intent to help sway wasps and bees from stinging people but after a break in at the lab, I convinced them to turn it into a superhero costume."

"And your parents are okay with you doing this?" Robin asked frankly.

"Mostly," Yellow Jacket replied, running his hand over the top of his helmet nervously. "They still worry about me of course but they realize it's the right thing to do."

"Why didn't your father take up the costume?"

"Because we could only get enough material to make a suit for me. Surprisingly, there's not a lot of people wanting to fund bug research."

"Why did you go with the bug motif, anyway?" Raven asked.

Yellow Jacket shrugged. "It seemed fitting. I mean we worked in the original project with these things," he pointed to the antenna on top of the helmet. "They allow me to call and direct yellow jackets and other wasps in the area. My wings," he paused to allow the wings on his back move into an upward position then levitated off the ground, "allow me to hover and fly."

"That's pretty impressive work," Cyborg encouraged.

"Thanks," he replied as he landed. "Oh! And I have these," he held up his gauntlets to show off small mussels built into them just over his hands. "They're basically my stringers and shoot out small darts that can paralyze whoever they hit. Totally non lethal though, I promise."

"Good," Robin spoke with a slight edge in his voice. "Is there anything else you want to tell us?"

"Hmmm..." Yellow Jacket hummed as he rubbed the chin of his helmet. "No, that's about of the important information. I could tell you my favorite movies or musicians if you want."

"No, no that's fine," the Boy Wonder waved off then wrote the boy's name down on his clipboard. "Just wait over there with the others until we're ready for you."

"All right. Thank you," the armored boy nodded before he joined the other interviewees.

"Oh, you are most welcome!" Starfire said brightly as she gave him a small wave.

Raven couldn't help but roll her eyes at her friend's ever present cheerfulness then pointed to the girl standing just behind the line in front of the table.

"All right, you can come up here now," she droned out.

The blonde girl nodded and gently floated over to the line. Like Raven herself, she was dressed mostly in blue but her clothes were sky blue in color and much more revealing. She wore a sleeveless, button down shirt that was tied up just below her breasts to show off her taunt stomach. A pleated miniskirt stopped just below her hips and left just a bit of exposed skin of her thighs before the rest of her legs were covered up by white stalkings. Her "costume" was topped off by a pair of black tennis shoes and overall it gave her a very "cute" appearance. One helped greatly by the fact that she had her sunny blonde hair tied into small pigtails. It all also made Raven feel a bit sick to her stomach.

"And you are...?" she prodded, trying to force down the sarcasm in her voice.

"Gust!" the girl replied in an overly perky tone. "I can control the wind."

To emphasis her point she held out her right hand and a small gust of wind blew over the assembled Titans, blowing through their hair and ruffling their papers a bit.

"As impressive as that is, you can make stronger winds, right?" Raven asked.

"Oh yeah, of course! When I really put my mind to it I can created hurricane force winds. You know, the kind that can lift cars and blow roofs off buildings. Takes a lot out of me but I can do it if I need to. Oh, and I can also fly."

Just like Yellow Jacket, Gust floated into the air to demonstrate her ability. This of course caused her miniskirt to flow around in a rather enticing manner. This, of course, caused Beast Boy and Cyborg to lean forward a bit in their chairs and stare intently at the blonde girl. Raven rolled her eyes again and sighed before she wrapped the legs of their chairs in her dark telekinetic aura gave them a hard yank. The chairs flew out from beneath the two and forced them chin first down onto the table rather roughly.

"Owww!" the both cried out in pain.

"Bid mah dongue!" Beast Boy whined.

"That's what you get for letting it hang out of your mouth," Raven retorted.

"Are you guys okay?" Gust asked as she landed and took a step closer to the table.

"I'm sure they're fine," the gothic girl remarked with a wave of her hand. "You can wait over there with the others now."

"Oh. If you're sure," the blonde said in confusion.

"Very sure," Raven nodded.

Gust gave one last look at the injured Cyborg and Beast Boy before she floated over to the second waiting area where she started up a conversation with a few of the other hopefuls. Mostly those who showed they could fly and Raven would swear she heard something being discussed about flying and miniskirts which made her wonder just why so many flying girls chose to wear them. Her musing was interrupted as the flying girl in a miniskirt next to her spoke up.

"The next candidate may step forward now," Starfire called out.

Another girl stepped up but this one was much more fully dressed than Gust. In fact she was mostly covered up save for a white buttoned down shirt which was unbuttoned enough to show off a bit of her ample cleavage. Surprisingly though that wasn't what caught everyone's attention at first. No, what got their attention was that clothes that covered the majority of her body were all pirate clothes. There was no way around it, she was dressed as a pirate.

Over the white shirt she wore a long brown coat with tails that hung down just past her upper thighs. She had light grey, slightly baggy pants that ended in almost knee high buccaneer boots. A brown leather belt hung around her waist with a holster for what appeared to a flint rock pistol on the right left sided and sheath for a long cutlass on the right side. A black tri corner hat sat on top of her head with her chestnut brown, slight curled hair flowing down from it and past her shoulders. The whole outfit made her look like she just stepped off the set of a summer blockbuster rather than trying out for a superhero team.

"Just what we need, another girl in cheap Halloween costume," Raven sighed.

"Hey, I'll have you know I sewed together every bit of this costume!" the girl snapped back. "Well...except for the hat, that was something my family's had for awhile now."

"That's cool," Beast Boy nodded. "So what do you call herself?"

"Pirate Girl!" she declared, placing her hands on her chest and thrusting out her impressive chest a bit.

The Titans seemed less than thrilled with the declaration, however.

" 'Pirate Girl'?" Robin repeated as if he hadn't heard her right.

The girl's attitude was quickly deflated by the comment and she slouched forward a bit in defeat.

"Okay, fine, I couldn't come up with a better name. Sue me," she remarked with a roll of her eyes.

"It is a perfectly lovely name," Starfire encouraged. "Now please, explain to us your powers."

"Well..." Pirate Girls started off nervously. "I don't really have any powers but I AM pretty good fighter and I've taken some fencing lessons so I'll be able to use this quite well," she explained as she pulled out her cutlass.

"Well, that could help but try not to hurt anyone too much with that," Robin warned.

"Oh, trust me I know how to handle it so I wouldn't do any serious harm to anyone," she informed him as she sheathed the weapon again.

"Anything else?" Cyborg asked.

"I have a magic gun," she said, pulling out the flint rock pistol.

Raven blinked in surprise. "Where'd you purchase that?"

"Okay now that is kind of a long and surprisingly depressing story. See there was this young girl-" Pirate Girl started.

"Dude! I thought you didn't have to explain magic?" Beast Boy shouted as he held his head.

"That's only for people who don't know how to use it," Raven retorted.

"It gives me a headache," the green shapeshifter moaned as he laid his head on the table.

"Well, then maybe I'll explain it later," Pirate Girl offered as she put the pistol away.

"Yeah, like when I'm not here," Beast Boy joked.

"Of course, that's if you make it past the next stage," Robin noted. "Though I'm sure some of us would still be willing to listen to it even if you didn't."

He cast a knowing glance as Raven who just nodded slightly.

"I'll make a note of it," Pirate Girl nodded. "So let me guess, go over there and wait with the others?"

Robin couldn't help but grin a bit at the comment.

"That's right," he remarked.

"All right then, see you at...whatever we're doing next," she agreed before she walked off.

Raven wrote down the girl's rather blunt codename then looked up at the list of names they already had then back up at the line still in front of them.

"So how many more do we have left to go through?" she asked.

Cyborg bounced his finger up as he counted the heads of those in line.

"Looks like ten," he replied. "That's not that bad."

"That's what you said when we started this whole thing," Raven sighed as she rested her head on her hand and tapped the table with the index finger of her other hand. "This is going to be a looooong day."

To Be Continued...

Author's Notes: Well after two months I finally got something done! I actually started something back in September for my Kim Possible fics involving my OC Jen Credible with an idea I was really excited about for a long time but then just as I was about to finish the first page my muse decided to say, "Nope! On second thought I'm not going to help you with that. Hah!" Course that's only going to make sene to my readers who followed me here from the KP section so everyone else just kind of ignore those last few sentences.

As for this story in particular, I've had it in my mind for at least the past year and just never found the time to write it since I was working on so much else. Well, apparently in the fight with my muse to work on something she threw this back in my face. Course the problem was is it was just full of character descriptions which always seem to give me a hard time. Thus why it took me about a month just to write this chapter. I realize it's not the most exciting chapter and it's kind of dry but still I hope some these characters and the dialogue bits with the Titans help make it somewhat enjoyable.

Speaking of the Titans, it's been about...six or seven years since I last wrote for them and I'm honestly surprised at myself at being able to get right back into their characters and hear their voices again. At least I think I'm writing them in character, if anyone sees something amiss please fell free to tell me.

So that's it for the first half of the introductions, stay tuned for the next batch. I really wanted to do them all in one chapter but then I realized that it would probably be a 40 page chapter full of just descriptions and I doubt you guys would want to read that. Just bare with me and once we get through the next chapter we'll see just what all these people can do and which ones will actually make it into the Teen Titans.

Anyone want to start taking bets as to who's going to make it from this group?

Oh yeah and does anyone get the joke about the magic gun?