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Today was one of those bright, sunny, cheerful days. Sawada Iemitsu has finally come home after two months of doing various jobs for the mafia.

Yes, Iemitsu was part of the mafia; he is the outside advisor for the strongest mafia famiglia, the Vongola Famiglia. However, his family has no idea about his relations to the mafia. Iemitsu had simply told them that he was working traffic at construction sites around the world, requiring him to be away from home for certain periods at a time.

Now that Iemitsu's home, he decided to take his beautiful wife, Sawada Nana, and his adorable five-year-old son, Sawada Tsunayoshi – better known as Tsuna – to Namimori Park.

Iemitsu laughed as he played with his wife and son; they played for several hours before they decided to take a break. Iemitsu then got some ice -cream for his family; chocolate ice-cream for himself, strawberry ice-cream for his wife, and vanilla ice-cream for his son.

"Nee Tsu-kun isn't the ice-cream your daddy got us yummy?" Nana sweetly asked her son.

"Mnnn!" Tsuna happily responded and went back to messily eating his ice-cream.

"Mou Tsu-kun you're getting your ice-cream all over yourself" Nana laughed as she cleaned Tsuna's mouth, Tsuna giggled back in response. Iemitsu sighed happily 'I wish every day could be like this just me, Nana, and Tsuna.' All of a sudden Tsuna tugged his dad's pant leg, and had the pick-me-up look.

Iemitsu laughed and put Tsuna on his lap "What is it Tsu-kun?"

Tsuna avoided his dad's look and looked down at the ground instead. Iemitsu became worried, Tsuna only looked at the ground when he was shy, nervous, or worried, "Tsu-kun you know you can tell me anything, there's nothing to be worried about. Trust me."

"Yeah" Nana interjected "Trust your daddy he's a very reliable man." Iemitsu cast his wife a loving look and looked back at Tsuna, this time Tsuna stared straight at his dad and smiled sheepishly "I-I wis papa wud stay home w-wike this eb-eberyday; it was wots ob fun today s-so I wis papa cud stay home…" Tsuna the averted his dad's surprised look.

"I agree with Tsu-kun, I really wish you would just stay home or at least worked closer to home that way we can spend more time together, all three of us." Nana replied.

Iemitsu just stared at them, completely speechless, he was astonished that Tsuna felt that way and started to feel really bad that he was never really around for Tsuna and Nana, but he couldn't just quit working for the Vongola, he was too deeply involved and committed to just quit.

"Gomen Tsuna, Nana I can't just stay home, my job… requires me to travel to all different parts of the world." Tsuna just looked down dejectedly, almost on the verge of tears, while Nana looked disappointed that Iemitsu would treat his job more importantly than his family,

"Why can't you ask your boss to let you work closer to home rather than travel everywhere? Or if your boss won't let you than just find a job closer to home. Isn't your family more important that your job?" Iemitsu sighed sadly "Gomen Nana… I can't… just quit my job"

"And why not! Honestly, I just don't know why this job is more important to you than me and Tsuna; you barely tell me anything about your job! For all I know you may not even be doing the job you're telling me that you're doing; you could be having an affair for all I know!" Nana argued and was about to say more until she saw the pained look on Iemitsu's face.

"Anata… Gomen I said too much, I know you would never lie or cheat on me, it's just… I hate seeing Tsuna looking so lonely when you're gone; I know you love your job, but-" "Nana…"Nana stopped when she heard her husband and looked at him, and was surprised to see how serious he looked.

When Nana accused Iemitsu of lying to her about his job it hurt him that what she said was absolutely true; he hated that he had to lie to his family and always make them feel lonely, so he decided it would be better to just tell Nana everything about him being part of and working for a mafia famiglia. "Nana, the truth is… well my job isn't really…" just as Iemitsu was about to spill, something caught his attention.

"GET DOWN!" Iemitsu yelled as he grabbed both Tsuna and his wife, and pulled them down just in time to escape a few bullets aimed at them.

"SHIT! This can't be happening! Not now…" Iemitsu cursed. "W-what's h-happening?" Nana stuttered as her grip on Tsuna tightened, "P-papa I-I'm scared!" Tsuna cried.

"Shhh Tsuna, everything will be all right, now hurry and follow me!" Iemitsu grabbed Nana, who was now protectively carrying Tsuna, as they ran from their pursuer.

Their pursuer shot more bullets at them *bam* *bam* Nana screamed and Tsuna, too scared to say anything just tightened his grip on his mom. Iemitsu cursed, took out his gun, and shot at the pursuer and was able to shoot the gun out of their hand. As the pursuer ran after their gun, Iemitsu grabbed Nana's hand and ran into the forest behind Namimori Park.

"Now stay here, I want the both of you to stay here, in this exact spot, no matter what sound you may hear, don't move." Iemitsu pleaded. "B-but w-what about y-you, Iemitsu?" Nana asked Iemitsu, worry and fear clearly visible through her voice.

"I'll be just fine, Nana after all I've got a wonderful wife and cute son waiting for me" Iemitsu sadly smiled. "P-papa, w-what happen? I-I'm s-scared!" Tsuna cried. Iemitsu stared sadly at his son, cursing whoever disturbed their peace and for making Tsuna so terrified.

"Don't worry, I promise, nothing bad will happen to you, the both of you." Iemitsu said as looked at a sniffling Tsuna and a worried Nana. Nana then smiled softly "Thank you, and don't worry about Tsuna, I'll be protecting him too" her grip around Tsuna tightening. "B-be careful Iemitsu." Nana sadly smiled, "P-papa p-pwease pwomise to come back…" Tsuna pleaded.

Iemitsu just smiled and ruffled Tsuna's hair "Yeah, I promise." Iemitsu kissed Tsuna's cheek, while Tsuna hugged him. Then Iemitsu went over to Nana "I-Iemitsu I- Mmph-" Nana tried to say something reassuring, but was cut off when Iemitsu kissed her. Afterwards, Iemitsu leaned next to her ear and whispered "I promise I'll tell you everything once this is all over. I love you." Then Iemitsu stood up and ran towards the direction of the enemy.

"M-mama w-what's wong?" Tsuna asked as tears started to stream down Nana's face. "Y-you better come b-back and tell me!" Nana softly cried "Eh?" Tsuna asked confused. "It's nothing Tsuna, I'm ok, let's just wait for your dad to come back" Nana said softly as she stared at the sky.

"I know you're out here; come on out and maybe I'll go easy on you." Iemitsu coldly stated.

"Heh-heh, go easy on me? I didn't know you had a sense of humor" a young woman said.

This young woman then walked out and had wavy, messy pink hair just above her shoulders, bangs covering her eyes, and an eerily purple flower on the side of her hair; wearing a white long sleeved kimono – long enough to cover her hands – with sakura petal print on it and a pink sash holding the kimono together; the kimono is about as short as short shorts so she also wears thigh long socks and wooden sandals; she was also holding a long, thin katana.

Iemitsu just glared "Who are you? Which famiglia are you from?"

"Tee-hee, why? Are you interested in me?" The woman giggled.

"Not in the least, my wife is a thousand – no, a million times more beautiful than you." Iemitsu slightly smiled at the thought of his wife.

"Hmph, meanie!" the young woman stuck her tongue out at him. "Now, back to my question, who are you?" Iemitsu asked.

"Hmmm… No one important" the woman retorted. "Then why are you here? To kill me? If you are, then good luck you'll need it." Iemitsu calmly stated as he readied his gun.

"My, my, jumping to conclusions aren't we?" the pink-haired woman giggled. "If you must know, I'm here to assassinate the heir to the Vongola, more precisely y-" Iemitsu paled "N-no y-you don't mean…"

"Oh yes, I mean the soon to be Vongola Decimo, your cute little son, Sawada Tsunayoshi!" the woman smiled sadistically.

"N-no! How did you know!" Nono made sure that I was the only one who knew… How did you find out!" Iemitsu screamed.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out" The woman stuck her tongue out at Iemitsu.

"DAMN! TSUNA!" Iemitsu desperately yelled as he tried to run back to his son and wife; however, he was stopped when the woman swiftly pointed her sword at his chest.

"Oops, can't have you doing that; besides it's useless, we sent a bunch of our subordinates to find the lil' Decimo, he'll be dead sooner or later." The young woman giggled.

"W-we?" Iemitsu stuttered, fearing the worst. "E-heh, yes… WE!" the pink-haired woman shouted as a bunch of people wearing, shades and a gray suit with a pin that looks exactly like the flower in the pink-haired woman's hair, attached on it, jumped out of nowhere with guns in their hands and completely surrounded Iemitsu.

"DAMN IT!" Iemitsu screamed in frustration. "I guess this is bye-bye, but look on the bright side at least you'll be with your wife and son in the afterlife, hahahahah!" the young woman laughed as she signaled her subordinates to open fire.

Iemitsu's eyes widened in shock as he saw the people bring their guns up and got ready to fire

'Nana, Tsuna… Gomen, for not being able to keep my promise, Gomen…'

was all Iemitsu thought of as the men opened fire and shot.

"Ahhhh!" Tsuna cried and hugged his mother even tighter when the sound of multiple gunshots was heard in the distance.

Nana paled 'Iemitsu… NO! I can't be worrying about him, he promised that he would come back safely, and he's always kept his promises. Right now I need to focus on keeping Tsuna safe'

"Shhhh, Tsuna, it'll be alright, we're going to be fine, including your father." Nana said trying to comfort her son.

"B-but m-mama how d-do you kn-know?" Tsuna cried questioningly. Just as Nana was about was about to answer, a disapproving scoff was heard

"Yes, how do you know MA-MA?" a young man said as he walked out from behind a tree.

This young man had long dark blue hair tied in a low ponytail and short bangs that parted in the middle; he wore a long coat that went down to his knees, with the collar up, and near his chest was a creepy purple flower, underneath his coat he wore a long sleeved, gray-blue, dress shirt, gray pants, and black dress shoes; in both of his hands, he was holding a gun.

"W-who are you! W-what do y-you want?" Nana stuttered horribly.

*Yawn* "Me? I'm no one in particular, anyways let's cut to the chase; hand over the boy and maybe I'll spare you."The young man said apathetically.

"Ts-Tsuna? W-what do you want with him?" Nana desperately asked as her hold on Tsuna tightened.

"None of your business; now hand over the child." The young man yawned.

"N-no you c-can't have him!" Nana yelled as she placed a trembling Tsuna behind her.

"Ah… always have to deal with the hard-headed ones don't I? Ah, this is too much work to deal with…" the blue-haired man sighed.

As the young man complained Nana urgently whispered to her son "Tsuna just run away from here as fast as you can, your mama will hold him off, no buts your mama and papa will be fine, after all we're both strong, and don't worry we'll come and get you once all this is over, now go!"

Tsuna just started to cry, he was so confused and scared that he didn't know what was happening or what to do anymore.

All of a sudden Nana hugged him tightly and whispered "I love you" and pushed Tsuna away, Tsuna was a bit stunned at first, but decided to do what his mother told him to do and he started to run.

The young man noticed this and started to run after Tsuna, but Nana blocked his way "Get out of my way…" the blue-haired man coldly stated.

"Never" Nana said determinedly and tried to knock the guns out of his hand, but he was too fast and knocked Nana onto the ground with his fist. "Bitch… You could have been spared, but too late for that now, for you let the boy get away and now you will be punished" the young man said indifferently as he raised both of his guns.

Nana just stared blankly at the sky regretting she couldn't protect Tsuna and keep her promise with Iemitsu;

'Gomen, Tsuna…. Iemitsu'

were her last thoughts as the blue-haired man fired.

Tsuna was terrified and confused as he ran through the forest.

He couldn't stop the tears that were impairing his vision from coming out. He couldn't form a coherent thought.

All he could do was run.

All of a sudden, Tsuna heard shouts behind him "There he is ! Get him!" a bunch of people in gray suits shouted as they started to run after poor Tsuna.

Tsuna cried even harder as he tried to outrun them, but it was useless his legs were tiring out and the people after him had much longer legs and more stamina; they'd catch up to him in no time.

All of a sudden Tsuna tripped on a branch and fell over, Tsuna tried to get up, but he too tired to do it.

He could hear the pursuers getting closer and closer. Tsuna barely had any strength left "h-help… m-me…" he whispered.

The pursuers were now right behind him, just a few more yards and they would get to him. Out of pure fear Tsuna managed to scream his lungs out


All of a sudden a bright, white light came out of nowhere blinding the people in pursuit of Tsuna.

As the white light started to engulf Tsuna, the last thing he saw were his parents smiling and holding out their hands, beckoning for him "Mama, Papa…" he weakly cried and stretched out his hand towards theirs and then everything went black.

Sorry if I missed a word…. Or if I miss translated it, but I'm taking Japanese as my foreign language so I'm pretty sure I'm right

Nee: Japanese expression, used when you question someone or to get their attention

Mou: Also a Japanese expression, used when exasperated kind of like sighing

Gomen: Japanese word for sorry

Ahhhh! Poor Tsuna! But don't worry you'll find out what happened to him soon enough.

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