When Worlds Collide Prelude and Author's Notes Section

Alright, I decided to change this story. As I haven't been able to go anywhere with it, due to a few events I didn't like in the shows and characters that I was using. Sooo....to deal with that. This is alternate universe stuff. I will tell you my changes to each of the characters and shows or movies. The main baseline for this story is Lord of the Rings, obviously, since that's where it is posted. However, it also has major characters from other places as well....sooo...here is everything that I'm using. And how I've changed it.....

LORD OF THE RINGS- This takes place after the whole Quest for the Ring, and before Gandalf and Frodo went to the Grey Havens.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER- This is an alternate universe. There was no "Evil Trio." This is that season but no trio. Giles is gone to England. Spike and Buffy are together. Tara is still around. Buffy did die and was then brought back. I'll just stop with that.

X-MEN-- This is after the second movie. Meaning, Jean Grey is dead. Iceman, Rogue, Nightcrawler and Colossus have joined the rank of X-Men (okay, so they weren't quite..but they are now...) Storm and Cyclops are still in charge and Logan is at the mansion. There is an interesting plot twist I'm putting in. I also want to note that I HAVE read Wolverine's true origin. Interesting...but anyway, that didn't happen. I'm changing his origin. Don't worry, it's interesting..as you'll see in just a second.

VAN HELSING- Remember that interesting? Here it is... Logan is Van Helsing. More details will come during this fic. I will mention that the reason Logan is animal like is..well...there is NO way possible that Anna got that antidote in him BEFORE the twelfth stroke of midnight. He first changed at the first stroke. There is no way he got it fast enough. So he is still part werewolf. Although, he can control it. Of course he doesn't remember anything...at the moment. Also... I'm bringing Dracula back. It took him awhile to come back after being killed by Van Helsing. Also, he managed to find away to bring his brides back as well. So they're also in this. And believe me....when they find out that Van Helsing doesn't remember killing them....they're gonna be pissed. I mean, he killed Dracula TWICE and he doesn't remember doing it either time. Anyway, Dracula is the guy after the Amulants...and he isn't alone.

ER-- This is another alternate universe...'cause my sister and I think the show has really gone to major sucky now. Anyways, Mark Greene didn't die. He and Elizabeth Corday got a divorce, she got Ella. Greene is now seeing Susan Lewis. Greg Pratt was fired long ago. Kerry Weaver is on probation for the whole Alderman thingie. The helicopter landed on Dorset. Romano never lost his arm...he never died, he is still Chief of Staff and him and Lizzie are spending more time together. Carter did not go to the Congo...but he and Abby did breakup, because her dumb brother was more important then Carter losing his Gamma. Luka Kovac didn't go to the Congo either, and he and Abby are seeing eachother again. Oh yeah, that Samantha lady and her kid aren't there either, because I didn't care for her character. Anyways, that's what's changed.

ANGEL- Darla is still human and Conner was never born. That's all I need to say. I'll add that Cordelia and Angel are together. The rest we'll worry about later.

THE MUMMY/MUMMY RETURNS- This is not long after the second movie. Ardeth has a wife and a daughter.

UC UNDERCOVER- Alright, this is after the series ended. If you don't know anything about it, we'll explain the characters when we get there. Basically, the boss Frank Donovan is Ardeth Bay's grandson. Frank Donovan was played by the same person who did Ardeth's role. So, we decided it would work this way.

Alright...I might have missed a few things..if I did, they'll be mentioned in the story. Now I can move on to the prelude and poem...and then work on the first chapter.. I hope you all like the changes, because this story is going to get interesting. And hopefully, you'll give lots of nice reviews....we love reviews.


Long ago the six amulants were forged. Each created within its element. Each created to give magic and life to those who dwelled in this land. Five of the Amulants were kept protected within the realm of the elves. Their power was beyond any the elves had ever known. Only one remained with them. Their Keeper, her name and past unknown and long forgotten with time. Her origin a complete mystery.

Lost to legend, it is unknown how the Amulants were scattered. Some believe that evil attacked and the Keeper scattered them, making it impossible for evil to claim them. Whatever the circomstances, the Amulants and their Keeper vanished, leaving nothing but legend behind as a reminder. But while Middle Earth has forgotten.........evil never does..........


Starlight to shine in the hands of the king

Water holds true to the healer's heart

Fire burns forth to the warrior true

Wind blows through to the windrider it comes

Earth to the halfling the Keeper's love

Moonlight forever will stay in the hands of the creature

whose voice fills the night with song