Written for Round Six of the SPN Last Author Standing challenge. Still hanging in there! Challenge: A character faces his/her worst fear.

Some days are so wonderful that she forgets about her deal.

She is eight months pregnant and giggles from the nursery rocking chair as John swears over IKEA crib instructions. A Styx record plays softly in the living room, and an apple pie is warming in the oven for dessert. John's bangs keep obscuring his face as he becomes more and more flustered with the project. Deft hands, never quite clean of automotive grease, finally slide the last of the slats into place. Indigo eyes full of pride and promise meet hers, and they share a smile.

Then, she remembers.

The air is rich with the smell of hot sausages and funnel cakes. John furiously snaps pictures as eighteen-month-old Dean enjoys his first carnival ride. Strapped into a miniature convertible that circles endlessly in a parade of tiny vehicles, he appears a little dazed. Until his finger finds the button that makes the horn go mee-beep. He grins in the gap-toothed way of toddlers. She doesn't think it's possible for her heart to be any fuller.

Then, she remembers.

Dean's face is full of awe as she slips a bundle onto his waiting lap. The bundle squirms and mewls. She lifts a corner of blanket to reveal a small pink face. Not hesitating for a second, Dean leans down to kiss his new baby brother on the forehead. Welcome home, Sammy, he tells him. I'm Dean, and I'm going to be your best friend. She hears a sniffle and finds John in the doorway, wiping his eyes. She is crying too.

Then, she remembers.

Her belly is a little queasy from raiding Dean's trick or treat booty before she went to bed. Sammy's crying on the baby monitor at 4 a.m. pulls her from a disjointed dream about angels. She finds John standing over the crib, and he shoos her back to bed. She feels a drowsy flood of relief to be let off the hook. Hearing the television, she goes to the living room to find that her husband has actually been sleeping in an armchair all along. Sick with fear, she runs upstairs to protect her sons from the stranger in the baby's room.

After that, she can't remember anything else.