Hey everyone this is the first chapter of the long awaited sequel. Thank you all for being so patient ^_^ I know it's short but I do think it will get longer as we go along. This is unbeta'd so let me know if you see any mistakes. Okay that's all I have to say, enjoy!


Sasuke angrily strode into the office, ignoring the scared looks and the scurrying around his employees were doing in order to look busy. He was well used to this and he not so secretly enjoyed the respect he got from his employees, even if half of it was fearful. Today he reveled in their scurrying as it was just that kind of day.

As he was walking by he saw that idiot Kiba's phone start buzzing around on his desk, unnoticed. Unnoticed because Kiba was both playing a video game and blasting his ipod through his headphones to loud to hear it. Curious, Sasuke picked up the phone and read the new message; it read "It's here!" in bold red letters. Now contrary to popular belief, Sasuke was aware that there was a lookout/alert system in place to announce his arrival to the office so that his employees could prepare themselves. Sasuke wondered who sent the message today?

Sasuke looked up from his pondering to see Kiba staring at his phone and Sasuke in dawning horror. Sasuke waited for Kiba to explain himself. Kiba waited for Sasuke to do something. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Kiba's continued silence and was perplexed even further when Kiba's gaze seemed to be focused on something behind him. Sasuke glanced behind him and saw the blinds in his office quickly snap closed but not before he saw a flash of blond hair. Perfect.

On the outside Sasuke seemed irritated and still angry, but inside he was smirking. Throwing Kiba's phone back on the desk, Sasuke quickly strode the short distance to his office and quietly shut the door.


Naruto quickly shut the blinds and frantically looked around for a place to hide his phone but before he could find one, Sasuke came into the office and shut the door. Quietly. That meant trouble; Naruto quickly hid his phone behind his back when Sasuke turned his eyes in his direction. Sasuke looked at the dobe, his dobe, in front of him and he couldn't help the frown that came to his face.

"Where were you this morning?" Sasuke asked quietly, his eyebrow slowly raising as Naruto stuttered out a response.

"I was-uh-hmm-I-I…u know…the usual? So how was your morning walk?" Naruto asked trying to change the subject while slipping his phone into his back pocket.

"Hn. You didn't answer my question dobe. Where. Were. You?" Sasuke asked again his tone bordering on dangerous and each word bringing him a step closer to Naruto who quickly jumped behind the desk in self preservation.

"I was getting an early start?" Naruto answered/asked hopefully hoping Sasuke would buy it. He could see from Sasuke's eye rolling that it didn't work. Sasuke knew better than anyone by now since Sasuke and Naruto were married and they went into work together that it was Sasuke that had to drag Naruto out of bed every day.

Naruto couldn't help the smile that came to his face at the sight of Sasuke rolling his eyes or even threatening to. Married or not his Sasuke was still a teme a good majority of the time.

"No?" Naruto asked in a teasing voice, dodging quickly to the right to escape Sasuke's lunge at him. "Why do you want to know so badly anyway, teme? Did you miss me?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"Yes." Sasuke answered truthfully surprising Naruto into letting his guard down enough to let Sasuke grab him.

Sasuke sat down on the edge of the desk and pulled the now quiet Naruto around the other side of the desk and sat him on his lap. Wrapping his arms around the blond, Sasuke just breathed him in for a second. Quiet moments were rare with his dobe and Sasuke cherished them just as much as he did the loud ones.

"Teme?" Naruto murmured.


"You missed me?"

"Hn. "

"You missed me?" Naruto asked again his tone becoming more incredulous by the second.

"Why are you so surprised? Shouldn't a husband miss their idiot spouse when they wake up all alone in the morning?" Sasuke asked before pressing a kiss to the side of Naruto's neck.

"Hmmm…maybe so but most of them don't call their spouses idiots." Naruto replied as he leaned his neck into the caress.

"Most of them aren't married to you now are they, dobe?" Came Sasuke's muffled reply as his lips were still pressed to Naruto's neck. Naruto pouted a little being called both an idiot and a dobe in the same conversation but he quickly got over it. He made a move to be released and he felt Sasuke's arms tighten a little before he was let go. The blond quickly spun around to face Sasuke and wrapped his arms around him instead.

His blue eyes searching granite ones, loving the surprised look there before leaning forward and give Sasuke a kiss. Naruto massaged Sasuke's lips with his own, his tongue gliding along the seam of Sasuke's lips but not delving in. He quickly pulled away ignoring Sasuke's moan of protest but unable to resist pressing a few more kisses to those full lips.

Pressing his forehead to Sasuke's he waited for the raven to open his eyes, "Good morning, teme."

"In case you were wondering where I was this morning I had to come in early to meet with that new author I told you about. I would have woke you up but you looked so cute all snuggled in the covers." Naruto teased before getting off of Sasuke's lap and brushing the wrinkles out of his suit.

Sasuke frowned at being called cute but he was extremely happy with his good morning kiss and explanation of Naruto's whereabouts. He stood and had grabbed Naruto's arm with every intention of giving Naruto a real good morning kiss when a knock at the door derailed those plans.

"Later, and don't think I forgot that you sent the message this morning." Sasuke whispered into Naruto's ear, giving it a little nibble and patting his butt right where his phone was resting in his back pocket before releasing him to open the door.

He opened the door to reveal his new assistant, Suigetsu. He wasn't as good or as meticulous as Naruto but Sasuke was biased obviously. He let Naruto have the dubious honor of picking his own replacement and Naruto was very thorough and if most of them were people who were trying to get into his husband's pants well, Naruto made sure that Sasuke had other things to do during the interviews. What? He had to make sure they wanted the job for the right reasons, right? Suigetsu seemed to have the best temperament to deal with Sasuke's teme attitude and Naruto watched him closely during their first meeting to make sure he wouldn't try anything. He passed with flying colors and Naruto knew he could trust him to keep the office sluts at bay in agreement with clause seven of his contract.

Naruto took Suigetsu's arrival as a sign for him to leave. As per their agreement Naruto did get Sasuke to look at his manuscript and the book was quickly making a name for Naruto as an acquisitions editor in the company as well as the publishing business. Naruto worked as an editor in acquisitions a floor down. Both Naruto and Sasuke felt that Naruto working under Sasuke would be a conflict of interest so Naruto decided to learn from and work alongside the best acquisitions editor in the company which happened to be Gaara.

He kissed Sasuke on the cheek as he slid past him calling out that he would meet him for lunch on his way out into the outer office. He heard his husband grunt in response as he walked to the elevator.

"Hey fox face!" Naruto paused halfway to the elevator and turned back around to head to Kiba's cubicle at the greeting.

"Hey, Kibbles!" Naruto greeted him back after doing their fist pump explosion. Kiba grinned at him before looking concerned. Naruto frowned in response, what was there to be worried about?

"What's wrong man?" Naruto asked in concern.

"Did he find out about the message?" Kiba asked worriedly. It took Naruto a second to remember what Kiba was talking about.

"Oh that? He found out man, I'm sorry."


"Oh it's cool, teme doesn't care really. He just likes scaring you guys. Just don't tell him that I told you that ok? Let him have his fun." Naruto finished with a big grin.

"Dude your husband is twisted and I'm not sure what to think about you supporting his twistedness."

"You would do the same for Hinata and you know it." Naruto teased, pleased with the blush that came to Kiba's face at the mention of his fiancé's name. Naruto managed to get a glimpse of the clock behind Kiba's head and knew that he had to jet. He really would be the idiot Sasuke called him all the time if he arrived late to his office while he was inside the building.

"Listen man, I gotta go. Talk to you later?"

"Sure man."

Naruto nodded and headed to the elevator once more, he really couldn't afford to be late to work. Despite the fact that the teme thought he was the most exacting boss in the building Naruto would happily give that title to Gaara, no questions asked.

As he entered the elevator he found his eyes moving back to Sasuke's office to find familiar eyes staring back at him. Naruto being Naruto winked and blew him a kiss as the elevator doors closed, not missing the devilish smirk Sasuke gave him in response. He was going to get it later on…he couldn't wait.