I have mad ethis remake because I have heard some negative feedback about my original Kitsune dragon knight story. Because of this I have decided to put my experience in a remake of my story. This one will be different except for a few things. Let me know if you think it's an improvement of the other one. Now on with the show.

Prologue: Rise of the dragon

Minato stood across from the nine-tailed fox. He stood on top of the toad boss Gamabunta. At his feet was a small bundle.

"Ready big guy?" the blonde asked as got ready.

"As I'll ever be," the toad said.

Minato went through hand signs and yelled, "Death Reaper Seal!"

As he said those words the shinigami rose from the ground and faced the fox. Then the beast felt his body being pulled. It roared as it was sucked into the bungle at the man's feet. As he did the bundle began to cry.

Meanwhile a pair of golden eyes stared at them.

"So he is the one," a deep voice said,

The creature then turned into silver chakra and joined the fox inside the boy's body. The Shinigami stood above Minato about to swallow him when he felt something.

"Aren't you going to eat me?" Minato asked the god of death.

"Something has come up," Shinigami said, "and our deal is off."


"Easy human," the god said, "Something else has joined th boy meaning our contract is null and void. The fox is still in the child. However I cannot eat your soul. Instead you shall be put in a sleep along with your wife. Only your son will be able to wake you."

"My son?" he asked, "What does he have to do with this?"

"You will learn when you awaken," he said. A burst of purple flame appeared in the gods hand and a red haired woman appeared.

"Honey?" she asked.

"Sleep tight," the death god said as the two suddenly fell asleep. The god knew that some people would try to do something dumb so he transported them somewhere else. He figured somewhere in water country would do. He smiled as he went home. He jus hoped the boy would have a better life then he hoped.

In the seal Kyuubi was roaring it's head off.

"Darn it," he growled, "When I get out of here I'm going to-"

"Calm yourself fox," said a deep voice.

The Kyuubi looked a saw a large silver Dragon a few feet from the cage. I had a thick body with long strong legs massive wings and a long tail. It had a large head with massive teeth and glowing gold eyes. It's scales were silver and it's practically agave off an aura of authority.

"We have much to discuss," the dragon said.

End Prologue

Chapter 1: Rise to power.

It had been thirteen years since the sealing. Thirteen years since the dragon entered the seal and stopped the Shinigami from eating Minato's soul. Those years were nothing but pain. Naaruto had been nearly killed multiple times over his life. The sandaime had created a law that no one could talk about Kyuubi. Unfortunately this didn't really do anything. Naruto had been beaten almost every day even worse on his birthday. All the while Kyuubi and the dragon fumed in the seal. As it turns our the dragon was sent by Kami. He had known what would happen to the boy and knew that he would need a father so he sent the dragon to merge into the Seal with Kyuubi thus breaking the deal. The dragon told Kyuubi of this and had to admit he was surprised the god of life did this. Well not really since it was known that Kami was a big softie when it came to kids.

AS Naruto grew he was denied food, shelter and a family. The only family he knew were at a ramen stand. He made a few friend in the academy but the parents of some made there children stay away from him. They listened unfortunately. If they had known Naruto's life they would be angry with there parents. Naruto despite this pain didn't hate his village. He did, however, put up a mask to hide his pain. He had to take the graduation class for the academy three times. He didn't have the best chakra control because the teachers were paid off by the council to sabotage his education. He managed to pass hen he beat Mizuki, one of his teachers and saved his other Teacher Iruka. At the same time he learned the shadow clone jutsu. Because of both of these he passed. When he passed he was put with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. The first was an arrogan pain in the butt who thought everything should be given him on a silver platter because he was spoiled rotten by the council when his clan was killed by his brother Itachi. Sakura Haruno was his number 1 fan girl. Naruto had a crush on her but after a few hits to the face from said girl for just talking to her it died. He just kept it up for his mask. There sensei was a jounin named Kakashi Hatake. His sensei was Minato, Naruto's father. He had no ill will to the boy since he knew that Naruto wasn't what he contained. He was one of the ANBU guards that were assigned to him. He protected the boy all he could.

The four were currently on a mission to wave. The mission was to protect a bridge builder by the name of Tazuna. It was C-ranked but it became a B-ranked when they were attacked by tow missing ninja. They were hired by Gato, a corrupt business man, who was slowly bleeding his home dry. He begged them to help him. They agreed. The had currently arrived and were walking down a dirt road when Kakashi suddenly yelled, "Get down!"

Everyone ducked a huge sword came out of nowhere. Only Sakura didn't get down in time. Naruto then pushed her out of the way but he was struck across the chest by the blade. Sakura was shocked. Her mother had told her that he was a demon and yet he had just saved her life. It was then she saw what she did to him. She felt tears pool in her eyes.

"Naruto!" she cried and went over to his body, "Naruto…why? Why did you do it?"

"S-Sakura," Naruto said, "Those who abandon the rule are trash, b-but those who abandon their teammates are worse. I wasn't about t-to let you die. Not yet anyway."

Sakura felt her heart break. Kakashi looked own at his student. He had taken that motto to heart. Then he heard words that made his blood boil.

"What an idiot," Sasuke said, "He just gave his life to save some dead weight. What a loser."

Kakashi glared at the Uchiha. Right now he was considering bring the Uchia clan down to one person. Sakua however stared at her crush. He just spat on someone's grave for saving someone's life. Her look changed from shock to disgust. Her view of him just went down the can. Tazuna had a scowl himself. He had heard that ninja were supposed to stand by their comrades and this kid was making fun of one for him being compassionate toward another. Man this kid was in a desperate need for a serious wake up call. Or just a hard shot to the head whichever came first.

"Did you teach him that?" a voice said.

Everyone looked to see a man with cowhide pants, long pants and sandals, wraps on his arms and mask that covered his mouth standing on the sword that had sliced Naruto.

"Yes," Kakashi said, "I did."

"He would have made a great ninja," Zabuza said, "If you survive give the boy a proper funeral."

In Naruto's mind…

Naruto woke up in a sewer. He felt his chest to be surprised that he was alive. He though he had just died. Naruto looked around and saw a large door in front of him. He blinked as he saw it. Eh walked forward and opened it. He saw a massive cage. When he got closer he peered inside and saw a massive pair of red eyes. Naruto gulped. Suddenly a huge set of claws shot forward. Naruto jumped back to avoid them. As he landed he heard a laud bellowing laugh.

"Oh man I needed that laugh," said a voice from inside the cage.

"A-Are you the-" Naruto stuttered.

"Yes," the voice said, "I am Kyuubi."

Naruto hung his head, "The villagers were right. I am a demon…"


Naruto spun around at the yelled to see a massive silver dragon.

"Your are not the fox," the dragon growled, "Dang child beaters. They really messed you up."

"Who are you?" Naruto asked at the imposing force.

"I am Elyon. The king of the dragons," the beast said, "I will tell you why I'm here later. Right now we don't have a lot of time."

"Right," the fox said, "Kid we need to do something to keep you alive."

"What?" Naruto asked, "What are you going to do?"

"We'll merge our chakra with you," the fox answered, "There will some physical changes but you will figure them out later."

"All right," Naruto said, "but make it quick! I have to help my teammates."

The two giants nodded and both sent massive blast of chakra at Naruto. Elyon's was silver while Kyuubi's was red.

In the real world…

Kakashi had his headband off his eyes showing a sharingan eye. He was having trouble fighting Zabuza because of the Hidden mist jutsu he had cast over the field. Sakura and Sasuke were both guarding Tazuna. The swordsman was about to finish things when there was a sudden burst of chakra.

'What is this power?' Zabuza thought as he looked around. He cleared the mist and was met with the shock of his life. The boy in orange, the one he killed, was now radiating silver and red chakra. The body slowly rose up as a few changes occurred. The boy began to get taller. Soon he was Sasuke's height. Silver highlights appeared in his hair. As his face came into view they saw his whisker marks were fading a bit. When he opened his eyes the pupil was slit and he had a ring of silver around his iris. Naruto then threw off his jacket. The shirt revealed a bit of muscle underneath. He also had a tattoo of a red fox on his right arm and silver dragon on his left.

"Sasuke," Naruto growled, "Who is this guy?" He received only silence. "Answer me!" Naruto roared. Sasuke was surprised at the volume. Naruto voice got loud when he was angry but it was never like this.

"He's the one who threw the sword Naruto," Sakura said fighting down the blush she had when she saw Naruto's muscles.

"Good," Naruto said, "Now I know who to thank for that."

Naruto then vanished in a burst of speed that kasha could barely follow. He appeared in front of Zabuza letting out a mean right hook to his jaw. The swordsman was sent flying across the battlefield until he connected with a tree.

'What the heck was that?" was the thought running through everyone's heads as they saw the awesome display of power.

Zabuza groaned as he rose from the ground. Then he was knocked back to the ground via a punch from Naruto again. Then Naruto put his heel on his back and grabbed both of Zabuza's arms. Then Naruto pulled on both arms until there was a loud crack. The swordsman arms fell limp to the ground.

"Whoa," was all Kakashi could say at the time.

The chakra around Naruto started to fade and he just stood there.

"What do we do with him?" Naruto asked as the chakra around him faded.

"I will take care of that," said a voice.

They looked and saw a hunter ninja. She stood in front of Zabuza nd picked him up.

"Thank you for helping detain him," the hunter nin said.

Naruto looked at the hunter and sniffed the air. He smiled.

"No problem hunter-chan," Naruto said making the hunter blush beneath her mask.

She disappeared via shushin.

"Uh kakashi sensei," Naruto said getting the man's attention, "Do me a favor would you? Catch me."

Naruto then fell backwards. Kakshi jumped into action and caught him.

"Are you okay Naruto?" he asked.

"Yeah sensei," Naruto said, "I'm fine. That just put a lot of strain on my body. Not used to using so much chakra at once. I'll improve over time. Now I'm going to take a nap."

All the while Sasuke looked at Naruto with jealousy.

'What was that power? When he wakes up I will demand him to tell me where he got that power so I can get it for myself.'

After about and hour of walking the group arrived at the village. They walked through the town which was now very poor. A lot of people were very thing and kids were begging for food in the streets. The stores barely had anything. They arrived at a small house on the edge of the town. When they walked in Tazuna yelled, "Tsunami! Inari! I'm home!"

A young woman about mid thirties came into the room.

"Hey dad," she said, "are these the ninja you hired?"

"Yeah," He said, "Your not going to believe what happened. They found out about how I had tried to trick them but they decided to help out. Then we were attacked by this guy with a huge sword. The blonde here took the shot over the chest. Then he started flowing red and silver then he actually beat the guy and tore his arms out of there sockets."

Tsunami looked at him with a look of shock on her face. A kid did all that? She was really starting to wonder what a ninja could really do.

She noticed the unconscious boy on the silver haired man's shoulder.

"Is he going to be okay?" she asked.

"He'll be fine," Kakashi said, "He just wore himself out fighting is all. Is there a place where he can rest?"

"Yes," Tsunami said, "There's a spare room down the hall upstairs. Third door to the right."

Kakashi eye-smiled at her and carried his student to the room. He laid Naruto down and left to leave his student to sleep. As he left he was approached by Sasuke.

"Kakashi," He siad, "What was that power Naruto used?"

"To be honest Sasuke I'm not sure," the one eyed ninja replied, "I can only guess that it's probably some kind of bloodline due to the fact that it activated when Naruto was supposedly killed. Why do you ask?"

"I want it," he said.

Kakashi was quiet then senta hateful glare at the last Uchiha who was starting to sweat.

"Listen boy," he growled, "I don't care who you are or what your uncle did for me. If you try to take what it Naruto's I will personally make sure that you are dropped form the ninja curriculum."

"You can't do that!" Sasuke yelled.

"I can," Kakashi said, "and I will. You mocked Naruto's heart when he nearly gave his life for Sakura. Congratulations Sasuke your worse than trash."

With those words Kakashi left Sasuke. Sasuke turned around and saw Sakura walking up the stairs. He expected her to try and ask him out. To his surprise she didn't. she didn't even look at him. She just walked right past him and walked into Naruto's room. She locked the door behind her.

In the room Sakura knelt next to Naruto. Now she was noticing how handsome he was.

'Naruto,' she thought, 'I'm sorry for how I treated you. When you wake up I hope you can forgive me.'

In Naruto mind Naruto was having a little talk with his two tenants.

"So what exactly happened out there?" Naruto asked, "I've never felt like that before."

"Sorry about that kid," Kyuubi said, "The merge caused a bit of spike in your emotional responses which is why you were so angry."

"I guess that makes sense," Naruto said, "Now I have to ask what will happen as result of our merging?"

"Well," Elyon spoke, "A result will be that your senses will increase in strength. They'll be so strong that they'll be on par with a ninja hound. You will also be able to call on our chakra. If I'm correct eventually you will be able to use ours in conjunction wit yours."

"Yeah," Naruto said, "but I'm nervous about that. Won't Sasuke be able to copy my moves if actually does unlock his Sharingan?"

"No," Kyuubi answered, "Our chakra is much stronger than regular chakra. This means that the little jutsu thief won't be able to steal your hard work."

"Awesome," Naruto said with a grin.

"Now child," Elyon said, "while were here there is a smith in town. When you wake go tohim and ask him to forge you two swords."

"Why should I do that?" Naruto asked the dragon king.

"If you take our chakra and merge it with the weapon then it will be able to use our chakra and you can use it more adeptly in battle," the dragon explained.

"Good idea," Naruto said, "I could expand my arsenal a bit. I want to be able to catch the villagers by surprise should they try to attack me."

"Good now there is one last thing we want to ask you kid," Kyuubi said.

"What's up?" Narutoa sked.

"How would you feel about gaining a bloodline from both of us?"

So how do you guys like the remake? I know it's different but I'm trying to make up for a few mistakes I made in the first one. I don't know if this will be as good as the first but I can only hope that it is. Anyway enjoy and read. Oh and before I go in Phantom among Titans should I have Danny ask Raven out in the next chapter or should I wait?