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Chapter 19: End of the Red Dawn.

The remaining Akatsuki members stood outside the kage summit area.

They consisted of a pale man with no hair, four orange haired men with multiple piercings, a girl with long orange hair and piercings, a woman with blue hair, orange eyes, and an origami rose in her hair, a red haired man who had purple that had multiple circles around his eyes in a ripple pattern, a man with blue skin with spiky black hair, a pale emotionless man with onyx eyes, and finally a man who wore an orange mask with a single hole in it. The only thing that was similar was the black cloak with red clouds that they all wore.

"Where are those two?" the blue man asked, "Samehada is starting to get impatient."

As he said that the bandaged weapon he had hoisted on his shoulder shook and seemed to rattle as the bandages moved like something was starting to get off.

The other man said, "Calm down Kisame. The fight will begin shortly.

Suddenly there was a shout that shocked everyone present.

"Dragon Release: Dragon of the Mountain!"

The ground shook as everyone moved out of the way to avoid what was coming. A great stone eastern dragon shot up from the ground and nearly crushed one of the Akatsuki members.

The girl with blue hair and orange eyes turned her arms into multiple sheets of paper. She sent them flying forward and sliced the stone dragon to pieces.

"Now that wasn't very nice," said a very familiar voice.

Everyone turned around to see Naruto standing good distance from them.

"Naruto," Itachi said, "You've grown since I last saw you."

Naruto rubbed his chin and said, "You're weasel aren't you? The ANBU who helped protect me."

Itachi nodded and said, "Now I hate to be rude, but are you going to come with us or are you going to continue being a nuisance?"

Naruto said, "You tell me."

Itachi activated his Sharingan and focused them at Naruto.

Naruto said "I wouldn't do that if I were you pal."

Itachi's eyes started to spin.


In the Genjutsu realm…

Naruto found himself tied to a large stake. He looked around to see Itachi standing in front of him.

"I heard how you killed my brother," the Uchiha killer said, "I guess I owe you for ruining my plan. For the next 72 hours you are mine."

Naruto chuckled and said, "I don't think so pal."

Naruto opened his eyes to reveal the Kitsune eye. Suddenly Itachi found himself stake to a metal cross. Naruto had his swords drawn. Behind him were the Kyuubi and Elyon both of them were snarling viciously.

"For the next 72 hours mortal," Kyuubi started.

"You are ours!" Elyon finished.

Back in the real world…

Itachi suddenly screamed shocking the remaining Akatsuki. Itachi fell to one knee clutching his head. His eyes started to bleed.

"Itachi, what happened?" Kisame asked.

"Naruto," Itachi said, "He turned the Tsukynomi back on me."

Kisame smirked and said, "This kid gets more and more interesting."

Just as he finished that sentence Naruto threw a kunai that missed Itachi, but Naruto vanished in a flashof red before appeareing in a similar flash right behind the Uchiha massacre artist and swung his sword sending the blade of the kunai through his temple piercing the brain and killing the boy.

Kisame quickly swung his bandaged weapon. Naruto quickly materialized Dragon Claw and Fox Fang blocking the weapon and jumping backwards

Before Kisame could attack again he was cut off when a flurry of chakra chains burst from the ground and wrapped around him. His sword actually absorbed the chakra causing the chains to vanish.

There was a flash of yellow and Minato appeared before slamming his fist into the masked man's stomach.

"I remember you," Minato said, "You're that S.O.B. that attacked my wife when she was pregnant."

The man said, "Tobi had to do it. Tobi was a good boy and still is."

Tobi actually turned intangible and slipped out of the chains got into a stance.

"I'll fight you again," the masked man said, "Because Tobi is a good boy."

Minato charged forward and Toi dodged the assault and then had to avoid a sudden slash from Kushina. The duo then chased after the man that led to the breaking up of their family all those years ago.

Kisame shot forward at Naruto swinging his bandaged weapon. He was met with a loud clang as Zabuza blocked the weapon with his own sword. The fish man then dodged hail of senbon made of ice shot from Haku. Suddenly, a hail of kunai and a few globs of lava were thrown at him. After that he was hit by a large hammer made of chakra.

Zabuza turned around to see the Mizukage and her body guards.

"I guess this means there are no hard feelings about leaving the village?" Zabuza asked.

Mei turned to the man and said, "We'll see."

Kisame ripped the bandages off his shword revealing a large club like weapon that was covered from hilt to tip in a lot of much smaller blades. In other words this thing wouldn't just cut you it would slice you to ribbons.

The six fighters ran off to have their privacy.

The orange eyed girl fired a lot of pieces of paper. A suddenly blast of wind shredded the paper making the paper useless. A puppet burst from the ground and slashed at the girl just in time to get hit in the back with a suddenly blast of sand.

The girl was knocked to the ground before she jumped up. She saw the Kazekage facing them along with Kankuro and Temari.

The blue haired girl grew some massive wings made of paper and flew off. The other three ran after her.

Naruto stood and face the final seven members. Sakura landed next to Naruto as did the Raikage, the Tsuchikage, and their Jinchuuriki.

"You guys ready to kick some missing nin hide?" Naruto asked.

"You bet kid," the raikage said, "I'm going to crush this punk like a bug."

The Tsuchikage sighed and said, "This is going to be murder on my back."

With that the group charged at 7 remaining members. the orange haired members charged as well while the red haired man stayed back.


Apparently the Akatsuki had known of their plan to have a lot of extra ninja come with them. The group was attacked by a bunch of white guys. And I man pure white with yellow eyes. The ninja from all the villages were fighting against the freaks when the Amazons showed up. Apparently, Minato sent a message to their leader to ask for a little extra help. Despite being in this position everyone fought strong. This was going to be crazy.

Round 1; Kisame vs. Chojuro, Ao, Zabuza and Haku (one sided isn't it)

Mei went through hand signs and yelled, "Lava Style: Lava River!"

The ground actually melted and a turned into a river of molten rock.

Kisame stopped to avoid running into the liquid stone.

Chojuro jumped up and swung his sword sending a massive chakra hammer. The runaway swordsman jumped to the side to avoid getting crushed. Ao came out of nowhere and swung a punch that Kisame caught. Kisame slammed the bottom of his sword into Ao's stomach making him double over. This also sapped some of his chakra.

He was stopped when he suddenly ducked a swing from Zabuza's zanbato. Haku formed a few daggers out of ice and slammed them into Kisame's side making him cry out in pain.

The man stumbled backwards. He was suddenly kicked into the air by Zabuza's foot.

"Hit it Haku!" the masked swordsman yelled.

Haku went through hand signs and said, "Secret Ice Technique: Demon Ice Mirrors!"

The water in the air cooled and solidified into multiple ice mirrors. Haku jumped in and was seen in all of them. As Kisame rose up he was suddenly hit with multiple needles. As he fell to his knee he was suddenly beheaded by Zabuza.

Kisame turned into water shocking the group. Kisame then jumped up and slashed Zabuza across the back making him cry out in pain. As he fell to the ground Kisame went through hand signs and slammed his hand onto the puddle formed by his water clone.

"Water Style: Rain Water Shark Wave!"

Despite the puddle being small the puddle a plume of water shot into the sky and rained down on the group. The water droplets took the shape of sharks.

Haku went through hand signs and said, "Ice Style: Ice Age!"

There was a sudden chill in the air that froze the sharks making Kisame curse. He was then the victim of the ice sharks being sent flying right back at him. he didn't have time to dodge and was stabbed with the projectiles.

He was then struck with multiple kunai and shuriken thrown by Ao.

Zabuza shot forward and swung his mighty weapon slicing off the limb and causing the Samehada hit the ground.

Chojuro formed another massive hammer with his word and smashed the fish man into the ground with a loud boom. The last thing Kisame saw was the MIzukage forming hand signs and firing a super hot blast of water. The man screamed in pain as he was boiled alive.

Pretty soon the smell of boiled fish reached everyone's noses.

"Come on boys," Mei said, "We got places to be."

Round 2: Konan vs. the sand siblings…

The fight between the four ninja was actually quite interesting. Konan's powers and jutsu mostly relied around her turning into paper. While this gave her incredible cutting power she also had multiple explosive notes hidden in the papers causing for a rather vicious sneak attack.

With Temari's wing techniques they were able to keep the paper attacks at bay.

Kankuro's puppets were a little difficult to deal with against the paper blades.

Gaara was able to use his sand defense thanks to some leftover youkai from the Ichibi.

They eventually got an advantage against the woman when they blasted her with tar shot form one of Kankuro's puppets. This got a temporary advantage and got them plenty of hits in. unfortunately one of those blows knocked her into a lake and washed off the tar.

The fighters kept out with the stalemate again.

Back with Naruto, Sakura, the two kages, and Pain…

Naruto cracked groaned as he looked up to see the 4 remaining Akatsuki members. These guys were much stronger than he thought.

The girl was able to summon multiple animals all at once.

One guy could control gravity, another could absorb chakra, another could fire metal contraptions from his body, and the other two were freakishly strong.

The one with the machinery powers was destroyed first after a combined lighting armor fist from the Raikage and a super powered punch from Sakura splattered its head.

The one that could absorb chakra had been destroyed when it tried to grab Naruto. The boy sent a flush of Kyuubi's chakra causing it the burst into flames.

The final one to die was one that could summon. When she took the time to bring out a big one the Tsuchikage form a massive box around her and crush her to dust.

All the while Naruto had a strange feeling about this fight. He looked at the original and opened his Kitsune eye. His eyes widned when he saw that there was a genjutsu over Pain.

Naruto flashed a few hand motions to Sakura who repeated them to the two kages present who flashed them to their body guards.

The two nodded. The Raikage activated his lighting armor technique one more time before yelling, "Let's go!"

The eight ninja charged forward. Naruto had his swords out called out, "Dragon of Heaven! Breathe your golden flames on my enemy! Burn Dragon Flame!"

As Dragon flame awoke Naruto held out Fox Fang and yelled, "Eyes of Brimstone! Fangs of Fire! Tear my enemies apart and burn their bones to ash! Roar War Fox!"

Fox Fang turned black and a fox skull appeared at hilt. Nine spikes sprouted around the hilt.

The four ninja charged furiously.

The three remaining orange haired people charged as well.

One shot forward and met the Raikage with a loud crack. Kirabi shot up above and slashed the man's arms off. Yugito then jumped in and fired a hellfire ball from her mouth and burned the man alive.

The second one was attacked by the Tsuchikage. He was intercepted by Han first who let lose a blast of steam in the man's face. he clutched his face stumbling backwards. Roshi then made himself known by blasting him the legs with a burst of lava. A blast of power from the Tsuchikage turned the body to dust.

Sakura grappled with the last one keeping it at bay with incredible strength. Naruto jumped up and swung his swords sending a wave of gold and crimson flames that obliterated the man.

The six of the then shot forward towards the red haired man. The man simply held out a hand and gravity suddenly increased. They found it impossible to move. All of them fell to their knees completely incapable of getting up.

"Did you really think," Pain said as he approached them, "That you could defeat a god."

Naruto said, "No…we just need to wake him up."

Naruto focused dragon and fox chakra into his throat body. Naruto glowed with chakra with his eyes turning red. His body turned gold with multiple marking around si body as well as a pair of dragon wings and a tail coming off his back. This was Naruto's dragon and fox sage mode. The sudden transformation made Pain loose his concentration on the technique. When he was released Naruto unleashed a brutal haymaker that knocked the Akatsuki leader backwards a few yards.

As everyone got up they charged only for Naruto to stop them.

"What are you doing Naruto?" Sakura yelled, "You have to end him!"

Naruto said, "Give it a minute."

Pain slowly rose up from the ground. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs before a look of absolute rage formed on his face.

He suddenly shot off at incredible speed.

With Tobi, Kushina, and Minato…

Tobi was clutching his stump of an arm. So far in the fight he was bound in chakra chains held by Kushina and he was hit with wind powered Rasengan. Tobi had taken lapse in the fight apparently believe that he could win easy. Apparently that failed as it was the cause of the missing arm.

"I will not die here," Tobi spat in a angrier than usual tone, "Today you will die!"

The man was about to attack again only for gravity to suddenly increase. He turned around his head, with great difficulty, to see Pain. As the red haired man approached a look of horror was under his mask. He reached out and smashed the man's mask and then ripped out an eye. As he dropped it Mianto and Kushina were shocked when they saw it was a Sharingan eye.

Pain then grabbed onto the man's body and suddenly ripped a transparent version of Tobi out of him. With a flux of chakra the transparent version cried out in pain. Suddenly, a being with a crown and the kanji for hell on it rose up from the ground. The beast then sank its teeth into the soul and dragged the body down screaming.

Pain then turned and the body burst into flames.

With that in a puff of smoke Pain was gone.


After the death of Tobi the army of white creatures died. Meanwhile Pain had grabbed Konan from his fight with the sand trio.

After that no one had heard anything of them for a while. They heard that Amegakure had gotten Pain as a kage. After about three years of the man not doing anything to attack they decided to leave them be. However, they did keep an eye on him for a while.

Naruto, Hinata, and Artemis had the marriage that allied their village. Years later they had two kids Kairi and Sora. Sora got his father's prank streak leading to multiple comical chases across the villages.

Aresia was the one who caught the bouquet as it was thrown. She and Lee actually got into a relationship not long after the end of the Akatsuki. The two were a pretty unstoppable team. Though, Aresia did have to beat Lee out of his youthful clothing.

Neji got together with Ten-Ten. After a little bit of controversy with Ten-Ten's father the two married and were about to have give birth to a baby girl.

Sakura actually got with Chouji much to the shock of a lot of people.

Ino actually got with Shino. Ino found out that Shino actually had a lot of muscle. Apparently the kikai insects started fine tuning the body making him very muscular. This was a well kept secret of the Aburame clan. In regards to keeping this a secret she forced Shino on a date with her. The date actually went smoothly. After that they actually got together though they do argue about whether or not they should have kids.

Kiba didn't really hook up with anyone because he still had a slightly feral nature at times and it kind of scare them away.

Shikimaru got together with Temari. The relationship didn't last long with the long distance thing. Besides Gaara did threaten him with bodily harm if he broke his sister's heart. They are currently in the middle of a on again off again relationship.

Kankuro didn't get with any girls on account of the fact that he wore makeup and played with dolls.

Cut! Okay people I would like to apologize if the ending sucked. Anyway it looks like I'm only like this when the story doesn't have a sequel. Forgive me for anyone who has been let down. Okay see you all later. Bye.