Chapter 5, Part 1

Wrong Words

By the time Dethklok returned the Mordhaus, managed to unload all of their stuff, and said goodnight, it was a few hours past midnight. It was a moderately awkward situation, of course, because as Pickles and Toki retreated up to their room everyone knew what they were about to do. The drummer wished that particularaspect of their relationship—and their plans tonight—hadn't been made so public, but it had been, and there was nothing he could do about it. Skwisgaar worsened it to the point of humiliation whenever he said goodnight to Toki.

Since it was too late to go out for ice cream and hookers, he was both horny andmoody as he hugged the other guitarist and mumbled, "At least yous gets some sex tonight."

The Norwegian's face blazed as he retorted, "Shuts up, Skwisgaar! You don'ts knows nothing!"

He chuckled. "Uh, ja, I dos. I knows 'dat you ammnest going to be horribles and Pickle will probably break up with yous after it ams done. Seriously. You can't even kiss rights."

"I cans to!"

Skwisgaar patted him on his head and said, his voice full of derision, "Sures, Toki, sures. Whatever Pickle tells you." and he walked away, laughing madly. Making fun of Toki was something that he loved. Of course, he didn't realize how seriously the Norwegian took his words, because if he had he would've turned around and given him a halfhearted apology and a real goodnight hug.

He didn't hate Toki, just thought of him as a little brother—a little brother who he loved to make fun of. The only problem with this was that in turn, Toki thought of Skwisgaar as his older brother and took every single word he said to heart.

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Chapter 5, Part 2

Making Memories

Pickles walked slowly with Toki, holding his hand tightly. The Norwegian was looking down at his feet, his pale blue eyes distant. His hand was shaking as he asked, "P-Pickle?"


"We's going to dos it tonight?"

"Well if you don't want to-"

"Ja, sures."

Sure? Was that really all he had to say? Pickles swallowed and pressed closer to the guitarist, trying to let him know that there wasn't anything to be scared about. Toki peered over at him and gave him a little smile, but it quickly disappeared as he looked back down. He took a deep, unsteady breath and suddenly he was crying, hugging Pickles very tightly and weeping, "Pickle, I haves never done nothing like this before, and I'm so nervous..."

"It's okay, we don't gotta do it tonight. We can-"

"But I wants to, it's just that...that..."

Pickles smiled and kissed him. "If you wanna do it, then what's the problem?"

Toki met his gaze and shrugged sheepishly. "I just...I feels sick, likes my stomach ams in my throat or somethings."

"It's fine, really. Just relax."

"But I—what ifs I don't know what to do?"

"You will."

"But how you know?"

Pickles just took his hand and started walking to his room again. "Come on. It's gonna be okay. I'll take care of you; I promise."

Toki nodded and followed Pickles, trying to get his heart to stop racing. "I...I don'ts know...wills you not likes me no more if I don'ts fuck you?"

"What? You idiot, of course I'll still like you."

"Oh. That ams good."

"Yeah, just come on." As they approached his door Pickles turned around and scooped Toki up into his arms. "If we're gonna do 'dis, we're gonna do it right." He walked over and gently laid Toki on the bed. "We're gonna go slow, don't worry."

Carefully the drummer removed the Norwegian's shirt, sighing in content as the guitarist's muscled torso flexed. Toki's whole body was rigid with nervousness as Pickles kissed him. "Pickle-"


Toki was staring at him, gripping the sheets of the bed with balled fists. "I ams...really kind of..."

"Okay, 'dats fine." He leaned down on his elbows and repositioned himself so that he was directly above Toki. Without hesitation, he lowered his head and kissed him, just like he had before in the hall earlier that day.

The drummer felt the Toki's hands running along the small of his back and abruptly ended the kiss before a moan could escape his lips. "Ams I doing it right?" Toki breathed heavily. "Touching you like this?"

"No, it's good."

"You ams going to touch me?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I'm gonna..."

He really didn't want him to knowwhat he would do to him, so the drummer just threw off his shirt and let Toki's hands wander aimlessly around his skin while he struggled to unbuckle the Norwegian's belt. "You can'ts do it." Toki said, indicating his belt and smiling.

"Y-Yeah I can."

Truth be told, he was getting to be just as nervous as the guitarist. Toki smiled and undid his belt. Very soon they were lying together perfectly naked, and the Norwegian was huddled in Pickles' arms. "Pickle, you know sex ams something special?" he asked as the drummer hugged him close.


"I...I just don'ts know...I never done it with no one before, but I just knows it ams supposed to be real special; a way to bring peoples together..."

"Yeah, I get 'dat." he responded.

Toki swallowed and added, "So if yous just don't really loves me, then-"

"But you're my Toki, right?"

He nodded. "Ja."

"Then trust me. I wouldn't hurt you like that."

"Okays...I'm still a little nervous."

Pickles pulled away and kissed him one last time. "Relax. The worst part's over." he looked down at Toki's sweating, muscular frame. It was perfect, yet flawed by the cuts and bruises that were still just beginning to heal. Pickles peered at his own chest and saw that he was in no better shape, and that he had a large cut in almost the same place as Toki—across his chest, over where his heart beat. It was stitched up cleanly, but it could still it could reopen so easily...

Suddenly Toki was reaching up, running his fingers along the neat stitching across Pickles' chest, smiling a little. His eyes shined in the small amount of light that illuminated the drummer's room. "It's funny..."


"You and me—we matches." he pointed at his own wound and said quietly, "Like we was broken or somethings."

Being broken was an odd thought to say the least, but the truth was that Pickels hadn't really been whole before he fell in love with Toki. "Yeah, I guess we were busted or somethin'," he whispered thoughtfully.

Toki's small smile grew and he looked up into Pickles' green eyes. "But we matches. We fits each others."

"Yeah, we do."

"And we fixes each others."

He nodded. "Y-Yeah. I guess we do."

His voice had begun to shake. He had never known anyone person as beautiful as Toki in his entire life. It was so wonderful being with him, having him all to himself...having his Toki...

He was ready. Slowly he entered Toki, closing his eyes and letting a little moan pass his lips. The Norwegian immediately became ridged in his arms again, forcing Pickles to whisper in his ear, "Calm down, it's gonna be fine."

"It hurts little," he said back, trying to find a balance between the pleasure and the pain.

"Ssh," Pickles replied, kissing his neck. "Just ssh."

He didn't want it to be spoiled by talking; there didn't need to be any talking. This was something that was so wonderful, so incredible that it had to be experienced on its own. As Pickles entered Toki it was something so damn indescribable—he had never felt this with anyone before, and he had screwed a lot of people. There was something different about this, something special. Maybe it was the way Toki arched his back and let Pickles' hands roam his body...maybe it was just Toki. The drummer had no clue.

Whatever it was, he'd never forget it in his whole life.

For Toki, the pain had melted away into a frenzy of ecstasy. He let his head fall onto Pickles' shoulder and his lips touch every inch of skin he could find. His hands tightly wound their way into the the drummer's hair. Once he found breath, he whispered, "I ams doing okay? Good?"


Toki let out a loud moan and said thru gritted teeth, "Gods, Pickle!"

"Toki, I...I..." I love you, he thought.

The Norwegian reached up and wrapped his arms around the drummer's neck. "I ams good for you? You likes it?"

Pickles began panting. "Fuck yes..."

"You touch me, Gods, please?"

It took a moment for Pickles to realize that Toki was actually asking to be touched. Of course he complied; in an instant he had a hold on the guitarist's erection and was stroking it quickly, trying in desperation to make him climax. Somehow he finally found the will to say, "I love you."

Toki's whole body became limp in Pickles' arms as he released himself, panting and moaning in desire. The drummer let out a hiss and he gripped Toki's hips so tightly that his nails cut into his soft skin...

"Love you, Gad, so fuckin' much," he cried, feeling the guitarist's lips begin kissing him all over—his face, his neck, his chest. He let himself go, encouraging Toki to let out a loud cry and fall back into the mattress.

"Feels good," was all he could say as the drummer stared down at him."I feels shaky."

"I-It's okay," Pickles responded as he laid down next to Toki and hugged him. "You're just tired."



"What you just say? What you just says when you was fucking me?"

Pickles arched a brow. "Whadda mean what'd I say?"

"Abouts you loves me."

"I...yeah, I do."

Toki grinned, his face tired and his eyes half closed. His long hair hung in limp strands, plastered to his face with sweat. He leaned forward and kissed Pickles before saying softly, "I loves you too."

The drummer just closed his green eyes tightly and hugged Toki closer, trying to assure himself that this was real and not some kind of euphoric fantasy or that he was just high or drunk...he wasn't. He was just in love for the first time in his life, and now he really wasn't ashamed to acknowledge it.

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