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Kin moaned as she felt herself wake up, and opened her eyes to find herself inside someone's house. She looked around, taking in the furniture and doors, before sitting up slowly. She winced as her body protested against the action, but managed to sit up fully. She looked at a clock, and realized it was half past noon.

Suddenly, she heard a door open, and three people walked into the room. Her eyes widened as she recognized the two that were her age. Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga were in conversation with a man with red semi-spiky hair and red eyes with slitted pupils.

The man looked and saw Kin sitting up. "You're awake. That's good," he said as he sat down in one of the chairs, with Naruto and Hinata sitting on a couch next to Kin's.

"W-who..." Kin started, wincing under the man's gaze.

"My name is Takeshi," the man said, "and we have some questions for you. Namely about what Orochimaru and that Lilty are doing. I know you just woke up, but time is not on our side."

Kin hesitated. She would be considered a traitor if she said anything. On the other hand, Orochimaru had shoved her into a coffin and left her to die, not to mention she hated her village. "I-I don't know much..." she said, not looking at anyone. "But Orochimaru is planning to invade the Hidden Leaf Village. That... Lilty is helping him for some reason. They seem to have made an alliance. They... also recruited the Sand Village, but I think they are planning to betray them. Orochimaru is planning to pose as the Kazekage, and that Lilty will be near him. That's all I know for sure."

Takeshi looked at Kin, his gaze searching for any hint of a lie. After a few seconds, he nodded. "Alright. Thank you. Naruto, let's go tell the Hokage."

"Alright," Naruto said, before placing a kiss on Hinata's cheek, and left as Takeshi used the Body Flicker technique to teleport them.

Hinata, after toning down her blush, smiled kindly at Kin and asked, "What do you want for lunch, Kin?"


Hiruzen sighed as he finished his paperwork... for now. The Daimyo had been informed two weeks ago of Naruto's choice, and while he and Keirei were a bit disappointed, they both accepted it. A swirl of leaves interrupted his thoughts, and Takeshi and Naruto appeared, both of them wearing serious faces. Takeshi glanced at the walls and twitched, causing Hiruzen to nod and send the ANBU away before activating the security seals.

"What happened?" Hiruzen asked.

"Orochimaru," Takeshi said before explaining what had occured the previous night and what Kin told them.

Hiruzen slumped in his chair. "I see. We need to prepare without them finding out."

"I can make bodies for Layle, Amidatelion, and Althea with Blood Clones," Naruto offered.

"That would work, but Orochimaru will try to kill me, so I-" Hiruzen started.

"I need to settle things with him," Takeshi said, his eyes blazing.

"Takeshi, if I had stopped him, you would still have Mirei and Genshi. It's my fault."

"No," Takeshi said. "You are not responsible for that. Orochimaru and Jegran are."

"But still, I am Hokage. If I do not fight-"

"You don't have to. Just be in a place where you can best order your ninja."

"How would I get there?" Hiruzen asked, realizing what Takeshi was thinking.

Takeshi looked up. "I have an idea..."


Sasuke panted as the jutsu in his hand dissipated, his Sharingan fading.

"Pretty good, Sasuke," Kakashi complimented as he surveyed the ten-foot tall boulder Sasuke had been practicing on. Three holes were bored into it, two of them about three feet in diameter and piercing straight through it. The third was half the size of the other two, and only reached one-third of the way though it. "You can use two at full power, and one at half. That's impressive for your age."

"Thanks," Sasuke said, slumping in exhaustion.

"You're welcome," Kakashi said, eye-smiling at his student. "Take a break. You've earned it."

"No, not yet," the young boy said, swallowing a food pill. "There's something I need to test." Sasuke stood up and began running through hand signs, but Kakashi grabbed his hands.

"Rest first, Sasuke. You can test whatever jutsu you want later."


"Sasuke, that was not a suggestion."

Sasuke sighed, then sat against one of the rocks in the area he and Kakashi were training in. He looked up at the sun, noting the time. "Can I start in an hour?"

Kakashi glanced up, then said, "I suppose. We'll work on whatever that jutsu is for an hour. Sound good?"

Sasuke grunted, a sign that he had no problems with that. He remained quiet for the next few minutes until he asked, "Sensei?"

"Yes?" Kakashi responded, his nose in his book.

"There are some things I want to ask you."


"The first is...girl problems," Sasuke said shyly, slightly blushing as he looked anywhere but at his sensei.

Kakashi, understanding the seriousness, closed his book. "Explain, please."

"Well..." Sasuke started, hesitating, "you know I don't like fangirls." Kakashi nodded. It was common knowledge that Sasuke had many fangirls, Sakura and Ino being his biggest. "At first, I hated that I was put on our team, mainly because it had Sakura. But over time, as I got to know her better, I began to like how she treated me, even if I didn't realize it then. I don't know why, but...I like seeing her happy, and I feel strange when she smiles at me. I don't like it when she's sad, either, but I don't know what to say to cheer her up. It's just...confusing." Sasuke looked at Kakashi, wanting him to explain.

Kakashi looked at Sasuke, lettng what the boy said sink in. "Hmm. That is a problem. Well, I can't tell you what to do, but I can help you figure it out, Sasuke." Kakashi looked up, a sad look on his face as the boy next to him looked at him. "You know that my sensei was the Fourth Hokage. My teammates were Obito Uchiha and Rin Norita. Rin had a huge crush on me, and Obito had a crush on her, similar to how this team was, before Naruto started dating Hinata. After the mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge, we started dating. For a while, we were happy. I wanted Rin to be happy more than anything else. I hated when she was sad, and loved it when she smiled at me. I would have done anything for her." He looked at Sasuke. "Compare the similarities between the situations, and you'll know what to do."

Sasuke didn't understand what Kakashi was saying, but he nodded. "What happened to her?"

Kakashi sighed. "She died three years after the Fox attacked. I had proposed a month earlier, but she and her team were killed while on a medical mission to a village." Kakashi hung his head, upset that he couldn't save her.

"I'm sorry," Sasuke said. "I shouldn't have asked."

"No... it's fine," Kakashi said, shaking his head. "What else did you want to ask?"

Sasuke asked, "How did you get your Sharingan?"

"Obito gave it to me as he was dying. My real eye had been destroyed, and he had Rin transplant his into my eye socket. He died during the mission to Kannabi Bridge."

The two stayed silent after, absorbing the information they gave and were given.

Eventually, Sasuke said, "There's one more thing I want to ask."


"How long have you known about Naruto's tenant?"

Kakashi stared at his student, shocked. Whatever he was expecting, it hadn't been that. "When did you..."

"After the forest. He told all of the rookies."

Kakashi slumped. "I knew from the beginning about the Fox." He paused, then asked, "Do you hate him?"

"No." Sasuke shook his head. "How can I hate someone for something out of his control?"

"I feel the same," Kakashi said.


Sakura slumped as she took a break next to a river in a training ground. Izumo Kamizuki, her temporary sensei, had taught her several Water jutsu over the last few weeks. She had been skeptical about being taught by one of the proctors, but Izumo said he was only a proctor for the first exam. He now had her begin training to control her element, first by learning how to create a whirlpool in a river by only using her chakra. He said basic mastery was when she could hold a three-foot diameter, four foot deep one for at least a minute. She was stuck at only half of that, and frustrated that she couldn't progress.

"Trouble?" Izumo asked, sitting next to her.

"I can't hold the whirlpool any longer than thirty seconds," Sakura panted, upset.

"I didn't expect you to master it in a month, Sakura," Izumo said. "Reaching thirty seconds in two weeks is very impressive for your age."

"Really?" Sakura asked, surprised, looking at her brown-haired sensei.

"Of course," Izumo said, nodding.

"But, how come I can't control it any longer?"

Izumo gained a thoughtful look. "Well, you were rotating it to the right, but you could be a left-rotation type."

"Huh?" Sakura asked, confused.

Izumo explained, "Chakra coils can spiral either left or right, and going against the spiral can be bad. You usually spend more chakra going against it than with it, because you fight against your coils' natural current. Try rotating it the other way." He handed her a food pill.

Taking the food pill, Sakura submerged her hand into the river and concentrated. Seconds later, water began swirling in the center, forming a distinct circle three feet in diameter. Soon, the circle caved as water was forced down, forming a whirlpool. Izumo watched the water closely, noting when the whirlpool met the required size and starting a mental timer.

Sakura began straining under the exertion, a few strands of sweat trailing down her face. Soon, she let the current dissipate, panting. "How... long was... was that?" she asked, falling back against a tree.

"One minute, thirty seconds," Izumo said, impressed. "Let's end today's training here." He gave her another food pill, which she consumed gratefully.

"Okay," she said, letting her strength return. After several minutes, she stood up.

"Take tomorrow off," Izumo advised. "We'll start another jutsu three days from now. Alright?"

"I'm not complaining, but why not the day after tomorrow?"

"I have an appointment that day."

"Oh, okay," Sakura said, not noticing the small blush on her new sensei's face.

"Alright, see you." With that, Izumo vanished in a swirl of leaves.


Naruto stood in the backyard, his hands close to his heart as Kin, Hinata, and Takeshi stood several yards away. "Alright, here it goes," Naruto said as a purple disk formed between his hands. Soon the air in front of him began to crack as the purple disk vanished and a light-blue one ten feet in diameter appeared between the cracks. Naruto grunted from the effort and colapsed to his knees, summoning more power. He flung his arms wide as he yelled, "HAAH!"

At that moment, the portal split in three pieces, one of them expanding a foot, and the others shrinking, one of them to eight feet and the last to four feet. A figure burst from each portal, their forms shrouded until the portals disappeared.

One was large, easily twice the size of Takeshi's human form. It had dark brown horns that jutted out the sides of its head and continued before curving behind it. Short spikes dug out of its shoulders. It had light-brown skin, and large, clawed hands. Muscles rippled along its figure, giving a lasting impression of strength. Instead of feet, its legs, which bended backwards, ended in black hooves. Its hair seemed to be made of fire, which also sprouted along the back end of its forearms. Its face consisted of pupil-less yellow eyes, a human-like nose, and sharp teeth showing in an ever-pre It wore simple dark-brown shorts and bracers on its wrists.

The second, easily female, had sky-blue skin and waist-length dark blue hair, though not as dark as Hinata's, with a willowy figure. She wore a tight, light-purple mid-rif shirt and a tight swimsuit-like pair of shorts, enough to keep her modesty, but still leaving plenty of skin, as well as showing off her assests. Decorated here and there along her forearms were several glittering snowflakes.

The third stood on all-fours and resembled a cat, reaching up to Naruto's knees when he stood. It's fur was mostly the same color as the woman's skin, except for a white patch on its chest and continuing to its navel. It had a ruby embedded in its forehead, and its eyes were black. It also had three flat, feather-like tails.

The fist one looked around. "Who summoned us?" it asked in a deep voice, noticing the other summons.
"I don't recognize that signature."

"Look at the blond behind you, Ifrit," Takeshi said, approaching Naruto, who was out of breath and sweating from the exertion.

The summons turned around and saw Takeshi. "Takeshi! It's been a long time." He looked at Naruto. "He summoned us? He's just a child!" Ifrit scoffed dismissively.

"Don't be so quick to dismiss him, Ifrit," the woman said, pointing at the crystal in Naruto's cheek. "He is a descendant of Layle."

Ifrit looked at the crystal. "Hmph. So he is. I suppose introductions are in order. I am Ifrit, djinn of Fire."

"I am Shiva, Mistress of Ice," the woman said, smiling kindly. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Hi, I'm Carbuncle!" the cat said exitedly, bouncing on its feet a bit.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki Sol Alfitaria," Naruto introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Hinata Hyuga," Hinata said, bowing.

"I-I-I'm Kin Ts-Tsuchi," Kin stammered, overwhelmed.

"May I ask how you summoned us?" Ifrit asked, then paused as he sensed something. "No, wait. I sense Amidatelion's power. But how can that be?"

"I'll show you," Naruto said, drawing blood from his arm and letting it pool before running through hand signs. "Blood Clone Jutsu!" Naruto announced, and three clones began forming from his blood. Halfway through, Naruto began a second set, and said, "Soul Release Jutsu!" Three orbs, each a different color, flew into the clones, and began transforming them. A soft glow covered their forms, and when they faded, Amidatelion, Layle, and Althea stood in front of the summons.

The summons stared for a few seconds, then Ifrit began laughing. "Hahaha! I see, boy. I can assume you taught him those, Takeshi?"

"I did," Takeshi said.

"W-wait a second!" Kin said, her eyes wide as her mind caught up with what she was seeing. She pointed at Naruto. "You're Layle's last living descendant, and you brought him, Lady Althea, and Amidatelion back to life? And that's why you can summon them?" she asked, pointing to the ones she was referring to as she said their names.

"Sort of. It's hard to explain, Kin," Naruto said, but explained as best he could, leaving out his and Takeshi's connection.

Ifrit laughed. "I see. It must be a sign of the Crystal's will. In any case, it is good to see you again, Layle."

"I can say the same," Layle said.

"Takeshi, where is Mirei?" Shiva asked, noticing the absence of the fox's lover.

Takeshi's face fell. "She...she's no longer with us."

The summons faces fell too. "I'm so sorry," Shiva said sincerely, tears threatening to escape.

"How? You are the strongest of the Biju, and she was no pushover herself," Carbuncle said, tails drooping.

Kin coughed in surprise, despite the atmosphere. Naruto shot her a look that said he'd explain later, making her drop what she was about to say.

"She and my kit were killed by Jegran and a man named Orochimaru," Takeshi said.

"WHAT? How is Jegran alive AGAIN?" Ifrit roared in anger after a short, stunned silence.

"I don't know. Probably Orochimaru's doing," Takeshi said, before adding, "That's partly why you were summoned."

"Which is?"

Takeshi looked at them, eyes hardening. "We need your help..."


Timeskip, day of the finals...

The Chunin Exam finalists minus Sasuke stood in the center of a large stadium behind a Jonin with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes who wore the standard outfit for his rank with his headband worn like a bandana. He also had a senbon hanging in his mouth.

"Stand tall, you lot. Today, this is your show," he said to the Genin behind him before raising his voice to address everyone in the stadium. About half of the village was in attendance, as well as various lords and nobles from many countries. Even the Kazekage, leader of the Hidden Sand Villlage was here. He then got everyone's attention and gave a short speech for the crowd. "Now, let us begin the first match! Naruto Uzumaki versus Neji Hyuga. All the remaining participants, please leave for the waiting area."

After the participants left, he turned to the Genin remaining. "Are both of you ready?" Both Neji and Naruto nodded, neither of them breaking the glare they were sending to the other.

Up in the stands, Hiashi spoke to his youngest daughter. "Watch carefully, Hanabi. Neji has the strongest Byakugan in generations, and Naruto is heir to the oldest bloodline in existance."

"Yes, father."

Genma raised his voice. "The first match will be Neji Hyuga versus Naruto..." He trailed off, looking at the second Genin. He knew his orders, but he wanted to get Naruto's confirmation first.

Naruto nodded. "Proctor, go ahead and say it. They are bound to know."

Genma smirked. "Neji Hyuga versus Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze Sol Alfitaria." Immediately following Genma's declaration was an uproar, mostly from the civilians. In response, Naruto unclasped his jacket and threw it aside, fully revealing the crystal in his cheek as well as the one on his chest that his low-cut shirt showed.

"Let the first match begin!" Genma shouted, before jumping back.


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