The year was 1916.

Francis Bonnefoy was visiting Russia from Paris to visit his dear younger sister, Monica. A grand double-celebration was being held that very day. The 300th anniversary of the royal family's rule over Russia and, the only reason why Francis bothered to travel over a thousand miles from his beautiful home, his nephew, Matthew's, birthday.

As he sat himself down on one of the spare thrones in back of Monica and Zach's own, he drank in the cheer and the beauty of the people dancing. Then he spotted him: his dear little nephew. His precious Matthew.

The small, blond seven year old danced with his mother, looking so very much like her. The wavy hair, the violet-blue eyes, the lithe shape of his body; all were inherited from his French heritage. Then Matthew spotted his uncle. Bidding a quick farewell to his mother, he ran to Francis with a drawing that he fished out of his pocket. Smoothing out the wrinkles as he ran, Francis prepared himself.

When Matt finally showed his uncle a picture of himself, Francis, a small polar bear and a small boy that looked so much like the servant boy that works for the family. The Frenchman desperately knocked his head trying to find a name.

Matthew, from the corner of his eye, saw his "servant" Alfred peek out of the corner. He mentally shook his head that Al had, yet again, stolen another apple from the kitchen. He was paying so much attention to the servant boy that he didn't notice Francis pull out a necklace out from his pocket.

"Oncle..." he said, shock coming from the fact that he thought that his uncle forgot all about his birthday. "I had this specially made for your birthday." Francis said gently. "Go ahead, read the inscription."

In the distance, one of the other servants, the more higher up ones, spotted Alfred listening in on their conversation. "Alfred! You belong in the kitchen. And since you like the stolen food so much, no supper for tonight!" he yelled as Alfred went to run away.

"Together in Paris?" he read, unconsciously feeling the intricate design of the necklace. "Oui, and watch." Francis took out his own copy of the necklace and a small music box from his other pocket. He put the necklace in the small slot in the music box and watched as the top lifted and two small figurines rose up. Matthew's face lit up at the familiar tune that started playing. "This is.."

"Tracez un cercle, c'est la Terre. Tracez un cercle, c'est la Terre. Tracez un cercle, c'est la Terre. Nous nous reverrons en France."

Francis chuckled at his adorable nephew's reaction of excitement. "Do you mean it, oncle? Do I really get to go with you in France?"

I was no question that Matthew was closer the his uncle than his own parents, everything that Matthew knows and loves is in French. His parents were actually against him learning French when he should be learning Russian instead. But that didn't stop Francis sending secret packages to Matthew with souvenirs from France.

"Yes, I already got permission from your parents. We leave tomorrow, on the earliest train. So after the party, pack your valuables and prepare to leave after breakfast. D'accord?" Matthew nodded as fast as his little head could and hugged his dear uncle.

Everything would get better, and everyone would be happy.

But, fate decided to play a cruel hand, so that would never be able to go to Paris.

His name was Ivan Braginski. A dark shadow that fell upon the Williams family. He once worked for the family as a holy man and a healer for the sick. But then something in him changed one day as he sold his soul to General Winter in exchange for enough power to exterminate the entire Williams family and soon after he became mad and power hungry. "Stop!" Zach stepped in front of the scarily happy man. "I banished you from this palace years ago. Why are you back!" The smile never left Ivan's face.

"I just came to wish dear Matvey a happy birthday. I even went though the trouble of getting him a present."

"A present from you is not welcome!"

"Oh? So you think that you're so high and mighty since you're Czar, Da?" If possible, his smile got even bigger. "Well then, I shall give the entire family a present."

He reached into his coat and pulled out a relic in the shape of a transparent pipe. A skull was placed where the turning knob should've been and the evil spirits swirling around was easily seen by onlookers.

"Mark my words, you and your family will die within a fortnight. And I will not rest until the last William is dead!" As he finished, the skull turned and the spirits flew out of the tube through the spout. The group of spirits divided into small gremlin-like creatures and flew to the chandelier above. Just the mere presence of the evil beings were enough to disintegrate the chain holding the piece up.

As the chandelier fell, the people inside scattered. Trying desperately to escape the cruel fate that Ivan cast upon them. Even through all the panic, Francis, Zach, Monica, Matthew and Alfred all stuck together. "Papa! Look!" Matthew shouted as the statue of Czar Zach came down. Having had enough, Zach ran out, soon followed by his wife, to stop the madness of a revolt that was happening outside.

The few calm servants quickly made a safe escape route out of the castle and to the train station. While the more frantic ones ushered everyone else outside.

Francis, Matthew and Alfred ran as fast as they could without tripping or running into the other family members. As they were close to the exit, Matthew muttered a quiet "music box" and ran back to his room. "Mathieu!" his uncle shouted after him while trying to go against the crowd. Alfred found a quicker route devoid of all people and followed the prince.

Matthew burst into his room and searched through the pockets of the fancy clothes he wore. He made a quick mental note to never trust servants when they say to dress poorly. Especially when one has something high in value in one of the pockets.

Making a quick noise of satisfaction when he found it, Francis then came in. "Mathieu! Please! We have to hurry!" he said as he ran to Matthew. After a quick nod from him, his uncle pulled his little one back the way they came, but was interrupted by Alfred. "This way's safer! Out the servant's quarters!"

With no word of argument, the two royals went as fast as possible to exit the cursed palace. But, with the sudden movements, the music box fell from Matt's hands. But, for the moment, Francis wouldn't have him turn around to get it. So, when they went through the secret passage, Matthew quickly turned to Alfred to voice his concern. "I got it! Go! Go!" he said as he pushed his look alike back through the passage, closing the door soon after.

If there was anything Alfred was proud of, it was his ability of good timing, for no sooner did he close the door, the Russian revolutionaries busted through the door. "Where are they, boy?" Instead of answering, he threw the closest thing to him: a vase. It having absolutely no effect, the armed man took the butt of his gun and knocked out the young servant with a quick hit to the torso.

Although, he didn't buy them much time, Alfred did complete one task. As he fell unconscious, his hand fell over the music box, successfully hiding it.

In the back of the palace, in the vast open area, Francis ran, making sure that his hand was never disconnected from Matthew's. "Oncle!"

"Keep up with me, ange." Matthew kept his mouth shut, knowing that he would get even more tired by wasting air.

As if the situation couldn't get any worse, Ivan jumped off the bridge that went over the small river that they were now on. Matthew happened to look back the moment he jumped and let out a quiet yelp. Francis, who trained his ears just to hear the young one, whipped around to see Ivan slip on the ice and grab his nephew's ankle. "Ivan!" he called to no one in general, and quickly went to assist the flailing child. Even at this point, Matthew was being polite and asking Ivan to "Please let him go."

"You'll never escape me! You will become one with me, Da?" As he let out a creepily happy laugh, the ice below them began to crack with all the extra weight in one spot. When he was sinking in one spot, he momentarily forgot about his hold on Matthew and loosened his hold.

Matthew, not taking any chances, swiftly withdrew his legs to the distance where he knew Ivan couldn't reach. As he got up with the help of Francis, he heard Ivan scream "Toris!" before it was muffled with gurgling.

As they arrived to the train station, every member of the royal Williams family was there, crowding and pushing to get on the train before it was too late. Unfortunately for the two, the train was already starting to take off and Matthew was starting to get tired. "Mathieu! We can still make it! Hurry!" Francis said as he raised his arm out for someone to grab. One of the men on the train saw him and hoisted him up on the trainafter a short while. It was when he thought he was safe did he realize something.

"ONCLE!" Matthew yelled, still reaching out his hand. Trying desperately to keep up with the train. "Mathieu! Quick! Take my hand!" Francis extended his arm and was practically out of the train for trying to give his nephew an easier time when grabbing on to him. Sure enough, Matthew was able to grab on to his hand. "Good! Now hold on!"

"Don't let go!" Matthew said with his blue-violet eyes going into sadness mixed with desperation. What if he never got to see his uncle again?

As soon as Francis got a couple of the people around him to help him get his Matthew up, fate decided to play a cruel jest. Matthew found a loose board on the station runway and tripped over it. Determination kept him up longer than it would have, but while trying to get his balance back he began to lose his grip on his uncle's hand. From there, his clumsiness and the pull of the train hit him full force as he fell; hitting his head right on the railroad tracks, knocking him unconscious.

"MATHIEUU!" He screamed, but as the train grew further away, the crowd got bigger. many words..

Anyway! I've loved this movie for years now, and I kinda wanted to do my own (yaoi) version :3

Hope you like!


Oncle- uncle

D'accord- agree

ange- angel

oui- yes (do i really have to point this out?)

Tracez un cercle, c'est la Terre. Tracez un cercle, c'est la Terre. Tracez un cercle, c'est la Terre. Nous nous reverrons en France- Draw a circle, that's the Earth, Draw a circle, that's the Earth, Draw a circle, that's the Earth, We will meet again in France

Again, my french is a little bit rusty so if possible, please tell me what i could fix