"Hey! What are you doing in here?" Alfred shouted. Matei didn't even bother to stop and answer him, instead, he ran. "Hey!" He called out again before running after the intruder, Antonio following sleepily behind.

Once Matei reached the top of one flight of stairs, Al tried once more to get his attention.

"Hey! Stop!"

Kumajiro growled dangerously as Alfred drew too close to his master. Unaffected, he called out again. "Stop, stop, stop! Stop, stop! Hold on a minute! Hold on!"

Panting and gasping for air, Matei finally stopped running. "Now how did you get in here..." his sentence trailed off as he looked at the painting behind Matei. Still out of breath, the young orphan just shrugged in response, having now idea why the other man wasn't yelling at him.

"Excuse me, intruso-" Antonio said as he finally caught up with his younger friend. And before he could actually say anything, Alfred held him back. "Toni. Do you see what I see?"

Looking in the same direction, Antonio saw the painting of a younger (probably around five) version of Matthew. "Aw! That is so cute!" Mentally sighing, Alfred moved his Spanish friend's head back and forth between Matei and the painting. "Oh! I see now!"

"Are you Alfred?" Matei asked, after finally getting his regular breathing pattern back. "Depends." he answered as he picked up Kumajiro and handed him to Antonio. "Who's looking for him?" he chuckled a little before climbing up the small amount of stairs between them.

"My name is Matei and I need traveling papers." he leaned forward a little, "They say you're the one to see." Alfred remained silent and examined the small blond by circling around him. "Um, can I help you?"

"Sorry, Mattie-"


"Sorry, but you look an awful lot like-Uh, nevermind. Now, you said you needed travel papers?"

"Yes. I need to go to Paris." Contemplating, Alfred turned to Antonio to get his word in, but the laid-back man was too busy giggling like a little school girl because of the polar bear licking his face. Sighing he mumbled, trying to think of a decent plan. "Okay, so Matei was it? Is there a last name with that?" Matei brought his hand up to his forehead, thinking that the gesture will help him think better. "Um, you see, you're not going to believe this, I don't know. I never thought I had one. I was just found wandering around when I was seven. I don't remember anything before that though." As he finished, Alfred nodded after all the information sunk in. Although, he vaguely remembered something like this.

"I see, so you think Paris can help you?" Without missing a beat, Matei confirmed with a nod. "So, can you help me?" Alfred smiled and put his left hand behind his back, open-palmed, for Antonio to give him the train tickets. "Uh, sure would like to. In fact, oddly enough, we're going to Paris ourselves." Matei gasped out of pure disbelief. "In fact," he started once four tickets were in his hand. "I've got three-uh, this one is-" he threw the fourth ticket to the side. "But I've got three tickets here."

Alfred watched as Matei was eying the tickets, so he began to tease him by waving it in front on his face. The petite orphan even tried jumping for it, which the American was able to swing them out of his way at the last minute. "But, unfortunately, the third one is for him..." he paused for dramatic effect.


Finally putting down Kumajiro, Antonio spoke up. "Si, we are going to reunite the Grand Duke Matthew with his uncle."

"You do kinda resemble him."

"The same blue-violet eyes-"

"The Williams eyes!"

"Zackary's smile."

"Monica's chin."

"You know, Alfredo, he kind of looks like you."

Alfred laughed off the comment, even though he noticed the same thing. "Anyway, you're about the same age, same physical type." Now it was Matei's turn to laugh. Before he even noticed anything the two men brought him to a painting of a young French man, looks no older than twenty, blond, wavy hair and shocking blue eyesstanding with a small child with shoulder-length sandy-blond hair and the biggest violet-blue eyes anyone has ever seen. "Are you trying to tell me that you think that I am Matthew?"

Alfred stopped walking and turned to Matthew. "All I'm trying to tell you is that I've seen thousands of boys, girls, and..things all over the country and not one of them looked as much as the Grand Duke as you. I mean-look at the painting!"

Finally thinking that this was all good to be true, Matei spoke up. "I knew you were crazy from the beginning but now I think you are both mad." Antonio perked up at the sound of him being mentioned, and Kumajiro trying to get back into his arms. If the Spaniard didn't know any better, he'd say that the bear was lazy. Then he noticed that Matei started to walk away, Alfred quickly following him. "Why? You don't remember what happened to you." Antonio shrugged, might as well help out. "No one knows what happened to her."

"You're looking for family in Paris."

"And her only family is in Paris."

"You ever thought about the possibility?" Alfred asked as he walked Matei back to the painting, Antonio welcoming their return. "That I could be royalty?" Both con artists nodded while at the same time, Antonio gave Kumajiro back to Matei. "Well, I don't know. It's kind of hard to think of yourself as royalty when you're sleeping on a damp floor." He ignored Alfred trying, failing, and almost getting his hand bitten off by petting his polar bear. "But, sure. I guess every lonely person would hope their the heir to the throne, or something."

"And somewhere, one little boy is." Alfred stepped for a little while to look at his clock while his partner kept rambling on, slipping into some Spanish dialect once and a while. With him actually wanting this plan to work, he walked back to them, effectively cutting off his friend. "Really wish we could help, but the third ticket is for the Grand Duke Matthew. Good luck" he bid as he slung his arm over Antonio's shoulder and having him walk away as well, leaving Matei to stand there alone.

Now a good distance to where they know Matei won't hear them, Antonio began to complain. "Why didn't you tell him about our brilliant plan?" he practically flailed his arms in frustration. Alfred, on the other hand, looked as calm as he could be. "All he wants to do is go to Paris. Why give away a third of the reward money?"

"I'm telling you, we're walking away too soon!" The normally happy Spaniard harshly whispered, however, Alfred wasn't affected. "Not to worry, I got all under control." Once the two reached the bottom of the steps, the American grabbed onto Antonio's shoulder. "All right, walk a little slower."

After staring at the same portrait for a few extra minutes, Matei agreed to pretend to be Matthew to go to Paris (although, he had to negotiate to let Kumajiro go with them). "You know, giving people random nick-names is rude." his small mutter was countered with a laugh. "It's not random! It has a logical reason behind it. You actually look like my little brother. I called him 'Mattie' all the time." Antonio sighed, feeling abandoned. He stroked Kumajiro's fur and smiled. "At least we have each other, right?" The polar bear just tilted his head to the side. "I'm talking to a bear...This is sad."

As they neared the train station, Matei started to get a headache. "What's up with you?" Alfred asked. "I don't know. For some reason, whenever I get near a train, my head just starts to throb." Looking towards Antonio with a worried face, the warning sound for the train's takeoff went off. Finding no other solution, the American took hold of his 'royal's' wrist. "We have to hurry, headache or not, we have to get to Paris." Matei didn't complain, he was too busy trying to keep his vision straight.

It turned out, Matei barely even made it on the train before he passed out. It took Antonio a while to find someone who would find someone to help them move Matt to their seats. However, it also took him a while to figure out the no one was willing to help because of the polar bear in his arms. But eventually, he did get one elder gentleman to help. Alfred had to beg him to "help move his little brother," but at least it was something. Once everything was settled in their 'cabin', the Con Duo went to work on their game plan.

"Don't you think it's a little weird, Alfredo?" Antonio asked. Alfred looked at his friend with a confused stare. "What do mean, Toni?"

"I mean, you found someone that looks just like you."

"Not true. He's an orphan that happened to look like royalty. I, on the other hand, am just a servant." Alfred said solemnly. He took another look at Matei's sleeping face and a fond smile fitted his face. "He really does look a lot like Mattie." Seeing the look on his friend's face stopped Antonio from speaking. Instead, he watched the scene with a warm smile. This is so cute!

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