Interview with Bub and Bob.

Like with my other Bubble Bobble fanfic. It should be noted that Bub and Bob go by "Bubby" and "Bobby" in their human forms, and "Bubblun" and "Bobblun" in their dragon forms.

Rated T for strong language

Hey everybody, and welcome to Howard! Our video game talk show! This week's stars, Bubby and Bobby! Here we have Howard right now!

Howard turned to his audience. "And now live on our talk show, we have two video game stars, Bubby and Bobby! Stars of the Bubble Bobble series. First appearing as Bubble dragons in Bubble Bobble, they then appeared as their human forms in Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars. What people didn't know that outside the game, Bub and Bob as their human and dragon forms, were really four different people. And the bubble dragons although cute and friendly to others, were often hostile to their human forms, for the bad name they felt they gave them. Here we have an interview taken from another talk show. Here's a clip now!"

In the clip

"They're stupid, what were the creators thinking. Making us start out as humans." Bubblun (Bub's name in his dragon form) shouted to the audience. "And the box art in the western world made them look like little ugly Eric Cartman look-a-likes. Yeah, they're thinner in the later games but still nobody wants them. I swear one day I will kill them!"

Back at Howard. Howard then turned to his audience.

"And they eventually did as told in "Human Bub and Bob vs Dragon Bub and Bob" StephenP18's other Bubble Bobble fanfic. Sadly the bubble dragons can't be with us tonight, so let's welcome their human forms, the stars of Rainbow Islands, Bubby and Bobby!"

Bubby and Bobby came in and sat down on some chairs.

"Hi Howard." Bubby said.

"So Bubby, I've always wanted to know something, what exactly is the "fantastic story" of Bubble Bobble? Where did you learn to shoot rainbows out your hands? Why do you get turned into bubble dragons all the time? Why does Super Drunk kidnap your girlfriends? Why does the Boss of Truth the final boss in Rainbow Islands turn your parents into Super Drunk in the first place? Why is the Boss of Truth so evil anyway?"

Bubby and Bobby struggled to come up with the answers to all the questions

Howard noticed they were struggling. "I went too fast. I apologize. Just answer the first question, why do you get turned into bubble dragons?"

Bobby offered to answer. "You wanna know how I can answer all those questions?"


"Because Taito are really REALLY fucked up on drugs." Bobby swore.

"Wow...that would explain everything." Howard replied.

Bubby then turned to the audience "Kids, don't try to figure our games out. You'll never manage."

Howard then turned to his audience. "We'll be right back."

Bubble Bobble, the story of two boys transformed into Bubble dragons for no explained reason who have to rescue their girlfriends kidnapped for an unexplained reason from Super Drunk , a monster who is a mutation of their parents, transformed by the "Boss of Truth", the final boss of Rainbow Islands.

Yes that really is the "fantastic story" of Bubble Bobble.

Did I mention after you kill the Boss of Truth you have to try and not drown in his blood?