AN: If I don't get this pairing off my chest and promote it I'll EXPLODE! It's the new Beauty and the Beast for me! -notices possible readers who clicked here- Ahem...

My second crossover ever but the other one involves practically all the Non/Disney in the world. This focuses only on The Swan Princess and Osmosis Jones. I've been watching an insane amount of Thrax/Odette videos on YouTube by the super-talented and uber-beautiful MikomiShizuka (http:/www(DOT)youtube(DOT)com/user/MikomiShizuka) and it's become my crossover OTP. I'm incorporating specific elements involving the two, Thrax in particular; because the role she and others give that dude just FITS. Mine's not an original plot at all and they are likely out of character but I really want to share my love for the pair. I can't make videos so I write.

I do sincerely hope you like it and that you check this wonderful pairing out! Yummier than whatever your taste buds prefer. XD –cough- Subscribe to MikomiShizuka! (http:/www(DOT)youtube(DOT)com/user/MikomiShizuka) –cough- -NOW! –cough-

Characters: Thrax and Odette; others in TSP are mentioned or, otherwise, belong to me.

Rating: Mature (I'm still learning how to do sexual content/horrific imagery/some cuss words/etc. but still, don't go farther if you know you'll get uncomfortable.)

Genre: General (meaning: almost every friggin' (sappy and depressing) genre in only one one-shot)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Osmosis Jones © Warner Bros., The Swan Princess © Nest Learning or the couple, Thrax/Odette © MikomiShizuka –MAJOR COUGH- http:/www(DOT)youtube(DOT)com/user/MikomiShizuka –END COUGH- All the ideas and themes stated within the story are used for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to start any sort of debate.

All right… now I hope y'all like it! Beware: it's pretty long, even for a one-shot and it's slightly rushed in some parts as I wanted it up by Halloween and I was serious about it ('cause if I don't make a deadline for something like this, it'll rot in my files. Huh... maybe I should've done that...)

There's a 'chapter three' that contains info for certain elements and reasons—a Q&A of sorts. Go there after reading the story for answers to questions you may have; if you're still confused or the question you have isn't addressed, PM me. Thank you! =D