Sorry I'm a bit late with today's vlog. I got held up. You know how it is. Evil mastermind hatches no-fail plot to rule the world but doesn't account for crosstown traffic.

Anywho, let's see what's in the old e-mailbag. Ah, here's one from Captain Hammer. What does that pompous windbag have to say now?

Dear Dr. Horrible: Saw your Internet thingy yesterday. Very interesting how you say I'm not a worthy nemesis. Just the other night, Penny was commenting on how my nemesis is quite worthy, thank you very much, and she is looking forward to getting together again to...

Ah! That man needs a dictionary. And perhaps some brains to go along with it!

Here's one from Moist, my damp and somewhat evil roommate.

Dr. H.: Pick up some milk and another package of paper towels on the way home. You know, the really absorbent kind.

The way he goes through paper towels is a crime against the environment. What else have we got?

Let's see, Johnny Snow, Johnny Snow, Johnny Snow. Ah, here's someone new. Chuck Bartowski of Team Bartowski. Doesn't sound very intimidating. A cheerleading squad? Perhaps. Let's read on.

Dear Dr. Horrible: You've probably never heard of Team Bartowski. We usually limit our activities to capturing international arms dealers and spy-type bad guys and the like, but it has come to our attention that you are plotting to take over the world, and since that's our turf (being Americans), we feel it our duty to stop you using any means possible. In fact, we're right outside your door now.

What does he mean, they're right outside – what's that, a knock? I'll just go and open the door.

Well, I'm back. Just some kids looking for Hallowe'en candy. I told them to go and bother someone else. Bad Horse, maybe. I bet they won't be expecting what he'll deposit in their loot bags!

So about this Team Bartowski. Why did they say they're outside the door when they're – wait, another knock. I bet that's them now.

Come right over here, you three, right in front of the webcam. My, you're tall ones, aren't you? So you're all agents? CIA? Oh, only two of you are CIA. Which? The woman, Sarah. Glad to meet you, Sarah. Walker, you say? And you're CIA too? Chuck Bartowski? Oh, the author of the electronic missive. Missive. E-mail. And this surly gentleman is... Grunt Casey, NSA. Oh, John Casey. Sometimes my goggles slip down and I can't hear properly.

So it's your intention to stop me from taking over the world, is it? Ah, I interpret that grunt, Mr. Casey, as a "yes." Ms. Walker, manners, please. Language like that is very unbecoming a lady. And, no, Mr. Bartowski, I meant no disrespect to your girlfriend, so if you would stop with the glazed look – oomph!

Okay, so you know kung fu. Got it. My apologies, Ms. Walker.

So where were we? Oh, yes, you're going to stop me from taking over the world. Mr. Casey, if you would step back a bit, please. Yes, you're very intimidating with your bulky presence. I got that already. Thank you.

Just how are you three planning on stopping me, hmm? Death ray? Magnetic nerve paralyzer? Merciless noogies?

Oh, so you're going to take over the world instead, are you? And just what makes you think you can do that?

A 24-episode 4th season on NBC?

Okay! I give up!

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.