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The Journals of Solon Jackson

Imhotep's Revenge

Chapter Four: Return to Hamunaptra

The next morning, we arrived at the old RAF base, and hired Rick's old friend Winston Havelock as a pilot to take us to take us back to Hamunaptra. But seeing as how it was only a two-seater biplane, they had to tie Jonathan, Ardeth and myself to the wings. Naturally I got the best spot, on top of the top wing. When we were close, we spotted a large sand twister, the largest Havelock had ever seen, naturally it turned out to be Imhotep. When Imhotep noticed us, he sent an enormous wall of sand at us to make us crash. Rick actually tried to shoot it, but it did nothing to the wall. Oddly enough, Havelock enjoyed the attack, although considering he was supposed to be suicidal, then I guess it is believable. We escaped the crash with only a few guns, and of course, Riptide.

When we got to Hamunaptra, Jonathan pried something off the wall, and accidentally released a scarab, but other than that, we had no trouble until we reached the treasure room. By the gods, no wonder people had been looking for this place despite the curse. Unfortunately we were attacked by mummies that Ardeth identified as Imhotep's underling priests, so naturally, we attacked them, fighting them until we found the statue of Horus. Rick blew up the passageway that they had been coming down, but soon after we acquired the book of Amun Ra, the priests came down another corridor, and Ardeth charged after them, delaying them long enough for us to escape. Rick and I charged at Imhotep's priests, slashing them to pieces. While Rick's borrowed sword just cut them to pieces, but leaving them alive, Riptide turned the mummies to sand.

Jonathan, in the meantime, was attempting to find the inscription that would kill Imhotep, and accidentally raised more mummies. To make matters worse, these mummies were actual soldiers, not priests. For the first time since I left Camp Half-Blood, I was able to make use of my training. I quickly engaged the mummies, and managed to cut their numbers down by a third before Jonathan took control of them. I moved to kill Imhotep, but just before I sliced off his head, Evelyn cast the spell and made him mortal, making my sword pass through him as if Riptide were just an illusion. Imhotep tossed me aside and went after Rick, but Rick stabbed him with his sword, killing Imhotep.

Not thirty seconds after Rick killed Imhotep, Hamunaptra started collapsing. We made our escape through the treasure room, and I stopped just long enough to pick out a souvenir, something so Egyptian that my friends back home would have to believe me, a golden statue of Ra. Just as we escaped the treasure room, Beni showed up again, but he wasn't able to catch up with us. We never saw him again. When we made it outside, we found Ardeth waiting for us. He thanked us, blessed us, and then went on his way. We also decided to go our separate ways, but not before I gave them a promise. "If Apollo tells me that we're going to meet again, I swear, I'm going to take a dip in the Styx. That's probably the only way that I'll survive our next adventure." They just laughed, none of them believing that the Styx actually existed, despite what we'd just lived through.

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