The Story Of Lyra Silvertongue

Chap 3: A Midnight Angel

Will brought Lyra into the home that he and Mary shared. His mother was in a treatment center to recover, but would be back in a few months. He set her in a chair and sat next to her. She snuggled as close as she could get and took shelter in his arms. Mary sat across from them in a recliner and let them have a moment.

After a while she asked, "Lyra, how did you get here?"

Lyra groaned. She didn't feel like answering questions. "I dunno." Those two words made Lyra suddenly remember her past. Even though so much had happened she was still just street rat Lyra and she was glad. As many times as somebody would tell her not to say those words she always would. It also made her think of her wicked mother and her mixed feelings but she shut that out for the moment.

"What happened before you found yourself here?" Mary prodded.

Lyra thought really hard. "I got kicked in the head by a horse."

Will almost choked next to her. "You what?"

"One of the new horses got upset when I went behind it and it kicked me. I flew against a wall and woke up here." Why did she have to answer questions now? She didn't feel like it. "Does it really matter right now? I'm here and happy and healthy. We'll figure this out later."

Pan, who was lying by Kirjava nodded. "I quite agree."

"Lyra, you should rest," Will suggested.

"No!" she cried. "I just got here. I don't want to miss even one moment! Not even to sleep!"

"I'll go with you then. As soon as you wake up we'll do whatever you want." Will suggested.

"It's a good idea," Mary said to Lyra.

She looked up at Will. "You'll come with me?"


The two trudged up stairs and their daemons followed. Will let Lyra lay down on he bed and he fell in beside her. He wrapped his arms around her delicate frame and she was asleep almost instantly.

Will wasn't particularly tired but just watching her sleep made him drowsy. This was the only time that her fire didn't show. Now, she was just serene and peaceful. He breathed in her hair and dozed off with her.

By the time Lyra woke the moon was out and the stars were shining. When she saw Will sleeping next to her she thought she was in another terrible nightmare, but remembered that he really was there beside her. He was finally real. She smiled and poked his shoulder to wake him up. He jumped at her touch and looked as confused as she had been.

"I'm real, remember?" She reminded him.

He nodded. "I know. I just can't believe it somehow."

"I hardly can either. It's like one minute I was there, but now I'm here. With you."

"But how. We have to get you back somehow, or you'll die," Will said.

"Will I don't know. I prayed so hard everyday Will, but nothing ever happened. I studied all day trying to figure out the alethiometer, but it would never answer the only question I ever cared to know the answer to. I cried myself to sleep most nights and Pan would have to wake me and try to stop my tears, because they wouldn't go away even after I was asleep. I stopped caring about anything but that. People tried to help, but I didn't want it. All my time was dedicated to finding you, and somehow, it happened by complete accident." She looked at him and smiled. "I can read the alethiometer again."

Will raised an eyebrow. "They said it would take you years."

"I don't know how it happened, it just slowly came back to me." She pulled the velvet package from her pocket and took out her golden compass. "Watch, I'll show you."

She sat cross-legged on the bed and set the compass on her lap like she always had. She spun the dials with a familiarity only she and Will would recognize and slipped into a trance. ::Where's Will's mom?:: she asked it silently, spinning the dials and knobs. The needles started spinning rapidly from one picture to another in a whirr of symbols only Lyra could understand. Finally she looked up at Will and smiled. "Your mom is in a treatment facility?"

Will nodded a little amazed. "Yeah, she's really improved." He paused to think for a minute. "Ask it why you're here."

Lyra did the same thing as before and when she came out of her trance stated, "An Angel."

Will raised both eyebrows. "What?"

Lyra went back to the alethiometer and asked, ::What Angel?:: The needles spun and it was rather long to figure out, but she did. "Your angels." She looked at him questioningly. "Didn't they die?"

Will nodded.

Lyra asked her compass again. "They never truly die, and their remains, as you could put it, made a request."

"Well, what if I would rather live in your world? Which I think I would."

Lyra asked the alethiometer out loud, "How do I get back home?" They waited a moment. "It says an Angel." She asked how to do that. "It says asked Xaphania."

"How do we do that?"

Lyra shrugged. "I dunno, I guess we just ask her."

Lyra took Will's hand and called out to the sky. "Angel Xaphania, we request an audience."

One of the stars brightly intensified and floated down to Earth. It glowed so brilliantly both had to close their eyes and look away. When the light dulled they looked to see Xaphania standing in front of them. "What may I do for you, daughter of Eve?" She asked smiling