Within the next hundred orbits of Earth, a sequence of events that will make the Realms tremble to their very roots will take place. A single black soul will be the end of all of you. It will be driven by the Seven Sins, but it will be pure of body. It will be the black widow that lures you into its web of lies with a sweet smile and a soft whisper as it caresses your cheek and beckons you toward demise. It will be everything you have ever prepared for, and yet, you cannot stop it once it fixes its lips on yours and rips out your breath with a single kiss made of steel teeth. If you wish to save your single stitch in the vast fabric of the Universe, be warned, as you should always be careful to scent the wind, even when it blows the wrong way. Take this knowledge and use it to your advantage, or suffer the consequences; it is your choice, and keep in mind, the future is not set in stone, though certain paths are the only ones paved.

It's been nearly five years since the Gods spoke. Five years since the second great war between the immortals. Five years since almost everything was lost.


It seems life is back to normal for both Hell and the Library. The demons and Shinigami alike have rebuilt their ranks very nicely, as both species have doubled the number of members they had before the war. With the work spread out more, and a tense treaty in place between the two, things seem to be running far more smoothly than before, and all seems well. Better, in fact.

The ominous, divine warning seems far, far behind them.

That is, until the night that a traitor showed himself amongst the Shinigami ranks.

A traitor no one would have expected. A traitor that everyone trusted, admired, and, in some cases, loved.

Without warning, everything has changed. He's lost everything, everyone, and, in a most terrifying, heartbreaking turn of events... Ronald Knox is not only only alone, but running for his life, from the very people he holds closest.

Now a fugitive with a bounty on his head, Ronald must find a way to clear his name and untangle the web of lies he's been ensnared in. It is his job to piece together the scattered, ambiguous clues he's been given, and figure out just who he can trust, and who has lost faith in him. There's just one big problem...

Ronald isn't even sure if he's innocent.