I had watched Bryce for years. Now, I watched him plant her a Sycamore tree. I couldn't help thinking how sweet he was. No, I must meet Bryce in the right light, without a biased perspective. So, despite my ansy-ness, I was detemined t wait until tomarrow to talk to him.

I walked out of my house. It was a beautiful morning. I, despite my best efforts, had spent quite some time getting ready. For him. How twisted id that? He'd seen me covered in mud, not to mention with ripped pants after climbing the old Sycamore by the bus stop. It was weird that we hadn't really ever had a conversation, despite living right across the street for eachother basically all of my school career. It was also weird thathe had tryed to... kiss me. Why had I turned away? Hadn't I been waiting for that kiss since second grade?

As I continued, I noticed anther oddity: There was a paper wraped around one of the sapplings tiny new braches. On the outside it said Juli, in a wobbly hand. Plus a smiley-face. What did THAT mean? I unrolled the note and read this:

Some times you laugh

When you want to cry

and sometimes you want

To just silently die.

Sometimes the tears flow,

No matter how hard yu try

To hold it all in.

Sometimes you smile through tears

That just don't seem to dry.

Sometimes you're disgusted by

what you find when you look inside

and Sometimes you cringe at

Who you've become.

And then you realize

Everything's gone wrong.

Sometimes all the courage

You muster is not enough

It's your fault, It's over

There's no saying sorry

For all of that stuff

Sometimes you wish

n a far-away star

That this is a nightmare

And good things still are.

That this is a dream

And escape is just a blink away,

But, it's not,

at least not that way.

The past's down the drain

All thanks to you,

And now you must take blame.

The Friend Ship has sailed n without you.

You shiver and shake, tho yu're not cold.

Just lonely, missing Something

or Someone, truth be told

I am sorry and I know

That sorry sorry doesn't cut it

Iknow that hate can

Overpower love

When trust is breeched

And loyalty broken

I hope you can heal

Without me watching

Because I know my presence

Isn't quite helping.

If you don't ever forgive me,

I'd understand.

Some hurts are too deep

For me to comprehend.

I'm suffering too, you'd better believe it

Because, dispite it all,

I miss you, I miss it.

It's my fault, that I know.

I feel wretched, don't doubt it.

I'm rotten inside and shouldn't bother

Trying to change my exterior,

Because what really needs work

Is my hidden interior.

I'm so sorry

And that, dear Juli,

Is never enough

Because once someone hurts you,

That's someone you can't trust.

I miss you

I miss it.


Hope this is enough :)

XO Bryce"

Did he really mean XO like, hugs and ... KISSES! I was so relived. I needed a second chance for that kiss and it looked like I was gonna get it. All That was left to do was walk across the street and ring a stinkin' doorbell.

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~Miss Alyssa