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I watched her carefully attach a note to her tree. On the same branch, and in the same way as I had. I peered out of my bedroom window, curiosity peaked. This wasn't like the Julie I knew. She would have marched right over and talked to me, but as soon as the paper was secured with the twine to the branch she turned and disappeared through her front door. She nearly saw me too, but I think I dropped the curtain just in time.

I desperately tried not to run down the stairs, but I couldn't help it. It didn't seem like I was forgiven, but I still had the impossible hope that perhaps I was. The door was whipped open and slammed and I was across the street in a flash, tugging at the devilishly tight knot. Mine had been loose on purpose, and it was almost as if she didn't want me to read it.

Eventually the scrap was freed and I eagerly unrolled it. Not bothering to leave, I sat down in the shade and read her carefully penned letter. It was calm but friendly. It was infuriating how distanced she seemed to have become. I almost missed the Elementary School Julie, the brash girl who could never be gotten rid of, or dissuaded from following me or sniffing my hair during class. But, the clean slate idea was a good one. I had done so many things that had hurt her, and was grateful for a second chance, no matter how grudgingly it was offered.

I looked up at the window I knew was hers longingly. I wished she would be looking out, as I had been moments ago. I knew even before I looked that she wasn't watching me. I would have felt it if she had. I had grown to be able to feel her eyes whenever they were trained on me, as they had been for most of my school career. I missed that feeling more than I had ever disliked it. And man, let me tell you I HATED the fact she was always watching me. It drove me nuts. Now, it feels like I can't live without that feeling or that knowledge.

Disheartened, I stood and trudged back the way I had come, slowly ascending the staircase and moping into my room, closing the door silently behind me. I sat with my hands covering my face wondering what to do. I doubted she would see me yet, even if I did go over for that very purpose or even call. I would be treated as I had been before the notes and the tree. Nothing I did seemed to matter, but I was by no means going to give up. She had said she would met me. Now just to coax her out.

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