Kakashi Hatake stood at attention in front of the Hokoge desk receiving his new assignment. The old man sighed. "What rank would you like Kakashi Kun?" The boy was surprised that he wanted him to choose but he didn't let it show. "What ever you think is suitable for me Hokoge Sama." The room was silent as the Third looked through his mission files. The burst open and Minato came flying in stopping right in front of the Hokoge's desk. He was breathing hard clutching on to some documents.

"Here." He said breathlessly handing them to him. He didn't take them. "If you haven't noticed I'm in the middle of assigning a mission to someone, and for someone who is aiming to be Hokage that is rude and unacceptable." "Oh…sorry."

He turned around and saw his only student he had left standing there, in a kind of daydream. Minato smiled he hadn't seen Kakashi in a while the boy was always taking missions and drowning himself in work which he tried to tell him was not healthy at all. He moved to the back of the room leaning against the wall waiting for his turn.

"I am assigning you an S ranked mission to the town of Nagai to assonate their leader so we can claim that village as leaf village territory. Do you accept this mission?" "Yes Hoka…" Minato cut him off. "You can't send him on that mission! He's only 14!" "Kakashi is a very capable ninja and is able to do this mission." "Your and idiot! He's going to get killed or worse!" "I thought my sensei would have at least a speck of faith in me." Kakashi said softly. Minato heard this, he just realized that he just insulted Kakashi and it sounded like he thought he was a weak child or something, not a jonin of the Hidden Leaf.

"I accept the mission." He said clearly taking the file from the Third and turning to leave. Minato watched the door shut and the footsteps die away. "I know you're very upset about your students Minato Kun, but depriving Kakashi of missions is not right. If he had no missions he would take his frustration out on himself." "I understand."

Later that day Minato decided to go apologize to Kakashi. The sun was setting now but it was still a bit light out. He came to one of the windows of his student's apartment opening it easily. Kakashi would never let him in willingly. The place was small so he easily found him. Minato sighed at the sight of Kakashi; he was fast asleep in his bed. He went over to him quietly wondering if he should wake him up. But of course he was still wearing that damned mask. He smirked tugging down at the top of it; it slid down easily but he stopped before he even reached his nose. He was worried, Kakashi would have definitely woken up by now. He looked around the room he saw a bottle of sedatives by his bed. He picked it up, wondering how many he had taken because he was defiantly out for the night. He grinned thinking of something; he pulled off his shoes and climbed into the bed next to Kakashi pulling him closer to him he didn't notice a thing of course. So he eventually fell asleep.

Minato was awoken by Kakashi in the middle of the night. He was having a nightmare and a pretty bad one it seemed. He was shaking badly and breathing very hard; he was mumbling something to himself then he screamed. "NO please stop!" he was begging. Minato held him down from his thrashing talking in a stern voice. "Kakashi wake up!" After a while it worked, the boy opened his tear soaked eyes. He was still shaking and still breathing hard.

"Shh calm down." He said softly to his student. He gently pulled him up close to him holding him. Minato could feel the warm tears soaking his shirt. "No…stop!" He was thrashing violently. After a few minutes he became aware of himself he saw Minato. He looked surprised and upset. "What are you doing here?" He sounded angry. "I wanted to apologize for earlier" "You don't need to. Just go away." "What were you dreaming about?" "Nothing, go away I have a mission tomorrow." "If you need any help I could go with you."

Kakashi glared at him, and then he got up out of the bed leaving the room. Minato sighed, he knew Kakashi was angry with him and he probably would be for a while. He went to find Kakashi who was sitting on his couch leaning against the armrest; he looked exhausted.

"I'm leaving but you really need to get some sleep, Kakashi Kun." "I know, you don't need to keep telling me what to do!" He sounded really agitated. "Fine…good luck on your mission." And then he left.

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