Kakashi lay there, curled up on his side. He was too afraid to talk to anyone. Why was his sensei here? And other Konoha ninjas? Was he dreaming or did they come to hurt him as well? He heard the footsteps come closer to his bed again; someone was trying to talk to him. He could only see blurred colors, the room was bright and he wasn't used to the light.

Minato was really starting to worry, Kakashi hadn't even said one word to him the whole time and he was there almost all day. They had brought Kakashi back to Konoha for better treatment.

The door opened making Minato look up; it was Jiraiya. "I thought I'd find you here." "What do you want, sensei?" "What? I need a reason. I just came to see you." "Yeah right…" "Hmm well Hokage Sama thinks it's not healthy to be stuck in the hospital all day; you should get out, get some fresh air." "Kakashi needs me." "The kids unconscious he wont know the difference." "Yes he will. I can tell he's in pain, I don't want to leave him." "Then wake him up." "Are you crazy? I cant do that! Your an idiot…" He mumbled the last part.

Kakashi opened his eyes the room was darker now and he heard yelling above him. It really gave him a headache. He whimpered softly, everything burned the pain had not gone down much at all. "Kakashi?" He heard someone say his name but he couldn't tell who it was.

"W..whos th..there?" "It me. Minato…your sensei." "Oh…" "Are you okay?" "I failed the mission…" He couldn't believe that Kakashi was still thinking about the mission. After all the hell he went through and that's all he can say? Minato couldn't believe it. "Kakashi…you did amazing on the mission." "I…got caught." He whispered his voice was really messed up from the cut on his throat.

"Kakashi…no one cares about that. All that matters is that you're safe now." "When can I leave?" He asked quietly. "They don't know yet. The doctor said he wanted to make sure you were healing well before he let you go. You're going to be saying with me for the next few months." "Why?" "Because you need someone to watch you and make sure you're ok." "I don't want to stay with you. I want to go home." Minato sighed, Kakashi was being as stubborn as ever and he thought he would be easier to handle.

Tears started running down Kakashi's face; he hated this, everyone was pitying him and the pain was not getting better one bit. He felt Minato pull him up into his arms, letting him lay his head against his chest. The sharp pain in his head made him wince; it was hard to see with only one eye and the pain in the other only was hurting worse.

They had sat there for a while like that before Kakashi had fallen back asleep. Minato had tucked him back into bed; Kakashi was so exhausted he could barley stay awake.

He had gone to Kakashi's house to pack some of his clothes, he wasn't really sure what else to take. When he arrived back at the hospital Kakashi had woken up again he was just laying in bed looking bored.

"Hey, Kakashi I got some of your things from your house." But he didn't respond; Minato could see the obvious pain he was in and it made him feel bad.

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