"As the eagle was killed by the arrow winged with his own feather, so the hand of the world is wounded by its own skill." ~ Helen Keller

The banishment spell was unlike he had ever sensed before, but when he felt its shockwave, Gabriel dropped everything he was doing like a bad candy bar and went to investigate.

Somehow, he was not surprised when his search led him to Castiel, although the shrimping boat was a new location for him. Then again, banishment spells did not exactly zap angels to the snazziest spots on Earth; now, if his little brother had wound up in maybe Las Vegas or a nude beach in Florida, then Gabriel would be laughing and Castiel would be the most (unintentionally) awesome brother ever.

But he was not laughing right now. On the one hand, he was impressed with Castiel's creativity with the spell, and he had seen a hell of a lotof ingenious things during the past millennia so kudos for that. On the other, he could not help being pissed off and a little worried. What the hell had Castiel been thinking? ("A great big plate of nothing sprinkled with stupid, that's what!" Gabriel thought.) What kind of situation had he gotten himself into that would drive him to this point?

He knew Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum had something to do with this – God knew those damn Winchester brothers were in on this messed up initiative – and Gabriel swore if they had pushed Castiel into doing this, he would gladly redefine the phrase 'cruel and unusual punishment'. Sure, he had been crappy to his little brother in TV land like a kid playing too hard with his toy until it got a bit of damage, but at least he had been mindful enough not to let Castiel near the point of dying, not like this.

Peering closer, past the blood and the deathly pale skin of his vessel, Gabriel could see that his little brother was no more than celestial vapor fading in and out of focus inside his meat-suit. His Grace was dangerously flickering out like a busted light bulb that could pop out any second and neither he nor his vessel (Jimmy, was it?) were showing any signs of reaching consciousness soon.

From his perch on the cabin's roof, invisible, he watched as the sailors crowd around Castiel like a side-show attraction, stating things like "stowaway," "cult involvement," "hazing," "terrorist victim" and a bunch of other idiotic crap that made Gabriel want to just swoop down, grab Castiel and split this banana to save these humans the trouble. But, damn it, his little brother was in such a bad shape he could not risk moving him the fast way.

Gabriel stayed by Castiel as the boat turned around to head back to land.

He stayed as a couple of the sailors treated Castiel's injuries as best as they could.

He stayed when they got Castiel transferred to an ambulance.

When the paramedics started to get Castiel intubated, Gabriel left, having had seen enough.


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