There once was a girl named Haruhi Fujioka.

Haruhi was in love with the most beautiful boy in the world.

But he didn't feel the same way, he wanted to stay friends and nothing else.

He didn't talk much, or express much feeling, and it annoyed Haruhi that she could never tell what he was thinking.

Sometimes, she hoped, maybe, just maybe, that she was in his thoughts.

But what was the likelihood of that?

He was the most beautiful boy in the world, and she was an ugly toad.

She had no breasts or hips at all, her shoulders were broad and manly, her hair was cut like a boy's, she had an extremely deep voice, and she was short and stumpy.

At least, that's what Haruhi thought of herself. She hoped maybe he thought something different of her.

And yet now, here they sit, on the ledge of a window in a club room, gazing out the large window of a club room together, him finally somewhat acknowledging her.

She can't help but hope he is thinking the same of her right now as she is of him.

She hears him gasp lightly, and turns around, only to see him sneeze softly into the crook of his elbow.

"Bless you" she says as sweetly as she can, handing him a handkerchief from the pocket of her Ouran Academy blazer.

He nods, thanks her, and turns away to rub gently at his nose. When he turns around, he gives her his own handkerchief and keeps the used one, and he does something she's never seen him do. He smiles.

Suddenly, her world is complete. Even if all she did was hand him a handkerchief after he sneezed, she had done something no one could ever do. She hadmade Takashi Morinozuka smile.

The girl giggled her sweet laugh, tossing long, thick waves of raven black hair over her shoulder. She beat her long eyelashes over her large chocolate brown orbs of eyes, which were now twinkling with delight.

She heard the front door of the house being opened and closed and quickly shoved the book she read the passage from into a drawer in her parents room and ran into her own room, playing some music to sound natural.

"Katsu, we're home," she heard mer mother call from the doorway. She giggled once more before shouting 'ok' back at her and pretending to shrug her off.

Now she knew why her mother got a twinkle in her eyes every time she heard her father sneeze.

"Thanks for sneezing, Daddy," she barely whispered to herself as she laid her head down on her pillow and fell asleep to the soft music coming from her speakers.