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"Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself." -Andre Breton

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Chapter 10: Changing

The words played over and over in Kakashi's head. Su novia uni cinta, he thinks, or tu navio una cinto. That thick Latino tongue, rattling through Kakashi's brain. He was trying so hard to recall Iruka's words, to be able to translate anything said, but he knew he couldn't remember the proper pronunciations. He wished he had taken Spanish in high school. It defiantly would have help given the area he lives in.

"Su novia una cinto." He muttered to the best of his ability. He wasn't sure if the words were right or wrong but they sounded close. "Su novia una cinto." He repeated again, with more confidence. Still, he didn't know the meaning.

He fiddled with his phone, debating if he should try the internet; some translation site to convert the phrase to English. But after mumbling the words a few more times, he decided not to, not trusting his since of spelling to be correct.

Sighing, Kakashi flipped threw a science book he had borrowed from the library. Naruto had informed him on his courses that he struggled with and Kakashi decided to hold good to his promises with Iruka to get the grades up. Along with this, Kakashi had taken a silent oath to keep Naruto's school meeting from Minato, and to keep his lunch with Iruka to himself only. With the reason behind Naruto's online school still a mystery to Kakashi, he saw no reason to inform Minato. As Iruka had said, it was Naruto's to tell, and until then, Kakashi would wait.

"We're home." He heard Ino shout as the front door slammed shut. Deciding to be sociable, Kakashi met the young group in the living room, being greeted by Akamaru's happy barks. "Oh, Kakashi, you need to see this!" Ino squealed as she dug through one of her many bags. She pulled out a cloth and held it for Kakashi to see. 'My Dads Surf Better Than Yours' the print read on a misshaped shirt. "I had it made for Akamaru. Pretty cute, huh?"

"Lovely," He droned, walking past her. Naruto was already in the kitchen, Kiba sitting at the table and Sakura reading a book as she sipped some juice.

"Kiba, I need a translation." Kakashi started, pulling out the closest chair and sitting in it backwards so his arms rested on the back. "What does 'Su novia una cinto' mean?"

"Where you hear that?" Kiba asked with a raised brow.

"Just some guy outside of McDonalds." Kakashi lied.

Kiba looked confused but quietly repeated the phrase under his breath. "Your girlfriend a belt." Kiba told him, still confused. "Was that, like, an insult or something?" He asked, looking at Naruto.

Naruto shrugged. "I guess, like, your girlfriend is leather skinned, or maybe it was a complement, she's useful, holding him up…"

Kakashi huffed as he left the kitchen. The translation made no since and Kakashi knew his tongue mispronounced what he was told. He could always go back to the high school, if it bothered him for too long. Unfortunately he didn't have a number to call Iruka and the man might not take well to Kakashi showing up at his place of work. Besides that, Iruka looked terrified as he chocked out the statement. If he was willing to repeat himself, Kakashi didn't know.

Naruto lied in bed, waiting. Lee was supposed to call. After a somewhat successful lunch a few days ago, Lee had agreed to call Naruto to set up another. Gaara didn't talk much throughout the meal but there wasn't any yelling like he had expected.

Gaara had quickly walked ahead until Lee ran to catch up. Naruto stayed back, feeling uncomfortable as Gaara grabbed at Lee's sleeves, resting his head on Lee's shoulder like he was going to cry; but after spotting Naruto, was quick to compose his self. Lee held on his elbow as the three walked, but Gaara never tried to pull away.

They walked to a near by food shack. Lee worked at making small talk for everyone. It was awkward, slightly, Naruto wouldn't lie, but it was a step forward. The first step in recovering his old friendship.

The lunch had come up in conversation with Ino and Sakura. Kiba was prone to making comments, most of which Naruto didn't fully appreciate, but he was willing to over look it. The sisters were more nervous not to upset Naruto.

Kiba's comments didn't get to Naruto really. There was always bad blood between Kiba and Gaara. From the second Naruto introduced them they never got along. Lee didn't show any sign of disliking Kiba before, but Lee wasn't one for judging. But who knew, that may have changed by now, and it scared Naruto a little.

He wanted this friendship back. Some of his fondest moments were with Gaara and Lee. Playing fort in the back of his mother's wagon. Riding on the back of Lee's bike while Gaara tried to balance on handle bars. Watching Saturday night movies in Gaara's basement and laughing when Lee got scared.

They were great friends to him. They did everything to keep Naruto sane after his mother's burial. Anything to make Naruto happy without a second thought.

Then Naruto met Kiba. The middle school mister cool and popular guy loved by all. And as much as Naruto liked Kiba, as much as he tried to get his best friends and boyfriend together, they couldn't and wouldn't stand each other.

To Kiba, Lee was a weird freak and Gaara was a nutcase. To Gaara, Kiba was a loud flashy idiot. Luckily for Naruto, Lee stayed mutual through most of the arguments, never outwardly his dislike for Kiba if he had any and never being offended by Kiba's comments. When Gaara demanded Naruto to choose between their friendship and his love life, Lee stayed quietly in the corner. When Naruto refused to do so, Lee walked a very angry Gaara out of Naruto's loft and rode him home on the back of his bike.

That was the last time Naruto had spoken to them. It was Gaara who ended their friendship and until now Naruto just accepted it. He had Kiba, and Kiba's friends. If Gaara wanted to throw everything away because Naruto went on dates Fridays instead of loafing around with the two in Lee's room watching repeats, so be it.

The way young brains worked. At the time it all sounded so reasonable. Naruto had even convinced himself he was being attacked by Gaara and it was better to be apart. If Naruto being happy bothered them that much, what kind of friends were they.

Kiba help put that idea in his head.

His cell rung and Naruto jumped to answer it. Lee's joyous voice greeted him.

They didn't talk long, a few how have you been and a brief discussion of Gaara. But mostly they spoke of meeting up again.

"So Tuesday after school," Lee told him through tiny speakers. "Gaara agreed that we would pick you up on our way to the film."

"When is your next science test?" Kakashi asked as he checked over Naruto's notes.

"Iruka sends me my science test every second Tuesday, but my next test is this Friday, for English." Naruto replied while highlight the reading sheet Kakashi had printed out.

"Will you be ready for it? What were you reading?"

"Analyzing some Poe stories. Nothing hard."

Kakashi nodded as he stacked the notes back together. He had been helping Naruto for the last week and a half and Naruto was willing to accept his help. They talked a little about the online schooling and why Naruto chose it rather than normal class room studies, but Naruto never gave him a straight answer. Though, the laughter of other students was likely to have a connection. Kakashi still didn't like it.

Naruto was surprisingly smart, too. Kakashi rarely helped him. He briefly checked over notes and explained the few formulas Naruto didn't get, but other than that he just sat there waiting for Naruto to need him, which was almost never. By far the easiest teaching job yet.

It was a well thought out system Iruka had come up with, and surprisingly wasn't offered very often by the school. Iruka must have worked hard to convince the board that Naruto was worth the chance. The classes Naruto was assigned to had small video footage of lessons and videos taught that day and Iruka would email them attached to all his class work, homework, projects, and test. The videos couldn't be watched live but within ten minutes if the class ending Naruto would receive them and on slow work days, do his class from an old computer situated there. As long as he kept everything organized and completed assignments as soon as possible there was no way Naruto would get left behind. Still, that didn't answer the question of how Naruto ended up in home study in the first place. It obviously wasn't for extra help since he made decent grades and could do the work no problem. So, what could be so bad that he couldn't attend school?

Minato glanced at the box in his passenger seat. It was full of knickknacks, books, photos, and other odd ends that all use to belong to Kushina. Tsunade had delivered it to his office in the morning, letting him know that she had more of both Kushina's and Naruto's belongings in he guest room. He agreed to come by some time soon to retrieve them.

Kushina had left while leaving Minato very little. Maybe an old shirt or two and their wedding photo. Besides that Kushina made sure to pack up everything that was specifically hers. Kushina was one for decorations too. Anywhere she went she had her eyes open for that one piece, be it a round wicker basket for a foreign shop or pastel color paper fans she found at a yard sale. When they still lived together, no wall was ever bare. Every inch of their white walls housed a painting, a shelf, or small attention-grabbing furniture. Then one day it was just gone. Minato could only imagine how long Kushina had planned her escape, how much she planed ahead to not have to come back.

Minato kept his foot from pressing harder on the gas. He wanted to speed. Break the limit and get home now. Take this tiny cardboard box to his room and silently aw and cry over everything that was his wife. How much had Kushina changed since he last saw her?

Traffic was light thankfully and he was home in another fifteen minutes. He carefully picked up the box, rustles from paper wrapped collectibles sounded as he moved. He took the elevator, not because of the tiring feat the stairs were but because he wanted to move the box as little as possible, scared something would break before it was safely rested on his plush bed.

The living room was empty when he opened the door. That wasn't completely unusual, but in the last week or two Naruto and his friends and joined Sasuke's in this common area. He heard noise from down the hall and Sasuke's door spilled light from under the crack, so Minato knew he wasn't home alone. Quietly Minato fled to his room and locked the door.

Sitting on his bed Minato carefully began to open the box. At the very top was a glossy black paper and Minato cautiously held it up by its edges. A white and gray blob was in the middle and Minato realized that this must have been Naruto's ultrasound. He couldn't make out anything that looked liked similar to a baby, but there was a tiny bean shape that could only be a very small growing baby.

Anther thing to add to a growing list. Another experience Minato was denied.

Next were a few frames. Some filled with Naruto growing up, others with Kushina and Jiraiya, and one that was kept empty. He pulled a paper warped glass vase from the box. It was tiny but colorful with blending yellows mixed into its long neck. He remembered this vase, Mikoto had given it to Kushina as a birthday gift years ago. Next a book, or better yet a journal with stained pages and a crumpled back. He flipped the pages quickly; his ex wife's handwriting and scribbles flew past his sight.

There was so much left to go through. So much to slowly examine piece by piece. So much, however he owned close to nothing of Kushina's.

Just some photos and pen. Not nearly enough to represent her.

Lee owned a scooter. It was pale green and a little dinged up but still it was a set of wheels that left Naruto's feet in the dust. Though, Lee was always the wheel man of their young three man group. Naruto could still remember being in middle school and holding tight to Lee's handle bars as the boy peddled his way to school, Gaara tacking up the back and grabbing the back of Lee's shirt to not fall off. Back then, Naruto had thought they were the coolest thing ever, drifting down the boardwalk with sunglasses and a drink, nearly running other over in their hast.

Sure, it didn't compare to riding in Kiba's mother's red convertible which Kiba borrowed every chance he could after receiving a licence, nor Ino's big wheel truck. But back then, when they were eleven, sitting on Lee's handle bars was like sitting on the wings of a flying plane.

Even with the scooter Gaara still rode holding onto Lee's back. Lee even had a second helmet strapped to the back, suggesting Gaara rode often.

At this moment Naruto was in the apartment parking lot, watching Lee do circles around a car to prove to Naruto that he had full control of his scooter. Naruto didn't doubt him through, since Gaara felt safe enough to keep riding. Naruto had never been on a scooter before and was pretty tempted to ask Lee for a spin. Except, Gaara was right there, sitting on the same asphalt only two feet away, and Lee was at the other end of the lot. Just far enough to be out of hearing range.

"Did you ever ask him out?" Naruto blurted and Gaara stiffened. He glared at Naruto, probably not only for the question but for talking to Gaara all together.

"He's straight." Gaara said darkly as he watched Lee ride. "You know that."

"Yeah, but does he know about you?"

Gaara stayed quite for awhile and Lee scooted back up to them, a large grin on his face as he handed Naruto Gaara's helmet.

"Safety first." Lee preached and started the engine once Naruto was seated on the back. It wasn't like a motorcycle, but still it had power. Naruto didn't have to grasp tightly to Lee's middle, he was able to just hold a handful of shirt or his seat to not fall off, but Lee was also going slowly around a parking lot too, and the speedometer went up to eighty, so Naruto imagined that it must have power.

They swerved through some parked cars but it was nothing that could be considered dare devil stunts. Lee was a careful person and responsible as well. Naruto could practically envision Lee the first day he bought this scooter, reading the manual repeatedly until he remembered the whole blueprint before even touching the seat; hauling the scooter to abandon lots and parks to practice long before he ever let Gaara on the back. Naruto liked that about Lee. His caution for the safety of others.

Kiba gave everyone a ride the day he got his card. Looking back, maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to do.

Ino and Sakura were standing around Gaara when Lee pulled back. They weren't to close, giving off an air that they weren't familiar with each other, but the didn't stand yards away either. Ino's hand was purposely on Sakura's hip, four fingers dipping into her pink denim pocket while her thumb sunk under the waist band.

"Hello Sakura," Lee stuttered a little and Naruto nearly flinched. "You look as lovely as always. A rose of the day."

Sakura bit her lip awkwardly and muttered a thanks and Ino huffed. Naruto quickly got off the back of the scooter, hands digging in his pockets. He pulled out the keys Minato had recently given him and handed them to Ino.

"Bye Lee." Sakura called out formally as Ino and she made it through the door. Lee waved back, a happy look in his eyes as he watched the girls descend. He suggested going up as well, but Gaara handed Lee a ten and demanded he buy Gaara gum. Lee took the money, looking a little guilty before scooting off the nearest convent store.

"I told him," Gaara said once Lee was fully out of sight. "He didn't accept my confession but he didn't reject me either. He does things that one would only do in a relationship, like take me to movies and dinners, pays for me, spend the night. It all out of friendship, no sex involved. He acts like my boyfriend but we don't touch or kiss or say loving things; it's like playing house." He sighed as he forced his knees to unbend. Standing, Gaara wiped the dirt from his jeans. "Let's just say it's complicated, and when Lee finds a nice girl who likes him back, I'll be single."

The two sat in silence until Lee returned. He handed Gaara his ten dollar bill back untouched and three different packs of gum.

Sasuke glared at Ino and Sakura as he entered his room. The two of them had developed a bad habit of inviting themselves into his space. Right now the two where playing with Sai's hair, twirling and braiding the little pink and green strand he had applied that morning. Seeing Sasuke closing the door, they smiled.

"Hi!" Ino sung as she made a small pony a top Sai's head. "How was the library?"

"Fine." He grunted and dropped his book on his bed. "What are you two doing in here?"

"Got bored. Naruto playing with Lee and left us here." Sakura answered with a huff. "Thought we hang out with Sai."

"In my room?"

Sai gave Sasuke that smile of his and in a sickly sweet voice replied. "The living room is a little big for just us."

Sasuke decided then to just give up and ignore the group. He sat at his desk, opened his laptop, and began typing up his essay for a history class. He worked well into the hour before Ino shrieked loudly and fell off his bed laughing and Sai proceeded to beat her with one of Sasuke's pillows. It was at that point the Sasuke saved his nearly finished report and turned in his chair to glare at the group.

"Must you?" He asked mostly to Sai with his arms crossed. Sai again just smiled before shrugging.

"Sorry Sasuke." Sakura giggled a little. "We don't mean to disturb." Her hands flew to her mouth and her cheeks puffed as she obviously tried to halt her laughter. "It's just, well, Sai brought something up and it shocked us a little."

"Are you really asexual?" Ino shouted and Sakura erupted. "You can't be right, 'cause you're like all hot and have that sex on legs thing going so it really be a waste if you were." Ino sat up on her knees and gave Sasuke big curious eyes. She wasn't leaving without an answer.

Sasuke grunted and shot Sai a dirty look. "My sex life is no ones' businesses but my own." Sasuke started stern like a father reprimanding his children for acting out. "But I will say my lack of relationship is not because I find no one attractive, but more so I find no one person to be more attractive than another." It was true, too. Sasuke saw many beautiful people a day but he never thought of one to be better than others. He held no pedal stool for young women with large bust and big eyes.

"Isn't that kind of like bisexual then?" Ino asked and knotted her brows. "Like you see some good looking chick but then see a guy and think he's just as good looking."

Sasuke frowned. He never had thought of himself of the homosexual category but what Ino said held some truth. His logic applied to men as well. He could look at a muscular chest and find it even with a pair of breast. He didn't find one more exciting. So there might have been the possibility Sasuke could find himself appealing to a man.

"But that's still more asexual. You admit you find people to attractive but it's more than that, Sasuke." Sakura stood up and rummaged through a book bag by the door. "It's about sex. Rather then just thinking someone's good looking, would you want to fuck them?" She handed him a fashion magazine with a few skimpily dressed women and men on the cover. "Out of these people which would you sleep with?"

Sasuke hesitantly took the paper from Sakura and stared hard at the models on the glossy page. All dressed in black with ripped pants and skirts, pale skin and bleached hair and so much eyes make up. "None, they all remind me too much of Sai."

"Love you too." Sai said dully, no longer interested in the conversation. "For the record I wouldn't fuck you either."

"Then the whole thing. Look through and tell us if given the chance who you would sleep with." Ino pressed as she pulled a large marker from her purse. She shoved the marker into his hands and tried so hard to look intimating. "Circle them and tell us."

Sasuke spent at least forty five minutes skimming each page of the magazine and focusing solely on the people inside. His sexuality was not something Sasuke thought or cared much about but with the girls' pushing it did make him slightly curious. Was it so abnormal to not be a virgin at his age and not care? As far as he known even Shikamaru cared about getting laid. He bitched about the process but grinned at the result. Neji as well took up dating every now and again, Hinata too. Sasuke couldn't even say he ever had a crush on someone before.

He flipped to the last page and stared at the girl with large brown eyes and curly hair dressed up in a puffy pink gown. She was pretty but not more then the girl before her. If he would ever meet her in real life chances were he wouldn't attempt to bed her.

Once he was done and returned the magazine to the girls they huffed and glared. Harsh whispers traveled between them and it was clear that this subject was anything but dropped.

Kiba was lying on the bed, big wild smile and knowing eyes. He was shirtless and his zipper was undone. Naruto was sitting in front of him, own button shirt undone as he splayed his palm over Kiba's abdomen. Kiba kissed and nibbled sweetly at the neck in front of him.

It was moments like these Naruto loved. Hearing Kiba's candy voice whispering in his ear while those hands rubbed at his shoulder. The sensation of gentle touched on his back and soft hair brushing on his lashes. Dunk in a sea of warmth as Kiba covered them in blankets, shielding them from no one but the light. Naruto loved the sweet and little movements that were slow and familiar.

Kiba, not as much.

"Please," Kiba chanted as he urged Naruto to turn around, to face the wall and not Kiba. Urging Naruto into that one position that Kiba found so erotic. "Please."

Naruto shook his head, staying firm where he was and ignored all over please from Kiba. He tried to continue the previous touches, the sweet ones. Kiba's hands were already moving too fast, too needy for Naruto's liking. Rough fingers were already on his waist, trying to pull the fabric of his pants down. Naruto again shook his head, grasping Kiba's hands in his own and redirecting them to Naruto's hair. He loved when Kiba played with his hair.

Naruto leaned in to kiss Kiba lightly and Kiba opened his mouth just that little bit and Naruto couldn't help but mewl. "Love you…" Naruto panted when he pulled away.

"Yeah," Kiba's fingers tightened in Naruto's hair pulling hi back for another, deeper kiss. The kiss lasted several moments before Kiba's lips ventured down to Naruto's chin, then neck and chest. He sucked hard on a pulse and moaned into Naruto's skin. His hands left silky locks and massaged a kissed filled neck. "Love you so much. Want to show…" Kiba trailed off as he again went for Naruto's pants. Naruto let him and lifted up slightly to help. "So much…" Kiba mumbled as his lips met the tattoo on Naruto's stomach, following the swirl. His hands dispensing into the back of Naruto briefs.

"Wait." Naruto tried to stand up but Kiba grabbed at his waist. "Kiba, seriously."

"Remember when you use to moan for me?"

Hot breath hit Naruto's ear and he wanted to shiver. Instead his fist curled and kneed at Kiba's stomach, making the man whelp.

"The fuck, Naruto?" Kiba barked. He rubbed his sore muscles and stood off the bed. "What's your problem lately?"

"My problem?" Naruto looked offended.

"Yeah, like it's been long enough, but you still won't let me do anything fun." He huffed and started zipping up his jeans. "I'm fucking board and when I try anything you get bitchy and hit me. Its fucked up! Deidara agrees with me!"

Naruto froze, eyeing his buttons. "What does Deidara have to do with this?"

"He thinks you're being unreasonable too. So it's not just me! I have people on my side too!"

"Yeah well," Naruto grabbed his pants as he stood up. "Sluts tend to agree with dicks." He walked past Kiba, not bothering to get dressed first. Stomped down the stairs until he reached the front door, pausing to slide his pants up. "No Fun!" He yelled towards the steps and his hands fiddled with his shirt buttons. "Whose fault is that, huh?" He slammed the door as he left.

Naruto sighed sadly, looking at the long road a head of him and wished he had his own car. He didn't really want to call anyone and let them see how pathetic he was.

There was no question about it. This was the smallest dinner they had had since Naruto moved in. No Kiba, no sisters, none of Sasuke's friends, not even Sai. Just the four residents living there. Naruto cooked for everyone, making a simple noodle dish that he just pushed around on the plate for the next half hour and threw away. Sasuke watched, barely able to stomach his own food from the bitter air surrounding Naruto. But Sasuke wasn't wasteful and forced himself to eat a little over half his plate.

Minato tried to make small talk, weather, movies, and friends, to break the awkward silence. He asked Naruto a hefty bagful of questions but Naruto just made more noises then answers. As soon as Kakashi finished his dish Naruto started to clean the table, not caring that food still sat on Sasuke's and Minato's plates. Sasuke tried to help but Naruto refused his offer so he just sat and watched as Naruto moved through the chores like clockwork. Sasuke could feel his brows knotting.

Naruto looked so defeated. He knew this had to be Kiba's fault. He knew they were arguing lately.

As much as Sasuke loved not having Kiba around, Naruto's sad eyes were sickening. Kiba shouldn't have been allowed to make Naruto look like that. Like he was going to break. No one should be allowed that privilege. Even if Naruto refused him, Sasuke wanted to be there for Naruto, be his brother, and as a big brother he wanted Naruto to be with someone better. Needed Naruto to be with someone better. He deserved so much better. Sasuke should have been granted a punch to Kiba's face.

Naruto eyes might have been dry, but the tears were there. Naruto should have never shed tears over anyone. Never again.

"I'm going to bed early." Naruto announced and he toweled his wet hands off. He dragged his feet out of the kitchen and down the hall, only stopping to look at something on the wall before Sasuke's room and proceeding to his own.

Sasuke stayed a little longer before deciding he couldn't stay here and texted Sai while he grabbed his coat.

Sai took Sasuke to a strange Mexican restaurant. They didn't order any food, just sat there as Sai drank a coffee. Sasuke didn't ask though, he just enjoyed getting out of the apartment.

"I saw Kiba earlier." Sai had stated when they were first seated but he hadn't continued until now. Sasuke didn't care about Kiba anyways. He didn't know why Sai would bother to be civil with Kiba, but he couldn't bring himself to bitch. "He was with my classmate, the sculptor I talked about before. They seem to get along well."


"I'm waiting for him to show up now. I'm borrowing a book from him."

Sasuke just grunted and Sai smiled. Conversations ended their and Sai ordered a salad while they waited. Sasuke knew who they were waiting on and given the impression he had left on Sasuke before, Sasuke was sure they would waiting a while. Deidara was never one to be on time or set a time. He came and left as he pleased which Sasuke didn't care much for. That and the fact the guy was borderline nuts. He once sewed string through his arms and purposely set his arm on fire. Artist pain, he had claimed, saying no one bought your things unless you're crazy or dead. With that, who inks pictures of mouths into their hands? Well of course the friend of an ape who tattooed his face. Like they had no idea what tasteful was. Naruto knew. He kept his tattoo hidden under his clothes. Sasuke hadn't even seen it yet but he knew it was elegant and not something stupid to flaunt at everyone.

Naruto, though a little rough around the edges, knew what proper was. Kakashi had let his secret slip. He knew Naruto was in school. Though no one told Minato yet, since Naruto wanted to keep it hidden. Did it matter though? Naruto was so mature that he took care of everything on his own. He worked, did school, cooked meals, all on his own. Sasuke never even thought to ask. What was Naruto working for, he never had much money so it must have gone somewhere. And Naruto had a phone of his own, not on Minato's plan, so was it with Tsunade, or did Naruto pay for himself? How much was Naruto paying for on his own? The food they ate, Sasuke never remembered Minato or Kakashi picking up such ingredients before.

Sasuke just always assumed it was on his surfing equipment. He had no idea how much it coast but Sasuke was sure Naruto needed wax and replacement parts every now and then.

When was the last time Naruto went surfing anyways? It felt like a while. A few weeks for sure. When Naruto first moved in he talked to his surfboard, took it to work to surf between breaks, kept it by the door ready to go anytime. It's not there anymore. It hasn't been.

Around the same time Kiba stopped spending every night. Around the same time Sasuke heard the TV playing at two in the morning. Around the same time Sasuke heard what should have been sex on the other side of his wall but turned into sleep.

How long ago was that? Tsunade showed up at their door, what, two, maybe two and a half months ago. And in this time Sasuke realized how much his everyday life changed. Breakfast, every morning with a large group of people, waiting until Naruto went to work before getting to his school work, being stopped at three when Ino burst her way in and Naruto got off, spend time with a large group of people, then eat dinner with them. Sasuke didn't like big groups of people. He didn't like crowds. It's why he stayed home. But now, he eats with sometimes ten people at his table. They didn't even have that many chairs. Sakura and Ino invite themselves into his room. Include Sai and he had three people who just walked right in without knocking. He shouldn't be okay with that. He didn't like out of state universities, dreading roommate and friends just waltzing into his private space.

He just accepted Naruto's friends as a way of life. He gave up on Naruto's smoking habit. He was keeping secrets from Minato. He was questioning his own sexuality.

He was changing so much in only the matter of months. Sasuke couldn't understand why.

By the time Deidara arrived Sai had finished his salad and was just sipping at another mug. Sai took the book without a word and started to leave. Sasuke just followed after.

This, this was one of the worst moments of his life yet. There were many times he could think of that where horrible, terrifying, heart wrenching, but this right here, it was so close to taking the cake for his number one tragic event.

Why did he let Sai put this in?

The television blurred with the cheap recording of a small bedroom. Part of the screen was black, blocked by a potted plant the camera was behind.

The sound was unbearable. Those loud, pleasurable moans. They should never come out a mouth so young.

Sasuke wanted it to stop. He truly did, but he couldn't move. This was wrong. This was illegal. Sasuke felt sick

Even with the poor light, even without the large tattoo he knew existed, even without being able to see that face shoved deep into pillow, Sasuke knew who it was.

Just how old was Naruto here? Fifteen? As far as Sasuke could tell, Naruto didn't even know there was a camera.

The TV turned to black as Sai quickly shut off the power. His eyes were wide and he breathing fast. He didn't know what to do either.

What was that disk doing in the book Sai just borrowed?

Why did Sasuke have to witness?

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