Author's Note: Hi guys, this is Red Dragonette from the Dragon Cave forums, though most of you won't have heard of me. This fanfic is going to seem pretty AUish, because it takes place in Fourside City (not the one from Earthbound) that's in the center of Beta Land (cheesy name for an OC place) where all four nations touch. I had all the canon characters move there, because there was no possible way Andy & Co. would be able to go around the world in one night to get candy from them. And also, I was originally going to have this story rated K+, since there isn't going to be much cursing here. But since there's going to be some violence in the fifth chapter, I had to change it to T. Anyway, this is my first fanfic and I hope you all enjoy this story, though you don't have to if you want.

Andy was in his room putting on his werewolf costume for Halloween. He got into his brown furry and stretchy bodysuit which was tight enough for him, so that his costume wouldn't show curves or wrinkles. His werewolf bodysuit didn't have feet that would make it hard for Andy to fit into his red boots, but it came with realistic wolf claws and an electronic moving tail that senses the boy's thoughts and moves at his command. Then Andy went to his mirror on the dark brown dresser and took up his flat paint brush and poured some of the brown face paint onto it. He used his reflection on the mirror to watch how he painted his face so that none of the stuff accidentally gets in his bistre hair.

Once his whole face was completely painted brown, Andy put the big furry wolf ears over his normal human ones and then he strapped the electronic authentic brown snout onto his face. Almost like the tail, the snout senses Andy's words & thoughts to moves to make it look like he's talking. The whole costume was made by Lash, a Black Hole CO who had once joined forces with the Allied Nations when Omega Land was attacked. The young teen girl always had a talent for inventing extraordinary things, so it was no surprise that the electronic parts of the costume she made would make Andy seem like a real werewolf in flesh and soul. Andy decided to test out the snout and tail to see if they really worked like he thought they would. He imagined his tail to wag like a dog's and tried to make it move on its own while saying, "I wonder if all those things work." And to his surprise, his snout moved in a way like a mix between an animal's and a human's while his tail wagged up and down when he looked in a mirror. He twisted himself to look at what's happening at his behind and cried happily, "Hey, they do work!"

Then he heard his mom calling from downstairs, "Andy, your friend is here to get you!"

"I'm coming, mom! Just let me finish getting my costume together," Andy replied out loud. He quickly put on his usual red shirt and shorts that he always wore at Orange Star HQ, over his wolf costume. Then he put his feet into his boots before he said goodbye to his pet ants in the glass cage on his dresser and walked out of his room to walk downstairs as he made his way to the living room.

His mom, who had the same bistre hair color and dark brown eyes as her son, met Andy at the bottom of the stairs and handed him a paper bag with a pair of handles. "Here, this is your bag to carry the candy and sweets you get from the people around the neighborhood," the mom told.

"Thanks, mom," Andy smiled and said.

"Now go, your friend's waiting for you at the front door. Don't keep her waiting and have a safe Happy Halloween," mom said.

"I will, mom!" Andy promised before he went toward the front door. He wondered if the person behind the door was Colin, Sonja, Lash or all them. Andy had planned on going trick-or-treating with them along with Sasha and Kanbei as chaperones. The werewolf boy opened the door to see who it was.

At the door stood Lash in her gothic lady vampire costume. She wore an ebony corset with small electronic bat wings that flapped sometimes, a black miniskirt with a gray belt that had a silver skull bucket, net stockings, shiny long black boots, two black wristbands, and a necklace with a ruby-eyed silver bat demon on it. She had blood red lips that she colored with a lipstick, her fingernails were the same color, and inside her mouth were vampire fangs in. Lash grinned and asked, "How do you like the costume Andy? Does it feel great?"

Andy replied in content as he wagged his tail, "Yeah, it sure does! I feel like a real werewolf with this mouth and tail."

"Teeheehee, I'm glad you liked it, Andy! I've worked really hard on it," Lash said; pleased that Andy was happy with the costume. "Now come on, we have to go meet up with Sonja, Colie-poo, and the others!" Colie-poo was the cute nickname she rarily used for Blue Moon's youngest and timid CO Colin, whom she developed a crush on after the Omega Land incident. She sometimes kidnapped the young boy and forced him to go on dates with her.

"I'm right with you," Andy said as he followed Lash out of the house and got onto the front yard.

Lash looked at Andy and told him, "Sonja and her daddy should be at Colin's mansion soon. Let's use my copter to take us there!" Then Lash and Andy went to the black transport copter that was parked on the yard and got inside. Lash took the pilot's seat while Andy sat on the passenger seat and the T. copter started to fly away to their destination.

At the Blue Moon district, Sasha and her younger brother, Colin, were exiting their huge white mansion into the big beautiful yard with well-trimmed square hedges and a fountain at the center. Colin was wearing a frankenstein costume; his face and neck were painted green, he had fake bolts at the sides of his neck, he wore a gray shirt with a ragged brown coat over it, dark blue pants and brown boots. But Sasha only wore her casual clothes which consisted of a blue sleeve shirt, white skirt, white dress shoes, and a pearl necklace, as she felt she was too old to go trick-or-treating. The siblings followed the brick path to the gates and waited for Emperor Kanbei's limousine to come over and pick them up soon. "So Kanbei and Sonja will be here soon, right sis?" Colin asked. He didn't want him and his sister to wait outside for a long time and look like stupid idiots.

Sasha nodded and said, "Yes Colin, they called us and said that they would be here in a few minutes. It shouldn't take that long for them to get here." In fact, it would probably take about two minutes for the limousine get to the mansion.

After that period of time, an ivory white limousine with black eastern dragon paint jobs on it appeared and parked in front of the gate. One of the windows rolled down to reveal Sonja, who was wearing a black witch costume. "Hello Sasha and Colin, it's good to see you here and that you're ready," Sonja greeted.

"Same here to you, Sonja. It was so nice of your father, Commander Kanbei, to have his limousine take us everywhere through all four districts," Sasha said as she opened the gates with her key. It was a lot better and faster than having to go on foot, as it would take hours and their feet would be very tired.

Kanbei, who was wearing a maroon samurai costume, said generously, "Ah think nothing of it. Any friend of Sonja's is a friend of mine. And as friends, they get to ride in my special limousine. Now hope in, you two. Next stop is Andy's place at the Orange Star district!"

But before the rich siblings could take a step towards the limousine, the COs heard a very eerie howl coming from somewhere. "What was that?" Sasha, who was curious about of the source of the howl, asked.

"Look!" shouted Colin who pointed to a shadowy lupine figure standing on top of the wall that surrounded the sibling's property. The mysterious creature made another scary howl and Colin cried in fear, "I-i-it's a monster! Run for your lives!"

But Sonja, whose vision was more adapted to darkness than anybody else here, took a clearer look at the creature and recognized who it was. "Calm down, Colin. It's just Andy playing a trick on us. There's no monster around here as they don't really exist," she said.

Colin's fear turned to embarrassment, when he realized that what Sonja said was true. "Um oops, my bad," he apologized his face blushed pink. "I didn't know, really," he tried to tell them as he drooped. Colin felt like a fool for thinking there was a monster at his home, when there really wasn't. Everybody here probably thought he was stupid enough to fall for that trick.

Sasha rubbed her little brother's back and reassured him, "It's alright, Colin. It's not your fault that you didn't know."

Andy jumped off the wall and landed safely on the ground. Then he walked up to them and said, "Yeah, she's right! You shouldn't blame yourself for one little prank I tried to pull on you guys."

The two families stared at Andy in surprised as they noticed his wolf snout talking. Sonja pointed it out and said, "Andy, your snout; it talked!"

Kanbei saw Andy's tail moving and said, "And look, his tail's moving about on its own! Andy somehow must've transformed into some sort of creature!"

Andy laughed heartily and said, "No Kanbei, it's just a costume. Lash made the snout and tail to talk and move around, so that I could look like a real werewolf."

"So I guess that explains why these things can animate well," Sasha said.

"No wonder I thought you were a monster, Andy," Colin said.

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed tightly onto the frankenstein boy's shoulders from behind and a startling cry shouted into his ear, "Boo!"

Colin jumped in great surprise as he shrieked and he ran towards his sister to latch onto her. "Aaahhhh, something's got me, sis!" he screamed in fright.

Lash chuckled in amusement at Colin's panic and said, "Teeheehee, you scare too easily, don't you Colin! It's only me."

Colin looked at Lash and asked, "L-Lash, where did you come from?"

The vampire girl answered, "We just got a little ride here."

Andy added, "Yeah, Lash used her Transport copter to take us to the Blue Moon district."

"Well I guess that explains how you two got here in time," Sasha said.

"And maybe how Lash always manages to get here and kidnap me to go on dates with her," Colin implied.

"But I won't be kidnapping you this time, since we planned on having date to go trick-or-treating together with the others," Lash said to Colin. The Frankenstein boy flushed red at the thought of having everyone watch him carefully to see what romantic event they'll get into.

The driver in the limousine, who was humored by Colin's shy look on his face, said to Kanbei, "This is going to be a fun night."

The Yellow Comet emperor chuckled and said, "It certainly will!" Kanbei had a good feeling that this Halloween will bring some sorts of excitement.

Andy decided to change the subject about the 'date thing' and asked, "So are going to get in the car now or what? I'm dying to get some candy from other people's houses."

Sasha said to him, "Yes Andy, we'll be going into the limousine right now. Come Colin." She took her brother's hand and the four went into white long vehicle. Andy, who was the first to go in, took a seat next to Sonja, who was holding a witch broom on her lap. Then the wealthy siblings came in next; Sasha sat between Andy and Colin. Inside the limo were luxurious components; a TV set, a jukebox, and a bar counter.

Lash was the last person to come in and she took her spot beside Colin, whom she wrapped her arms around and hugged him tightly as she giggled. "We're going to have lots of fun, right Colin?" she asked excitedly.

"Uh yeah, w-whatever," Colin said shyly at the way Lash was keeping him very close to her.

Andy took a look at Sonja's glossy witch costume and touched the soft and silky fabric to get a feel of it. "Nice costume, Sonja! It's got a nice feel to it and it looks good," he complemented.

Sonja was about to say 'thanks', but Kanbei cut her off when he heard that and said gratefully, "Why thank you, Andy! I bought that from the best clothing company in my country."

"So peeps, where do you want me to take you first?" asked the driver.

Colin said, "How about Commander Olaf's place? Since we're in the Blue Moon section of the suburbs, I thought we could go there first." Plus it would be an honor to see his commander again, since Colin has always held a deep respect for Olaf ever since saved his family's lives during the previous war before Black Hole's first appearance into the Wars World.

Kanbei approved of the young boy's decision and said, "That's a great idea, boy! Driver, take us to Commander Olaf!"

"I'm on it, sir," the driver replied. Then the he pulled the lever into 'drive' and made the limousine move away from the mansion and drove on its way to Olaf's home.

While the car was on the go, Andy noticed Kanbei's samurai costume. He was wearing a black robe with maroon armor over it, a maroon helmet with golden horns, and his katana by his side. "So Commander Kanbei, you're going trick-or-treating too?" Andy asked.

"Yes, of course! What better way to spend Halloween with my dear daughter than this?" Kanbei answered with a smile.

Lash saw the flat screen TV behind the chauffeur compartment and squealed, "Oooh, a TV; let's watch some cartoons guys!" She grabbed the remote on the counter and switched the channel to her favorite scary TV show. The group watched the show as the limo drove on.

Soon, the limousine came to Olaf's neighborhood and they were nearing his house. Andy was looking out the window when he saw the first house on the right that had three kids receiving candy from a kind middle-aged woman. He quickly looked at everyone and pointed to the house as he said, "Everybody, since we're almost at Olaf's place. Let's go to that house first!"

Colin was disappointed at the suggestion and said, "W-what? But I want to see Commander Olaf first! Can't we go there after that?" He was anxious to see his hero again.

Sonja contradicted, "Actually, this is a good idea. We can just go to that house first and then we'll walk to the other two houses before we'll be at Commander Olaf's. It'll be better than having to go to his house and then turn around to get to the others before we walk back to the limo."

"Sonja's right, Colin," Sasha said. "Don't worry, we'll see Commander Olaf soon enough."

"So in the meantime, let's go out and stuff our bags with candy!" Lash shouted. Then the group opened the car door and got out of the limousine. They walked towards the house on the curvy red brick path and past the three trick-or-treaters who wore a ghost, a wizard, and a black cat costumes and were happily carrying their own bags of treats.

The group reached the foot of the doorstep and held up their bags as they shouted with smiles, "Trick-or-treat!" Colin had a round and orange jack-o-lantern-like bucket with black eyes, nose, and a zigzag smile. Sonja had a big white purse with kanji symbols and a kimono lady on it. Lash carried a forest green sack bag.

The woman would've gladly given each of the children five pieces of candy had she not noticed the way Andy's snout was doing the talking and his furry tail wagging. The woman became scared at the sight of a living anthromorphic creature, even though it was just a costume, and dropped the bowl of candy onto the floor. Her mouth opened in awe, her skin became pale with fear, and she started to tremble before the sight of the 'real life werewolf'. Then she turned around and screamed out loud as she ran away into the safest part of her house.

Andy was confused about what had frightened the poor lady. "What's scaring her?" he asked.

Everybody knew the answer as they all stared at Andy. "It's your costume, Andy. She thinks it's real," Sasha said.

Lash giggled with humor as her bat wings flapped and said, "Teeheehee, I knew something like that was going to happen. That's why I'm glad I made that costume for you and proud of it! It's so funny see people getting scared!" Then she looked at the bowl on candy lying on the door line with a few candies scattered around it. "Anyway, let's steal all the candies for ourselves since that hag isn't around to stop us!" she suggested.

But Sonja refused to take part in the theft and objected, "No Lash, we are not going to resort to petty thievery. Not now and not ever!"

Kanbei agreed, "Sonja's right; nothing good is ever going to come out of robbing others." Being a samurai to a heart, Kanbei had honor in his morality.

"That woman inside will think badly of us and probably call the police on us," Sasha told Lash. Andy and Colin agreed as well, but they kept silent.

Lash huffed and crossed her arms in disappointment as she said, "Hmph, you guys are no fun! Fine we'll just take three candies and go on!" So the four kids each took up three pieces of candy for themselves before they went with the two chaperones to the house next door. Lash walked few steps before she stopped and turned around to go back to the candy bowl. She started to grab handfuls of candy and threw them inside her sack.

Sonja had a feeling that Lash wasn't with the group, so she stopped and turned her head to see Lash stealing lots of candy from the bowl. "Lash!" she scolded loudly.

The vampire girl groaned in annoyance and yelled, "Alright fine, I'll stop doing that now!" Then she got away from the half-empty candy bowl and followed Sonja to catch up with the others.

So Andy and friends went to the two houses and got candy from both of them. The people, who gave the candy, didn't seem to mind Andy's costume since they weren't paying attention to his electronic parts or they thought it was simply part of the costume. The limousine had slowly driven up beside the sidewalk to get to where the group was at.

After the two houses, the group and limousine had finally arrived at Olaf's house. The yard had fake gravestones that each had the words 'R.I.P.' on them. One of the gravestones had a bony skeleton hand that reached out of the ground as if a zombie was about to rise from its grave and go out to eat its victims' brains. Andy rang the doorbell and they waited for the Blue Moon CO to answer the call. Soon the bearded fat man with light brown hair, wearing a yellow-striped orange shirt, blue overalls, blue hat, and brown shoes, opened the door with a big bowl of candy in one of his arms and heard the kids shout cheerfully, "Trick-or-treat!"

The first two people to get Olaf's attention were his comrades, Colin and Sasha. "Well if isn't Sasha and Colin; I heard you two did a fine job taking out Black Hole in Omega Land!" he said as he put a handful of candy into Colin's pumpkin bucket.

Colin felt honored to be complemented by his superior and replied with a smile as he did his usual salute that he gave to his superiors, "W-we sure did, Commander Olaf sir! Black Hole had nothing against us."

Lash was offended by Colin's comment, since she was from Black Hole. So she slapped him on the back which made Colin flinch in pain, and yelled, "Hey, we weren't that easy to beat, you know!"

"Ouch! Sorry," Colin apologized while rubbing his back to soothe the pain. This is why Lash always made him nervous; you say one wrong word and she'll take vengeance on you.

Sasha tried to make Lash less angry at Colin by saying, "He meant the Bolt Guard, not you and Hawke, Lash."

Lash's anger quickly turned into delight and she asked the older sister, "Is that so?" Then she looked at Colin and said, "Sorry I hit you, Colin!" She was glad to know that she wasn't considered weak.

"I-it's okay," Colin said, deciding to forgive her for that. 'I guess,' he thought as he was still not happy about the blow he got from his 'girlfriend.'

Olaf looked at Kanbei and said, "Well anyways. Kanbei, good to see you again! How much has Macro Land Yellow Comet recovered since the Black Hole incident?"

"We've repaired all the damages there! There's not a single trace of Black Hole's attack left," Kanbei said proudly of his nation's full recovery. "What about Blue Moon? Is your nation almost done with its repairs?" he asked.

"Actually, we've finished repairing our damages there as well. So I guess we can all assume the other nations in Macro Land have recovered as well, right?" Olaf said as he put a handful of candy into Sonja's big purse.

"Yep! Orange Star's finished taking care of everything there and we've heard that Green Earth's done, too!" Andy said with a smile.

Olaf turned his attention to Andy, whom he noticed had talking snout, realistic fur, and a moving tail. Surprise could be shown on his face by the way his eyes went wide, his mouth dropping, and how he asked, "Andy? What the hell happened to you?"

Andy answered, "Nothing happened; that's just how Lash made the costume for me."

After Olaf put candy into Andy's paper bag, he slanted his eyebrows at the vampire girl and frowned as he said coldly, "Lash, eh?"

"Yep, nobody else around here could ever make a costume like that!" Lash boasted. Then she noticed the unfriendly look on Olaf's face and thought something was wrong with him as she asked, "Hey, what's your problem? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"What do you think? You and your blasted Black Hole army destroyed my home and warped it into that twisted place you called a 'playground'! That was really unforgivable!" Olaf yelled angrily. The memory of that awful event in Macro Land had made him pissed as hell and that was something he would never forget in a thousand years.

"No way, is that true?" Andy asked as he and Kanbei both had shocked looks on their faces.

Sonja just stood there and thought nonchalantly, 'Why am I not surprised?' Of course being the twisted child that Lash was, she would do something like this.

"Yep, it was a lot of fun doing turning that place into what I want it to be," Lash confirmed proudly.

Olaf was obviously displeased with seeing that smug look on the vampire girl's face. "By the way, I've heard that you've been kidnapping poor Colin here and forcing him to go on these crazy dates of yours. You better not have molested him, or else!" he warned threateningly with a shaking fist.

"Or else what, you fat sack of lard? What are you going to do about it? And no, I haven't even touched him," Lash challenged. Then she thought about what it would be like to get to 'know' him and added with delight, "Well yet."

"Or else I'll have one or two of my bombers come to your home and blast you into smithereens!" Olaf told her.

"Geesh old man, isn't that too harsh a punishment for that type of crime? And so what, I'll just have a few fighters and some anti-air tanks prepared to destroy your pathetic bombers," Lash retorted confidently.

"Then I'll bring the whole army and obliterate every trick up your sleeve!" Olaf yelled.

"Ooooh, that sounds like fun! Alright, the deal is set; I touch Colin, you send out an army after me, and I'll counter you with my own men," Lash proposed. She had a love for battles and warfare; to her, war was just a game where COs pit their armies against each other to show who's better.

Sasha didn't like the idea of having men die in a pointless skirmish and said to her superior, "Commander Olaf, I don't think that's necessary to do that. Maybe you should let law enforcers like the police handle her instead if she ever does these 'things' to Colin."

Andy was puzzled about this molesting Colin topic and whispered to Sonja as he asked, "Hey Sonja, what's this about 'molesting' and 'touching' Colin? Any idea about what are they talking about?" He had no idea about the adult content of these words.

"I don't think you'd want to know about that," Sonja replied quietly. Because Andy was too immature, Sonja figured he wasn't ready to know or understand anything about that topic.

Seeing that Sonja wasn't going to give him the answer, Andy turned to Colin and asked, "What about you, Colin? Do you know anything?"

"U-u-uh, no sir," Colin stuttered nervously. He knew what Lash and Olaf were talking about, but like Sonja he knew Andy shouldn't know about that yet. But it wasn't that reason that prevented him from talking about it; he just got nervous about thinking what Lash would do to him in bed. She'll probably end up hurting him really bad if she wasn't too careful.

Olaf refused to take Sasha's suggestion and said, "No, because that way, I'll be avenging my hometown again! I beat her once and I'll beat her again! Besides, everybody else has kicked her behind, so there's no way I'll lose this one."

"Well there's always a first time for everything and I don't always lose, you know. I'll invent bigger and badder weapons to kick your sorry butt, old man!" Lash told him. Then she held up her sack up in front of her and said, "Anyway, let's have some candy. We're wasting him here and we've got to go now."

But Olaf just huffed and grumbled, "Like I'd give a vile brat like you a single piece of candy! You're getting none and that's final! Now if you're in a hurry like you said, get out and beat it!"

"Oooh, wrong answer, bearded fatty!" Lash said; she hated it when she didn't get her way. Then she opened her mouth to reveal the blade-sharp vampire fangs and started to come closer as she said, "Now you've forced me to-"

But before she could do anything like bite him on the neck and drink his blood, a figure from inside the house wearing a huge creepy green mask suddenly appeared. The mask had a big, long, & ugly purple nose; the grin had lighter green lips and lilac teeth; and two eyes, one of which was plain white with a small black iris and the other orange and black stripes in a bull's eye patter, both of which were flashing on and off. The wearer of that mask shouted, "Boogah boogah boogah!" while waving his green claws up and down.

That literally scared the wits out of everybody they, even Sonja who was usually calm and collected, were all screaming bloody murder. Every hair on their heads was raised up in terror; even Andy's wolf fur was flying up. Colin, who was the most scared out of everybody, turned white under his green face paint. "Run for your lives, everybody!" Andy shouted in panic. Then the group hastily retreated to the limousine, got inside and quickly fastened their seatbelts.

Once that was done, Kanbei told his driver, "Quickly, take us away from this demon-infested place!"

The driver, who had also been spooked by the mask, replied in a frightened tone, "R-right away, sir!" Then the limousine fled far away from the house at a speed of 55-miles per hour while leaving fresh black skid marks on the road.

The mysterious figure took off his big scary mask and snickered as he had watched the last moments of this, "Heeheehee, that was so hilarious! Did you see the look on Kanbei's face? He calls himself a samurai, but when I spooked him, he looked like he was gonna piss himself! Can't wait to see that'll work on Black Hole, too."

Olaf found that amusing too, but now was not the time to laugh with his friend, because he was mad at him. "Grit, you dolt! Why didn't you scare Lash off earlier?" he demanded to know.

"'Cause I was waiting for the right time when she least expects it, duh! Plus you both look like you having a good conversation," Grit replied.

"Do enemies yelling and insulting each other count as a good conversation? I think not! Grit, we wouldn't be having this if you just scared them off before she said a word. You're always despicable as ever, you know that?" Olaf grumbled.

"Hey now, I saved your life back there. Don't you think I deserve a better thanks than this?" Grit asked.

"No!" Olaf yelled.

Just then, Olaf's wife called from the kitchen, "Honey, dinner's ready!"

Olaf replied aloud, "I'm coming, Margaret!" Then he gave the candy bowl to Grit and told him, "Here Grit, make yourself useful and hand the candies out to the kids while I go eat. And if you see any troublemakers come by, scare them!"

"Sure Santa, whatever you say," Grit spoke casually as Olaf headed towards the dining room.

While the limousine was driving through streets, everyone was recovering from the fright they got at Olaf's house. They huffed and puffed in attempt to fully calm down and slow their rapidly beating hearts. "Man… That was scary!" Andy said.

"Y-y-you said it…" Colin replied, who still shaky with fear and hugging onto his sister for comfort.

Sonja caught a few breaths before she looked at her father beside her and recounted the last moment at Olaf's place. "Father, I just noticed you had fled after being terrified out of your wits by that mask. It's kinda strange because usually you're not the type of person to run away from anything, because retreating isn't one of your morals" she pointed out.

"Well… uh…" Kanbei said as he tried to find the right words to convince Sonja that he wasn't really afraid of a single thing in the world. He eyes looked sideways and up for a second before he looked back at his daughter and said, "I was just trying to lead you and the others to the limo, so that you'll be protected and the monster won't get you."

"Right…" Sonja replied sarcastically. She didn't really believe her father's reason, because she had seen him flailing his arms up while dashing with the others towards the limousine.

Lash was fully healed of the shock within her and she looked at Colin and said, "Did you see the way Olaf acted, Colin? That bearded fatty is so mean, don't you think so too?"

"Uhhh, yes," Colin lied with a straight face. He knew that Olaf wasn't all that bad, but he had to say 'yes' or else Lash might start having a hissy-fit.

"That's right, that stupid braggart didn't even give me one piece of candy and then he had the nerve to go and scare us like that!" Lash yelled while crossing her arms. Then she thought about the scariness of the mask and came up with an idea as her disgruntled look turned into a sly expression. "But now that I think about it, he just gave me an idea of a perfectly good way of scaring kids next year," she said as she planned on stealing the scary mask idea and its looks from Olaf's trick and making copies of her own to frighten off unsuspecting children for the fun and joy of it.

As if Sasha could read minds, she said to Lash, "As long as Olaf didn't personally copyright that idea, then I guess you could get away with it without having a mega tank run over you." She knew her superior hated it when people stole his ideas. One time, a man

After a bit of a pause, Andy looked at his friends and asked, "So guys, where are we going to go next?"

Sasha took out her address book and said, "We can go to my troops' homes next. I have some of their addresses that reside in Fourside City; we can go to some of them and then go over to the Orange Star district next."

"Good idea, anybody else want do that?" Andy asked the others. They all nodded and said 'yes'.

Sasha looked through the address book and found the address that was closest to where they were at. "Our next house should be on the right at the intersection. After that we can go to the other homes closest to that," she said.

Kanbei heard that and told the driver, "Driver, turn right at the intersection ahead of us!"

"Yes sir," the limo driver said as the vehicle reached the intersection and he turned the wheel right onto the next street. From then on, the COs went to house after house in the Blue Moon district and got candy from each of them. The soldiers of the addressed homes were very grateful to see Colin and Sasha coming to trick-or-treat at their houses. But when they saw Andy's costume, some of them became scared, some of them thought the costume was great and well-designed, and others didn't seem to care at all. Sasha and Colin had to tell the scared ones that Andy wasn't really a werewolf and that his mouth and tail were only electronic, which calmed down the soldiers.

After they were done in the Blue Moon district, Kanbei told the driver, "Now take us to the Orange Star district!" The driver obeyed the order and drove the limousine on its way to Andy's home district.