Later that night, the doctors had removed the bullets out of everyone's wounds before they treated and healed them. In one of the rooms, Andy was laying on his hospital bed with bandages wrapped around his back and a cast on his knee. Sonja, who had bandages wrapped around her right leg, and Kanbei, whose bandages were around abdomen, were sitting on chairs inside Andy's room. The doctors had removed the furry body suit and red clothes off of Andy so that they could do surgery on his wounds and gave them to Kanbei to hold while they worked, but they did leave his snout and wolf ears on head. Kanbei had left the costume on his chairs as he left the room to go to the bathroom. Sonja and Andy where now alone in the room as she looked at the boy and asked, "Andy, are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, I am. What about you, Sonja? Your leg's not hurting too bad, is it?" Andy asked.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine," Sonja told him. "Anyway Andy, I just want to say to you, thanks for saving my life again back at the mansion when Black Hole tried to shoot us with that tank and when Kindle attempted to take my life. I don't know how I can repay you."

"Ah don't sweat it, I'd be happy to help out anyone in trouble, even if I have to put myself in danger to do so," Andy said happily.

Sonja smiled and replied, "You know, Andy? You can be really reckless at times, but you're also a really courageous and gallant person and I kinda like that part of you."

"R-really?" Andy asked.

"It's the truth. That's probably one of the reasons you have so many friends," Sonja said to him.

"Gee, I really never thought of it that way," Andy said as he blushed bashfully.

Then Kanbei & the doctor came back into room and the emperor got back on his seat as the doctor said, "Alright, all your wounds should heal within three weeks to two months. During that time you should try not to move your injured parts around too much, alright?"

"Yes doctor," the COs said. Then they were free to go as Andy put on back his costume and clothes and they all left the room.

Meanwhile at the waiting room, Lash, Colin, and Sasha were sitting on the chairs as they waited for Andy and the others to return from the doctors. "So when do you think Sonja and the others will get out?" Lash asked.

"As soon as the doctors are finished fixing their wounds and we see them, then we'll go," Sasha said to Lash.

"And how long is that going to take?" Lash asked.

"I don't know. Probably an hour or so," Sasha guessed.

"Well that's going to take a while? What are we suppose to do for fun then?" Lash asked.

"I don't know, I guess maybe we could just have a random conversation or something like that," Colin suggested.

"A random conversation, eh? I guess we could do that," Lash said. "Hey Colin, what do you want to talk about?" she asked.

"Me? I don't know," Colin replied to her. Then he looked at Sasha and asked, "Sis, what do you want to talk about?"

Sasha thought for a bit before she came up with something and said, "Well I guess we could talk about which candies we want to give to Tommy in the Orange Star district."

"Tommy? Who's Tommy?" Lash, who quickly forgot who Sami's brother was, asked.

"He's that kid who didn't get to go trick-or-treating because his babysitter didn't come," Colin told her as he refreshed her memory.

"Oh, that's right! I forgot about him," Lash said. "Thanks for reminding me, Colin!"

"N-no problem, Lash," Colin replied.

Then they saw Andy, Sonja, and Kanbei coming back from the doctor and Lash asked, "Hey guys, how did it go?"

"It went fine; the doctors just removed the bullets and stitched our wounds before they put bandages and casts on them," Kanbei said.

"Did they say how long it would take to heal?" Sasha asked.

"About three weeks to two months for Sonja and Andy. But in my case, since I only got a sword wound, it would only take three to five weeks. So it's only going to take a while for us to heal and hopefully we'll recover as soon as possible," Kanbei told her.

"So are we going to go now or what?" Lash asked.

"We will as soon as I go and pay this bill," Kanbei told Lash. Then he went to the receptionist and paid the bill using his credit card. After he got his receipt, he went back to the others and said, "Okay, now we can go." Then they all left the hospital and went into the limousine where they drove to the gas station to refill their low fuel. Sasha had the clerk give her a plastic bag to give to the kids to put some of their candy inside so that they could give it to Tommy later when they get back to his house.

The limo had driven all the way back to the Blue Moon district where they stopped at the siblings' mansion. Colin took up his two candy-filled jack-o-lantern buckets and got out of the car with Sasha and Lash. They stopped at the gates and looked at their friends in the car as they waved farewell and said, "Goodbye everyone and Happy Halloween!"

"You too and take care!" everyone replied.

Then she looked at Andy and made another Twilight joke at him, "Oh and Andy, try not to imprint on anybody, especially babies, on the way home, alright?" The thought of Andy suddenly developing a crush on Kanbei or the limo driver during the trip seemed very amusing.

"Oh yeah? Well let's hope Edward doesn't come and molest you in your sleep," Andy retorted. Then limousine left and headed to the Orange Star district.

When they got to Sami's house, Andy, Sonja, and Kanbei came out with the candy-filled plastic bag and went to the door where they push the button for the bell to ring. Rachel opened the door and saw the trio standing there. "Oh hey guys, how was your night out there?" she asked.

"It was great! We went around the whole city and got candy from each district!" Andy said to her cheerfully. Then he held up the plastic bag to show to her and said, "Plus we came to deliver this bag of candy to Tommy like we promised."

"Oh really? That's nice! Come on in and you can take that over to him by the couch," Rachel said to him. Then the three went in and saw Jake and Tommy watching a movie on TV. There was an orange bag of candy sitting next to Tommy; it seemed like Jake and Rachel had taken the boy out to trick-or-treat themselves since the babysitter never got here.

"Hey Tommy, look at what we got for you!" Andy said to the spiky-haired carrot-topped kid.

Tommy turned his face away from the TV to look at the bag in Andy's arms. "Oh my gosh, you kept your promise after all! Thanks Andy, you rock!" he cried out joyfully.

"No problem, but I'll only give it to you after you say the magic words!" Andy said to him.

"Alright, trick-or-treat!" Tommy shouted.

"Here you go!" Andy replied as he gave the bag to the younger boy.

Sonja looked at Jake and asked, "So has the babysitter come yet?"

The blonde-haired ninja teen answered, "Nope, the sitter's taking waaaaay too longer than we thought. So Rachel and I are pretty much going to be crashing here for the rest of the night."

"And that is absolutely unexcusable! Tommy, what's Sami's cellphone number? I need to talk to her about your indolent babysitter," Rachel, who was mad about the sitter's absence, yelled.

"I forgot," Tommy told her.

Then Rachel looked at everyone else and asked, "Well, does anybody else know?"

Andy said, "I have Sami's number but I left my cellphone at home."

"I do have a cellphone, but I don't have her number," Kanbei told her.

Rachel sighed and said, "Oh well, I guess we'll just have to tell her tomorrow in the morning and let Commander Nell know that I won't be returning home tonight."

"But on the other side, at least we'll have more time to hang out and have more fun together, right?" Tommy said optimistically. Having Jake and Rachel over for company was a lot of fun; they watched movies, cracked great jokes, ate the pizza they ordered, played video games, and board games.

Rachel smiled at the boy and replied, "Yeah, I guess we could."

"Okay, you people have fun! We have to leave now, so that we can go home and get to bed," Kanbei said to them.

"Alright, take care Commanders Kanbei, Sonja, and Andy!" Rachel said.

"Bye guys!" Tommy cried as he waved.

"See ya later!" Jake said.

"Good bye!" Andy, Sonja, and Kanbei said their farewells before they headed back to the limo and drove away.

Tommy opened the plastic bag as he said, "Boy, I can't wait to see what they got me!" Then he took out a Blue Moon candy and unwrapped it to eat it. But when he tasted it, he spat it out onto the floor in disgust and yelled, "Eww, it's dark chocolate!" That was a flavor of chocolate that Tommy didn't like. Then he chewed on the next candy which was from Green Earth and found out that it was licorice. Tommy spat that one out too and cried, "Yuck, licorice!" The third candy was from Yellow Comet and when he licked that one, he found out that it tasted like roasted coffee. "What the heck is this?" Tommy yelled as he looked at the candy he took out of his mouth and put it back in the wrapper. When he took out the fourth candy that he was familiar with since it was from Orange Star, he didn't eat it this time because it was also something he didn't like. "Hey wait a minute!" Tommy started to catch on when he realized that something wasn't right here. He dumped the whole bag onto the floor and saw that all the Orange Starian candies were the brands he didn't like, which meant that the other candies from the different nations tasted bad like they do. Andy, Sonja, Lash, and Colin had literally donated the candies they didn't like to Tommy, who ironically had the same taste they do. The boy ran to the door and opened it as he yelled angrily out loud for his neighbors to hear, "Come back here and take back your stupid junk, you jerks!" But unfortunately for him, the limo was too far from him and out of sight to hear his message now.

When the limousine arrived at Andy's house, the werewolf boy got out of the car and the COs said goodbye to each other before they went on home back to Yellow Comet. Andy carried his bag and walked to the door where he rang the doorbell. His mother answered the call and opened the door to see her son standing in front of her. "Oh Andy, are you feeling alright? I got a phone call from one of your friends saying that you've been shot by Black Hole and had to be taken to the hospital," the mother asked him as she was concerned for her son's well-being.

"Yeah I'm fine, mom. I just need to get inside and sit down so I can eat these candies I have," Andy said to her.

"Well then come on in," his mother said as she let her son inside their house. Then they went into the living room where they sat on the couch and watched a scary movie. "So Andy, did you have a great time out there?" she asked.

"I sure did! We visited our fellow COs, saw a scary monster, everybody liked my costume, played a prank on Eagle, gave Tommy some of our candy, had a bit of an adventure at a haunted mansion, and kicked Black Hole's butts," Andy said as he recounted most of the events to his mother.

"That sounded like fun. I'm sure your night was very exciting," the mother said.

"It sure was," Andy said. Then he took out some candy out of his bag and showed it to her as he offered, "Hey mom, do you want some candy?"

"Don't mind if I do," the mother gladly accepted. Then Andy took off his wolf snout and they both started eating candy as they watched their last TV show for tonight before they would brush their teeth to get rid of all that sugar in their mouths and then go to bed.

The next morning, Sami and Eagle were walking out of the door as Sami said to her boyfriend, "That was so awesome last night, Eagle! It felt really great when you and me did that!"

"It sure was, Sami. After we get married next week, you and I can get to do it every night whenever you want and—" Eagle replied before they stopped and saw lots of toilet paper hanging down from the trees in his yard and from the roof of his house. "What the heck just happened here?" Eagle asked in shock at his defiled property.

"It must've been Lash and those other guys who did that last night! You know how mischievous that rascal can be," Sami, who also felt the same way as Eagle at the ruined home, suggested the possibility.

"I know; I'm going to get her back and make her clean up that mess she made!" Eagle swore. Then he turned his head to the left and saw the message painted in red graffiti, 'Eagle sucks!' This had made Eagle angrier than before as he yelled, "Oh that's it! Forget making her pick up her trash, I'm taking her to the court and suing everything out of her for property damage! No one insults me and gets away with it! Sami, let's go look around and see what else she's done."

"Right," Sami replied before she walked over to the right. Then she saw Colin's message written on the left side of the door. "Eagle, look!" she called as she pointed to it.

"What is it?" Eagle asked as he went to where she was at. The message had read, 'Don't forget to give Jess the money you owe'. But there was one more word at the end that Sasha had never noticed. That word was 'Flyboy' and it was calling the Eagle the usual insult that Jess gives to him. "Now she has the nerve to call me that, too? That little twit, I'll…" Eagle yelled.

Then Sami noticed a little piece of paper handing in the windshield wiper of her car and went over to it as she said, "Hmm, what's this?" Then she pulled the paper out and read it to discover what it was. "A parking ticket? What the heck did I get this for? I wasn't parking on anything off-limits. I was just…" she yelled before she noticed the curb beside her car had been painted red to fool the officer into thinking that it was a no-parking zone. Now she was just as mad as her boyfriend was as she growled, "Lash, you little twerp! I'm going to get you for this as soon as I go home and check on Tommy." Then she went into her car and started up the engine before she unrolled the window and called to her boyfriend, "Bye Eagle, I hope you hit Lash for me when you see her!"

"Don't worry Sami, I'll keep that promise and get her," Eagle replied. Then Sami drove her car away and headed to the Orange Star district.