Hello people, this FanFic is based on the whole story of DBZ and more! I would love it if you reviewed this story, so I can fix what I need to change about, and what I should keep consistent. This story is to raise a question that I have had jumping around in my head sense last year. Also, I have only seen five remakes of DBZ on this sight. Most of them failed. However, I'm going to put my own little spin to it. Add a little excitement, if you will. This story will revolve around Gohan(as most remakes of DBZ tend to do), only with a slight twist. He has a brother and sister. They're fraternal triplets. And Gohan is the oldest. Follow Gohan, Goku Jr., and Nikki through their story called, DragonBall Z: Triple Threat!

There are some changes in this story, such as...

1. Gohan Chi Son is the oldest of triplets. The others names are Goku Nicholas Son Jr.(although normally just called Junior), and Nikki Chi Son.

2. Gohan takes more charge as a leader because of his siblings.

3. Gohan and Junior tend to get competitive when around each other.

Gohan is angry, he's a little more dark. However, not outrageous, like some FanFics out there...

5. Nikki can't turn Super Saiyan, however, she changes into something like it, but undergoes different changes and develops different characteristics of a Saiyan.

Now the Story will begin...

Chapter 1: Introduction

"Goku, have you seen the kids?" asked a young woman, probably in her early twenties.

"Nope. Is it lunch yet?" a man with wild and unruly hair asked obnoxiously. He had to be around the age of twenty-five and was very muscular.

"Lunch will be done as soon as I know where the kids are," the woman said, still preparing something that smelt delicious to the young man known as Goku. He could hardly wait to eat. He really didn't feel like finding the kids. He figured they would come as soon as they smelt the food. Or, at least Junior would come. Then he could tell where the others were.

"Aw, but Chi-ch! Can't I look for them after lunch?" he asked, sounding more like a child, than a grown man.

Chi-chi's face had reddened slightly with anger, "Goku! If you don't start looking for our children in the next ten seconds, I'll... I'll-" suddenly, she stopped. Her face quickly changed from wrinkled-up in anger, to a pleasant and soft face. This terrified Goku. "Otherwise Mr. Frying Pan will come for another visit," she said in an eerily soft tone.

This sent chills down the young man's spine. "Alright Chi-chi, I'll go look for em'," Goku said, sounding just as scared as he was.


"Hey Gohan, wanna race?" asked a small boy, no older than five, with the look of a child's enthusiasm. He carried a large resemblance to Goku, but seemed to have his differences.

He had relatively short hair, that was done in a similar style to Goku's. He was wearing a comfortable-looking Gi, and a loose belt. He didn't have a very strong build, for he was only five, but he was notably stronger-looking than the average five-year-old.

A boy, who was slightly taller than the one mentioned above, looked up at the clouds above his head and said, "Um... sure," he too looked a lot like Goku, however he looked slightly more fit than the boy that had asked him to race. Even though he was a little more muscular than the other young boy, you could tell because of his look and posture that he was no fighter. He wore a green tunic with a symbol on it. He wore a green hat that matched with the tunic. Lying on top of the hat was a Dragon Ball. It was the four star one that Goku's grandpa had given him so long ago. Ever sense Goku had figured out that his wife would be having triplets, he had his heart set on passing it down to the oldest of the three.

Suddenly, a small girl appeared from behind the mini-Goku, and asked, "Do you guys ever stop?"

The girl looked like a mixture of the beautiful Chi-chi and the powerful Goku. In truth, she was probably the most beautiful little girl that anyone would ever see. She was wearing baggy pink pants, and a baby blue shirt with a symbol that meant 'Son', her last name. It was a formal shirt, the kind used at special occasions. She had only gotten to wear it twice before, so she was excited to be able to wear it again that day.

"Nope," both of the young boys said in unison.

The little girl sighed. She wondered how she was going to put up with them for the rest of her life. she had thought that they were very immature. It was cute considering that she was only five herself. "We're going to get lost..." she said to herself in a sigh. This had only happened once before, but she knew that it was coming. She didn't like being lost, and would probably end up crying if they got lost, but she figured that there was no way to reason with her brothers, so they would just end up ditching her. She had always been the careful one, not too happy to get into anything that could be dangerous, but with her two danger-loving(or what she thought was danger-loving) brothers, it was a hard thing not to get into. "Well then can I race too?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, of course," said the boy known as Gohan cheerfully. Suddenly, his facial features hardened to what seemed to be his 'game face'; the boy next to him did as well. The girl sighed. She knew that she would loose, and Gohan would win, and that Jr. would whine about it. It was routine.

"On your mark," said the girl.

"Get set," said Jr.

"Go!" yelled Gohan, as they started to sprint off.

A few minutes later, the little girl was crying, Jr. was whining about how he lost, and Gohan looked confused and slightly aggravated. Why did we even go out into the woods anyway? he questioned himself. He was supposed to be the leader and the protector of his technical little brother and sister. So why did he make such a stupid mistake?

"See Gohan!" the little girl said between her sobs, "I said we were going to get lost!" she continued to cry loudly.

"I can't believe I lost!" Jr. yelled, bothered by himself and his physical abilities.

"Nikki, it'll be all right," Gohan started, trying to bring comfort to her, even though he himself was struggling not to burst out in tears too, although for different reasons. "Daddy will come and find us," he cooed. He had heard his dad do it all the time when his mommy was upset. The only difference was that his daddy would kiss his mommy, but Gohan thought girls were yucky. Plus, it was his sister.

"Are you sure, Gohan?" she asked, quieting down her sobs and controlling them better.

"Yes, I am," Gohan said, trying to hide his nervousness. He reached up to fiddle with the four-star Dragon Ball on top of his hat, when he realized that his hat was gone, as if it had just disappeared. "Hey! Where is my hat!" Gohan whined, looking around the area.

Jr. stopped complaining long enough to point out a Saber-Toothed Tiger, who had stolen Gohan's hat while he wasn't looking.

"Give me back my hat," Gohan growled. He was obviously not happy.

"Uh-oh," Nikki and Jr. said at the same time. This was going to be worse than the time when Jr. had stolen the hat because Gohan had told on him for pushing Nikki after she ate the last cookie.

"Give me back my hat!" Gohan yelled loudly. The tiger's eyes grew wide as, instead of running away from the frightening-looking tiger, the little boy chased after it. It took of into the bushes, Gohan right behind it...


"Give me back my hat!" yelled, what sounded like a little boy, probably the age of five.

"Gohan?" Goku asked himself on the outside, not exactly sure what the sound really was. After about ten seconds, he confirmed the voice to be Gohan's. "Gohan! Nikki! Jr.! Daddy's coming to find you, okay?" Goku shouted as loud as he could. Normally, the kids would have heard him, and answered, but because of Gohan's crying and shouting and whining, they were unable to hear him. Goku's face grew concerned at his children's silence. "Nimbus!" Goku called. Soon, a bright-yellow cloud came speeding down to the Earth's floor. Goku jumped on it, and sped towards the direction of Gohan's voice...

~Back with the kids~

"Give it back! Give it back! Give it back!" Gohan screamed angrily as he chased after the Saber-Tooth, Nikki and Jr. right behind him.

The Saber-Tooth had yet to figure out why the little boy was chasing him, and why it didn't turn around and devour the little bugger. However, it wanted the hat. It wasn't sure why, but it did. The shining thing on top of it brought a overwhelming curiosity for the animal. It was driving the beast nuts. So, it continued to run and be chased by the little squirt in fear that another animal would come, and take the shiny thing.

There was about a minute more of running, until the Saber-Tooth had taken a sharp turn to the left. Gohan had opened his eyes just in time to see this happen and why it happened.

Gohan stopped right at where a rapid river was flowing. He struggled to keep his balance but eventually caught it. Unfortunately, Jr. hadn't expected such a abrupt stop, and smashed into Gohan. Both of the young boys' eyes seemed to pop out of their head as they fought to keep there balance. However, Nikki, who had closed her eyes to focus on her speed slammed into the two small boys, knocking them off them off of the edge. None of them were expecting to get water all up their nose and in their mouth. Nikki, who still didn't know how to swim, was starting to go under. Jr. and Gohan knew how to swim, but it didn't matter because the current was too strong for their young bodies.

As soon as Nikki came back out from the water, Gohan gave in. Normally, he would've been the last one, but all that running and arm-flailing had done little help for his... anything. Jr. screamed, "Gohan! Daddy, help!" as he seen his older brother go under. Nikki, who had yet to notice that Gohan was under, seen a log, and grabbed on to it. Jr., who had seen this reacted quickly and grabbed onto the log too. However, he still needed a way to get Gohan...


Goku had been looking for the kids for about thirty minutes, and had only found a Saber-Tooth that had Gohan's hat. He had started to worry then, but was quickly relieved by his recognition the kids' life force. He didn't leave before taking the hat back from the Saber-Tooth. However, he had sensed that something was wrong when Gohan's life force had lowered rather quickly. Plus, there always was the overwhelming evidence of three children screaming for their daddy. Goku jumped on the Nimbus Cloud once again, and set off toward the screams his children...


Gohan had rose up out of the water, and clung onto the log with Nikki and Jr. shortly after Jr. had. However, he was still tired, and gasping for air. It was hard for him to hold on. Suddenly, out of all the noise there was, he heard the humming of the Flying Nimbus. He cheered happily in his mind, as he heard his father's voice, "Gohan! Nikki! Jr.! I'm gonna get you! You have to hold onto each other though!" his father yelled nervously, getting closer and closer to him and his siblings.

"Grab each others' legs!" Gohan barked. As the oldest, he had to make sure that his siblings were safe.

Nikki and Jr. followed Gohan's repeated order, and grabbed onto each others' legs. Jr. onto Nikki's, and Nikki's onto Gohan's. Goku was getting really close, but he knew that there was a tunnel coming up. Gohan put out his hand desperately. "Faster, Nimbus!" Goku yelled. It started to go faster, but by that time it was too late, the log and the children had gone into the tunnel.

Goku scowled at the cave, even though he knew that it was just a big rock. "Nimbus, up!" he barked. The Nimbus Cloud followed its orders, and shot up at a 90 degree angle. "Hold on kids, Daddy's coming!" Goku yelled over the roaring of what he had feared that was on the other side of the dark tunnel. A waterfall.

Gohan screamed his father's name as he went into the tunnel. He looked over on the other side of the tunnel and seen that it was a drop-off point. He looked over at his brother and sister that had noticed it too. They looked terrified. They looked like they needed a leader. Gohan, with the soul will to protect and serve... passed-out. Well, he thought he passed-out. What had really happened was that he had saved him, Jr., and Nikki from a watery grave.

Goku had heard a yell, and had forced the Nimbus to speed up. He finally made it over the mountain, but now had to worry about getting down to the children. However, he didn't see the children, and he knew that they would've been out of that relatively short tunnel. Still, he raced down, not wasting a second to get down to where the exit of the tunnel was. He was almost there, when he heard three five-year-old children crying. At first, Goku couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from, but soon looked up to see his triplets up on a tree. He let loose a breath that he hadn't even noticed that he was holding.

None of the children were really sure what happened, but they knew that they weren't dead and that seemed to be enough for them, even though they were crying. When Goku finally had floated up to them, to take them down from the tree that had grown on the side of the rock, they launched themselves into his arms. Especially Nikki. Nikki and Goku's relationship was classic. She was 'Daddy's Little Girl'.

"Daddy!" they all whined and cried into his arms.

"Hey, Squirt." he said, referring to Gohan, "Hey, Princess." he said, referring to Nikki, "Hey, Jr." he said, smiling. "How bout' we don't tell Mommy about this, all right?" he asked, still smiling.

"All right!" they all said cheerfully, despite almost falling to their doom. Goku was going to go back to the house and eat lunch, but he figured that he was probably late to the reunion that he was about to go to. He figured that there would be food there. He smiled at the thought of food.

"All righty then! How bout' we go and see all those friends I was talking about?" Goku asked.

"All right," the children said. They were all pretty shy, considering that they didn't get out of the mountain area very much. But it was kind of hard not to be shy when you've never even seen another person outside your family.

~30 minutes later~

Goku had stopped by the house, and told them where they were going before they left. He didn't want to get hit by that darn frying pan.

When they had arrived at Roshi's island, the kid's immediately hid behind Goku's legs, and with the size of his legs and the bagginess of his pants, they were not easy to spot. Goku was greeted by everyone and then he decided to introduce his children, "Come on. It's okay, they aren't going to bite," Goku said softly, trying to get his children to come out of hiding.

Gohan knew that if he didn't step out first, Nikki and Jr. wouldn't go out either. Gohan peeked his head from behind Goku's legs and introduced himself, "Hello... I'm Gohan Son," he said, remembering his manners and bowing his head.

Next Nikki came out, "Hello, my name is Nikki Chi Son," she said, looking as nervous as ever.

Last was Jr., "Hello... my name is Goku Nicholas Son Jr.," he said, successfully remembering his full name.

Bulma was the first to speak up after they introduced themselves, "Did they say... Son?" she asked.

"Yup. These are my children. They're triplets," he said, smiling.

Everyone looked at him strangely, "Have they ever looked at the full moon?" Krillin asked randomly.

"Um... I don't know. We all go to bed pretty early..." Goku said, scratching his head, trying to remember if they ever had or not. "Nope. I don't think so," he concluded.

Everyone sighed a sigh of relief and the present Son family just looked at them strangely.

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