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~Somewhere in a rural area~

A farmer was working out in his field when he had heard something that seemed to be getting louder. He looked up towards where the noise was coming from, curious to what it could be. Nothing ever happened in those parts. He was shocked when he seen a meteor, or something of that nature zoom over his head. About a second later, he heard it crash and a rocks fly in all different directions. He quickly turned to where the thing had been heading. He hadn't a clue what it was, so he grabbed his 22 Rifle, and set off to investigate what it could be.

He walked over to the crater wearily and found something that was not, in the least bit, a meteor.

"Whoa. That's a spaceship!" he exclaimed. However, his excitement soon left him when he seen the spaceship door start to open. He gasped loudly, closed his eyes and raised his 22, "I've got a gun, whatever you are!" he shouted nervously.

Soon after he declared his weapon he heard a strange noise. It was high-pitched beeping sound. The farmer slowly opened his eyes to see a muscular-looking man with long, unruly hair staring at him. The man was wearing an armor of some sort and had a small device on the left side of his face, covering his eye. The man spat at the ground angrily, "Pathetic! These human's are just pathetic! A power level of only five? It's unheard of! Why hasn't Kakarot destroyed this planet yet?" he mumbled to himself.

The farmer panicked from the sight of the man, and shot his rifle at him. The man from the spaceship didn't even flinch as he moved his hand at an extreme speed to catch the bullet. The farmer, at this point, couldn't move from shock. The muscular man evilly grinned, and flicked the bullet back into the farmer's head. The farmer fell over, dead.

"Like I said. Pathetic," the alien man said, smirking. "Now, off to find Kakarot," he said. He clicked a button on the device on his face. Unknown symbols came up on the screen of his device, and as he seemed to read them, he chuckled. "Looks like the scouter says that the highest power level in this area is 322. That must be Kakarot," he said, smirking. He slowly ascended up into the air, and then, in a burst of speed, he started toward where his device, called a 'scouter', had said the power was located.

~Kami House~

Everything was going fine at the Kami House. It was a nice reunion; everyone was loving it.

"Goku, you got some cute kids there, especially Nikki; she looks just like Chi-Chi," Krillen complemented. He chuckled, "And both of your boys look almost exactly like you. Actually, Jr. there looks just like you," he said.

"Yeah. How bout' you guys? Have any kids?" Goku asked the group that included Bulma, Krillen, Oolong, and Roshi.

"Nope," answered Krillen

"Nuh-uh," Bulma replied

"Do I look like I'm in a relationship?" Oolong asked.

"An old man can only wish..." replied Roshi.

"Oh," Goku said, then he looked over at Bulma, "Hey, where is Yamcha?" Goku asked.

Bulma immediately got red with anger. "I don't even want to talk about that stupid jerk!" she yelled.

"What did he do this-" Goku started, but was quickly cut-off.

"I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT HIM!" Bulma exclaimed angrily.

"Okay, okay!" Goku said, raising his hands and shaking them. Krillen, Roshi and Oolong sweat-dropped. Goku was upset that he couldn't see Yamcha, but he was even more upset that Yamcha would do something so horrible to Bulma that she wouldn't even want to talk about him. However, Goku quickly dismissed it.

"So how has life been treating you, Goku?" Krillen asked.

"Well, actually-" The friends started to talk about various things that had happened in the years that they were apart while the kids went over to play by the side of the small island, never expecting the upcoming series of events that would lead to the birth(both literal and non-literal) of many great new warriors, three in particular standing at the top.

~Elsewhere, in an unknown wasteland~

"Hm..." grunted a green-skinned and strange-looking creature. It was Piccolo, and he was meditating. However, he had felt a small disturbance. "What is that!" Piccolo asked himself, standing up from his meditative position. "It can't be Goku; it's too horrible," he mumbled to himself.

Then something came into site. It looked like a man. "That energy. Not good," Piccolo said as a man dropped down on the plateau that Piccolo was standing on. It was the alien from before.

"Excuse me for dropping in, but I was looking for a man named Kakarot; I thought you were him," explained the man-like alien.

"You're excused, but I would suggest getting glasses for both of your eyes," Piccolo replied snidely.

"You're a very funny man," the alien said sarcastically.

"Yeah? I wouldn't count on that," Piccolo said, "Now get lost."

"Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you?" the alien said smirking. He then reached up to press a button on the device on the left of his face. "Power-level of 322? Interesting," the alien mumbled to himself.

"I can tell that you're not from this planet," the alien said, "but you'd be a fool to attack me with such an insufficient power."

Piccolo slowly slid into a battle-stance and said, "Now you listen here, you came here; I have no interest in fighting you."

"I do," the alien declared.

Piccolo was trembling in slight fear. The power that he was feeling was like none he had ever felt before and he knew that he could not defeat the man-like alien. The two stood, staring at each other. Waiting for the other to attack first. Finally, Piccolo couldn't take the pressure and fired a blast at the alien. It was a direct hit. Piccolo smirked, convincing himself that it had destroyed the alien, or at least damaged it. However, he soon realized that it had done little to nothing damage. The smoke cleared, and the alien was still standing there; unscathed.

The alien chuckled. "Ha! You managed to singe some of my leg-hair," he said, smirking.

Piccolo's eyes widened, 'How can someone be so strong!' he thought with both fear and amazement. He could not speak, all he could to was stutter. He was sweating and trembling uncontrollably.

"Allow me to demonstrate a more effective attack," the alien said, smirking, "I call this one 'Double Sunday'," the alien declared lifting his hands up to point towards Piccolo. "Keep your eyes on the birdie," he said sadistically.

Soon two golden orbs formed in the man's hands and Piccolo's eyes widened even more. "Double Sun-" the alien started, but then the device on his face beeped. "A higher power-level? That must be him," the man said, flying up into the air and into a new direction.

Piccolo's eyes were still wide in fear as they followed the alien up into the air. He watched as the alien flew out of site. Piccolo's face then turned to anger and frustration. This guy could be a problem. he thought angrily. He knew what he would have to do, and he didn't like it.

~Kami House~

"So are they training?" Krillen asked Goku.

"Nah. Chi-chi doesn't want them to train," Goku said, "She says it's a waste of time and energy. She always makes them study instead," he explained.

"Oh. So no martial arts, huh?" Bulma said.

"Yeah, Chi-chi says it's a waste of time ener-" Goku started before Bulma cut him off.

"It was a rhetorical question, Goku," Bulma said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh," Goku said. He had no clue what 'rhetorical' meant, but he didn't want to look even more dumb in front of Bulma or Krillen or his old master, Roshi.

"It's okay, Goku. So what do they want to be when they grow up?" Bulma asked.

"I'm not sure." Goku said, "Gohan, Junior, Nikki, come here." Goku called.

They all came running from the side of the island to Goku. "Yes, Daddy?" they all asked at once. Goku twitched a little; he had always found it creepy when they did that.

"Bulma wants to know what you guys want to do when you grow up," Goku said.

"I wanna be an orthopedist," Gohan declared. Goku had no clue what an orth-a-pe-dic was, but he figured it had something to do with food, so he was proud.

"I wanna be like you, Daddy," Junior said. Goku smiled.

"I wanna be like Mama," Nikki announced. Goku seemed to be puzzled at that one, but then his daughter soon explained, "Married to a strong man that somehow I always have control over."

Goku blushed a little; Bulma, Krillen and Roshi laughed at him. "That's nice, kids." Goku said, still blushing.

Bulma walked over to Gohan and said, "So you want to be an orthopedist, huh?" she asked.

"Yup," Gohan said cheerfully, "Mommy says that me becoming an orthopedist will make her and Daddy happy," the little boy explained.

"I think it'll just make Mommy happy, Gohan." Junior said.

"Shut-up, Junior!" Gohan snapped at his slightly younger brother.

"What was that!" Junior asked angrily.

"I said 'shut-up, Junior'!" Gohan said challengingly. Junior and Gohan then engaged in a pushing contest.

Nikki sighed. "Do they always do that?" Bulma asked.

Nikki rolled her eyes, "Yes," she sighed out.

"Boys," Bulma said.

"Tell me about it," the five-and-a-half-year-old girl. Bulma could tell that she was going to like Nikki when she got a little older.

Gohan and Junior continued their pushing contest until Goku interrupted them. He picked both of them by the backs of their shirts and said, "Hey, hey, guys. There's no need to be fighting," Goku set them both down, "If Gohan wants to be an orth-a-pe-dict, or-the-pedist, ortho-peni" Goku struggled.

"Orthopedist, daddy," Gohan told Goku before he said something that would be rather embarrassing for the three young children to hear.

"Yeah, that's it," Goku said, "If Gohan wants to be that, then you shouldn't make fun of him," Goku reasoned, "He's your big brother."

"Yeah, by like two minutes," Junior muttered, pouting.

"Hey, you know Mom wouldn't approve of that, Junior," Goku said.

Images of the Frying Pan of Doom filled the child's head, "I'm sorry, Mommy!" the young boy blurted out.

Goku chuckled. He knew that Junior was just as afraid of that pan as he was. "Well it's not Mommy you should be apologizing to, it's Gohan," Goku said.

"Okay," Junior sighed, "I'm sorry Goha-" but he was cut off.

"Krillen, Master Roshi, do you feel that!" Goku yelled.

Master Roshi and Krillen both closed their eyes to focus. "Feel what, Goku?" Bulma asked.

"Ah!" Krillen and the Turtle Hermit screamed when they felt the mysterious power coming towards them.

"I've never felt anything like it!" Goku exclaimed.

"Is it Piccolo?" Krillen asked.

"No. It's too strong," Master Roshi answered.

"Then who is it? What is it!" Krillen asked frantically.

"I don't know!" Goku said, "Wait. I see something. That's where it's coming from!" Goku yelled as a figure came into sight. It was the alien that had attacked Piccolo earlier.

Goku took a step back, "Who are you! What is your business here!" Goku asked. He was obviously nervous. He was shaking.

"It's been a long time, little brother," the alien said sadistically.

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