Guardian Angel



"Edward!" Bella gasped as she took in the darkness of the room. My eyes were already adjusting and I was sure Bella's would too.

"Shh," I admonished with a chuckle, trying to ease her mood. "You're safe, Bella."

"What is this place?" Her hand squeezed mine and I mimicked the gesture.

"Jasper was talking about it one day. No one knows about it, baby."

The room glowed in purple and grey shadows as Nine inch Nails vibrated the room. I couldn't help but turn to her, then and take the moment to grab the back of her head, pulling her mouth to mine.

It wasn't sweet. Sweet wasn't what we needed. What I needed was to have my way with her, dominating her body.

"Oh, James!"

"Gross!" Bella snickered as my mouth trailed down the side of her neck. Her heart was beating quickly under her pulse point.

"You like that cock, baby? You are so dirty. Just like I like it."

"They are fucking in our room!"

"Not yet," I chuckled, "You want to watch them?"

I felt the slight tremble course through Bella's body. I could imagine how her top teeth were biting at her bottom lip.

My girl was so fucking amazing… but shy so I made the decision for her.

I leaned into her ear.

"You know you want to watch them fuck. You know they want to be seen, too. They want your eyes on them as she takes his cock down her throat. You want to choke on my cock, love? You want to go down on your knees so I can fuck your pretty little pout, hmm? You know you do."

"Edward," Bella whined grabbing at me.

I pulled at her arm, before feeling for the trap door we escaped out of. As soon as I opened it, faint purple and red light seeped in.

"You are going to watch them, Bella. I want you to watch them fuck as I play with your pussy. I want them to know you see them. Hear your moans. But not see you."

"Fuck." She shuddered.

I started pulling off fabric or moving it aside. It was mere moments before I found what I wanted.

What I needed.

I grabbed at her ass, massaging the muscle in a circular motion. Then came the cupped palm slap.

Bella moaned as I heard the movement in the other room still.

"What was that?" Victoria whisper-yelled over music.

I leaned in to whisper in her ear. "You hear that? They heard you moan for me."

I smacked Bella's ass again and when she gasped and moaned I heard James' groan.

James moved to glare in our direction but I knew he couldn't see us. There was a grate that was between us.

"I think someone is watching us." James said.

"Mm, let's give them a show." Victoria moved down to her knees and started to fumble with James pants. It was then, right before I turned my head that she pulled out his cock.

I didn't need to see that shit.

I felt down Bella's ass, suddenly realizing that I was neglecting her as she stood on her hands and knees waiting for me.

I pushed two fingers in her wet, throbbing pussy and then removed them. I needed to taste what I was doing to her. I needed to make sure what she was feeling was just for me.

That it was mine.

"Your pussy is so wet for me, Bella." I pushed those same fingers deep within her, pulling at her shoulders back and forth, fucking loving as her inside muscles tried to trap them.

"So greedy for my touch." I chuckled. "Watch how she takes his cock down her throat, Bella. Watch how she chokes and gags. Would you do that for me, love? Would you choke on my cock when I push it so deep inside?"

Muscles tightened as I pushed into her, curling my fingers and pushing on her special little spot. She reacted instantly.

So receptive.

We watched as James, grabbed Victoria's throat. He pulled out of her mouth and pulled her up and laid her down over the table.

We were going to need to clean that table, for sure.

We had full, but shadowy view of her pussy. James opened it up for us to see and I moaned, kissing at Bella's neck. She was so close to coming.

"You like that pussy, Bella? Would you be brave, love? Would you touch her where you know she needs it?"


"Shhh, baby. They don't know it's us." I soothed, working her over hard as I pinched at her clit. We watched James thrusting in and out of Victoria, his hand still on her throat.

He was relentless.

"I could fuck you like that. I could push you to that edge, Bella. I could demand your moans, your submission, your cum."

It was then that Bella recoiled and pushed into my fingers, keeping a similar pace with the couple outside.

"Very good, Bella. You ready for my cock?"

"Yes," she moaned. Her body was shuddering beyond her control, coming down from her orgasm.

We watched as James grabbed Victoria's hands, pinning them behind her back as he dug into her. His knees were bent as he pushed into his girl. She was almost screaming.

I rubbed my hands down Bella's torso, massaging the skin. Her head fell forward, her hair draped like black curtains. I aligned myself with her and watched in awe as she took me inside her. I loved seeing how well we connected.

"You like me inside you? You like me like this, watching them fuck like fucking animals." I laughed. The music had changed and I couldn't help but mimic lyrics to her as I violated her.

I knew we had mere moments when the lights flickered and Victoria started squeeling out her orgasm. James promptly covered her mouth with his hand, saying dirty fucking things to her, demanding her to take his cock.

It was a bit hot yet nauseating.

So I concentrated on my girl. I began an unforgiving motion, feeling the suctioning that her pussy gave me. I felt the little throbbing flutters the muscles made and when I looked up to see her heavy lidded eyes watching James and Victoria, I couldn't help it.

I lost it.

"You are my fucking girl, Bella!" My hips punished her, pounding as my hips slapped at her skin. My fingers were deep into her flesh, knowing her pale skin would bruise. I wanted… no. I needed to mark her.

"Say it." I demanded, moving one hand to smack her front pussy lips.

Fuck, I love doing it like this!

"Wh-what?" She panted before a high pitch squeal escaped her. I knew then that she could feel my fingers dancing over her clit.

"Say that you are mine." I said simply. My fingers pinched at her clit roughly, holding the nub in place so it was drawn tight when I pulled away from her.

"Yes! God, yes! Yours!"

I couldn't help my smirk, watching as Victoria got back on her knees, taking James' cock in her mouth. He was truly an odd fuck, the way he liked to degrade her.

His hands were in her hair tight, as his other hand regained its place on her throat. I closed my eyes.

I only wanted to see Bella, but I was apparently a masochist and watching someone else fuck was very distracting.

"Edward, so close!" Bella gasped. Her shoulders slumped and so I helped prop her up, and upped my speed.

I could fuck this girl all night.

But as I heard shrill screams coming from far away, it had to be now or later.

"Fucking cum, Bella!" I smacked her ass as I ground into her. Punishing that tight pussy into submission.

I smacked her ass again and again and again until she was cursing me. Cursing my name.

But when she came it was glorious.

Her body sang to me.

"That's it baby, let it go. Give it to me."

I felt the slickness of her pussy coating my fucking hard cock and even as I pounded her and she started to recoil and shudder again, I knew I my time was up.

I pulled out, coming all over her back.


Her body fell forward and laid spent and stated on the dark floor.

I quickly cleaned us up before standing, grabbing her body and fixing her clothes.

"Thank you, love."

"Mm," was all she said. Her eyes barely opened as we took back our places inside the haunted house.

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