Happy Birthday, Madd Aless! This is what was requested! It's only 12 words over 200.

I think this might be one of my favorite drabbles. Let me know what you think.

Smashing Pumpkins

Sam was excited about Halloween. They had a home and a yard—a double-wide that was more spacious than it seemed on a rocky bit of land next to a thicket of gnarled trees.

He hoped his family would get into the spirit too, but Dean disappeared and Dad was on a hunt.

Sam did it anyway, carving away at his misshapen pumpkin and eating candy. John staggered inside, smelling of scotch, resembling the walking dead.

"Hi, Dad."

John pinned him with a hateful stare. Sam's quiet joy faded. "Mary loved Halloween," John slurred, movements wild. "Her last Halloween, she carved a whole family, made candy."

Sam felt tense as he advanced, but smiled at the memory.

"She died in your nursery…"

Shock was abrasively bitter.

"…protectin' a kid who's carrrrvin' punkins instead of sparrin'."

John shoved him back with unrestrained strength. Sam took it in flabbergasted silence and averted eyes. He couldn't swallow the whimper from the blurred attack that had him mashed into grubby carpet, arm twisted painfully. "I don' wanna blame you, Sammy..."

His arm burned, socket separating, "…but you do."

John released him and weaved outside. Sam cried out his grief. After anguished moment, he threw away the smashed pumpkin, iced his sprained arm, and forever hated Halloween.