Title: Recording

Type: Drabble- 188 words (yeah, yeah, don't complain if it's not 100 words. The more the merrier, I say)

Rating: T- for Suggestive themes (if you squint), 'cause we all know smut is the best~

Disclaimer: I don't own Vocaloid; 'Cause if I did, Rin and Len would be declared cannon~

Dedication: Whoever is reading this~


Len brings Rin on one of his daily morning runs.

One morning, Len randomly insisted Rin to join him on his morning run. At first, the dazed girl went back to sleep, thinking that such a crazy request at 5AM in the morning was a dream. But much to her displeasure, the blond was way too persistent and shook her roughly to wake up. Groaning, Rin was to sleepy to fight or argue back, so she eventually gave in. Slipping on some shorts and a plain white t-shirt, the two proceeded to jog around the whole neighborhood.

Now almost back at home and out of breath (at least Rin was), Len looked behind him. "Alright! Time to put this plan into action!" he whispered to himself as he reached into his pocket. With swift movement he pulled out a small, black cassette and pressed the REC. button.

"Hey Rin!" he called, Turning around to the twin lagging behind. "Hurry up, you're so slow!" With a few low grumbles the flushed, worn-out, and sweaty girl called back, "Ahh~ I-I'm *huff* Co-coming, Len!"

With a grin, Len pressed the stop button. He was surely going to replay this every night.

Woot! First fanfic.~! I always write a bunch of drabbles and oneshots, but never uploaded them. UNTIL NOW~! I kinda got this idea from my friends when we were at school. 'Cause like, when they call for me, I usually say "I'm Coming!" And I always find it somewhat awkward. ._. Funny thing is, this was wrote during school too~ XP

Anywho, expect a more well-thought-out chapter two because I really scimped on this. It's 12AM and I really wanna go to bed. Oh, and just a fair warning, I absolutely LOVE smut. So I might make some next chapter. Till next time !(≧∀≦)

~ youkou-chan 。∩ω∩。