Title: Fun with append

Type: Drabble- 389 words (don't complain! See reason in my response to Hikari Kamishiro)

Rating: T- Don't get mad at me! I'm trying to improve my H-works to make it more sensual!

Disclaimer: I don't own Vocaloid; 'Cause if I did, Rin's "I can take off my panties" song would have a different meaning...

Dedication: To all you dang pervs who keep watching/faving this story~! (you know who you are!)

Fun with append

Rin & Len Finally get their append voices~! So, what's the first thing they do…?

"Len-tan~" Rin whispered seductively in Len's ear, her soft lips nearly brushing against his ear. Giggling, Rin straddled his lap and snuggled against him; "You have an incredible body Lenny, it's so strong~" With a quick kiss to Len's now-visible chest, Rin smiled in satisfaction feeling something lightly poking her thigh.

"R-Rin…" Len murmured, looking to the side; trying with all his might to ignore Rin's inappropriate actions. His hands were hovering near her butt, twitching and shaking with the absolute need to touch. 'Thi-think rationally, Len…'

"What is it, Len~?" thrusting her hips forward, she grinned. Call her a sadist, but Rin Loved teasing Len; his reactions and face were hilariously priceless.

Clenching his teeth, Len grabbed Rin's shoulders and pried her off. His face glowing a hot red, Len stared straight into her sparkling cerulean eyes; "Wo-Would you stop using your 'sweet' voice?"

Rin giggled, "Why, does it bother you, Len~?" Rin grinded her hips against Len's; earing a slight moan from him. "Or could it be that you're…excited~?"

Tormented, Len leaned back his head; eyes screwed shut while his teeth painfully grinded against each other. "I-I'm serious Rin, d-don't te-test me…" The urged to embrace her grew as erotic images of his precious Rin flashed though his mind.

"Wow Lenny, it's already so hard~" Rin muttered, her lips only inches away from Len's. "Want me to make it feel better~?"

Len was quite an uxorious man, always tending to Rin's needs; although this time, Rin pushed him too far, this time he wanted her fulfill his needs. "I'm not playing around, Rin." Len growled; his tone as icy as its name. Shifting his weight, he pushed Rin onto the floor. "I know a better way to use your sweet voice." He breathed, tickling Rin's neck as her cheeks became a very rubicund color.

Rin's smile immediately faltered; an electrifying shiver coursing down her spine. 'O-oh god…' Goosebumps prickled her skin as cold rush spread throughout her body; ironic huh? "Wa-wait, Len~…"

Ignoring her pleas, Len slid his hand around her body, curiously exploring her newly developed curves. "Honestly Rin, you're just asking for it, aren't you?" Licking his lips, Len smirked in triumph as he saw her aroused expression. "Rinny," He mumbled, one hand cupping and toying with her breast, the other tugging away at her shorts zipper; "I wanna hear your power voice now~"

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